Microsoft's Calls+ is an easier way to manage call waiting and forwarding

Microsoft has launched a new app called Calls+ that allows you to configure call forwarding and call waiting on your Windows Phone. You have the option of enabling call forwarding when you're unreachable, don't answer or when you're busy. Also included is functionality to configure settings for two cellular networks should you be using a dual-SIM handset.

Once installed, you'll need to dive into your device's settings to access Calls+. The app itself offers similar features as Network+, although you do get the option of fine-tuning call forwarding settings (along with being available on non-Lumias).

Download Calls+ for Windows Phone (Free)


Thanks Abhishek and Shivam!

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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  • Network+ already has this functionality..
  • You didn't read the article, did you?
  • what i see difference in this calls+ and network+ is calls+ is english languaged and network+ has the language of my phone and network+ has: (i translated these myself so it might not be the real word on the phone) call settings (knocking and call forwarding) text message character set (full, limited and optimised to turkey) voice call counter this app uses phone language Calls+ has: call settings (knocking and call forwarding) this app is uses english only not phone language i have NL1020
  • I guess he didn't.
  • But not the "fine tuning of call forwarding" ;)
  • The network+ app already has the ability to set call forwarding.. I checked calls+ right now and it is no different from network+..
  • Network + has fine tuning. Its the same.
  • I did, but doesn't get the fine tuning part, tried the app myself some minutes ago..
  • Network+ on my l920 doesn't. Its network dependant
  • Nice. Both are the same for me, but Calls+ can't even select contact, uninstalling..
  • "uninstalling.."    LOL! Yeah, good luck with that bruh.
  • Huh? Seems like you don't know how to uninstall it or any other OEM app bruh? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You 're right bruh, i didn't know i just had to exploit a bug in the OS and time travel 100 years to the future to remove the app.  and then come back. I hope my Delorean gets through with this unharmed.
  • I didn't know about that. thank you
  • network+ is Lumia-exclusive.
    This app is published by Microsoft Corporation. Hence it is for all WPs.
  • So will I benefit from this?
  • I thought this but once installed on my M8 I cannot locate it in settings or as an app. Edit: I guess I should mention I'm on W10 Mobile so that's likely why it doesn't install correctly.
  • A call forwarding option.. Specifically, the 'when I'm unreachable' one is unable to get off with the network+.. Glad to see this app ..
  • Glad?... Y is it even an app?.. It should come preinstalled in settings... If Microsoft releases an app for every setting then the app list will become a settings list
  • Great!
  • Need that badly. Hope it gets integrated into the OS.
  • Ok
  • Dont see reason for publishing this app at this point of time when this could be backed in Windows 10 Mobile which is few months away. If we could be this long without this app we can wait few more months.
  • Not everyone can. Microsoft could be testing this feature via this app.
  • The deductive reasoning is strong in this one...
  • Windows 10 could take much longer than a few months to be available to everyone. I wouldn't be surprised if we got to this time next year and operators were still testing it. Some devices may never be officially upgraded. All good reasons for publishing this app at this point in time.
  • Windows 10 Mobile wont be distributed to users like previous versions of Windows Phone. So most likely you wont have to wait months before getting update, and this is even more likely since Windows 10 Mobile is entirely new OS not update like 8.1.1. and its not in MS interest to let carriers disect and test os.
  • MS has already said that while updates to Win 10 won't be carrier controlled, the update from 8.1 to 10 would be. So yeah, atleast the initial release of Windows 10 might be severrly delayed for some handsets and might not come at all for some.
  • Exactly, I'm glad I have an unlocked phone for this reason.
  • This is where Microsoft need to improve. Things like this should be built in to the OS, added as part of regular updates and revealed in a press event. Not an app download that is easily missed by the masses.
  • "Regular updates" don't exist in Windows Phone because the operators take too long to do anything. Apps are a way to get past it, and Windows 10 Mobile will fix the regular updates issue (once people actually have it, which will take a very long time itself).
  • I'd expect this to replace Network+ which, while I get the name, could be confusing to some. Things like this should also  _not_ be built in to the OS, as it is now it integrates into the OS just fine with he advantage it's easy to fix anything or add features without needing to update the complete OS. The endresult of either is exctly the same with the mentioned advantage when done this way.
  • Sorry I wasn't as clear as I should have been. I agree a separate app is best due to the ease of updating however this should be a standard app with all Windows phones. There are so many great features that the majority of the public are unaware of because a large bulk of WP users don't even know they exist.
  • Cool!
  • Will not appear in the app list  - just like all the other lumia specific apps that are in my app list like touch and clange . tz
  • If someone like me doesn't like this app and finds simillar to the Network+ and want to remove then can do it easily. check here.
  • Thanks
  • Doesn't work with Windows 10 TP.
  • Not working
  • Why dis app? Network+ is already have this features... Fake app
  • Read the article, dude.
  • This is a good app but should have been baked into W10 mobile. However, because we know that the fastest way to get to W10 Mobile is to buy the upcoming flagships, otherwise getting W10 mobile across to everyone will definitely go into the new year, hence this app. I think this is the strategy.
  • Why is everyone complaining about Calls+? smh
  • Where is it located?
  • In the settings list.
  • Where exactly on W10? Can't find it....
  • Purpose of this app isn't still clear!
  • Actually these options are available on my 735, but not on my 720 :/
  • Funny. Clicking on Store Beta take me to Movies and TV.
  • Where is it located under settings?
  • At the bottom.
  • In the option "when call is unreachable" there is some number that I don't know whose it is but I cant remove it .
  • That's your voice mail #
  • What will happen then if my settings are different on network+ and call+?
  • hmmm okay
  • I see that article mentions fine tuning but network+ and calls+ are completely the same on my Lumia.
  • For those lucky bastards, who have a proper ROM running on their phone, so they dont understand the purpose of this app at all, let me tell you the proper explanation short: Microsoft allows the ROM-builder (that is the OEM or the provider) to customize their operation system package before sent to the consumer. That means, a sh!tload of YES/NO or Enable/Disable, Include/Dontinclude kind of checkboxes to fill. One such option is to allow the ability for end-user to set the separate call forward options, or simply hide the entire god damn thing from the UI, and all the user will have is a single enablecallforward/disablecallforward button. Proof: The ROM released for most 1st gen WP8 devices on Carrier-Free market fall into this latter category. So for them there is no simple option to set up different call fwd settings, unless those affected people are familiar with the standard GSM USSDcodes. I mean check this: Now today, with the installation of this app, EVERYBODY can fine-tune these settings, regardless what the idiot OEM / provider has set up in those aforementioned XML config. I hope this clarified the mess and freedom OEMs and providers have when MSFT hands over the OS image to them.
  • Thanks!
  • Apparently it does not work on the Verizion network. It tells me to " my CDMA provider..."
  • The "My Verizon" app already has this functionality. My guess is that should we get our Icons unlocked, this would open up as well.
  • How do you uninstall this?
  • Change the date manually to 2116 or something, and then tap the item in the settings menu. It will ask if you want to uninstall, then do so and change the date back.
  • Thanks. That did the trick. I've been using WP since 2010 and I just learned something new.
  • How did you manage to know this?   Are you from the past?
  • Doesn't work for Windiws 10.
  • How do I uninstall this crap?
  • Set your phone year to 2106 or later & tap this settings, you'll have the option.
  • This is an improved version of network+ as in network+ I only get one option which is call forwarding... But with Call+ you get to differentiate when do you want the call to be forwarded... Will give it a go! Thanks for the post
  • Someone should delete this article. Network+ does exact same thing and this crap app just reloads constantly. Thanks asylumxl for unistall instruct
  • Bug on HTC 8x please fix
  • Agreed... Exactly the same.... But when I configure calls+, network+ changes its settings..... And vice versa! How do I delete calls+ "
  • Hi, Irritating program, uninstall go to storage sense and find it on the device on it then uninstall...All the functions that you are able to set is already there under settings>extras>Network sevices>sim1....but you need to enable 3G first
  • Thanks for the delete instructions for this newbie!
  • There is also messages+ .....
  • Call Forwarding appears in my "phone" application settings on ATT, not in network+ like everyone is saying.
  • Plz add apps lock in app list
  • All I got was a message that says "Contact your CDMA service provider  ......." Verizon HTC One M8
  • XOLO Win Q1000 already provides support for managing call waiting and forwarding. So no need of this Calls+ app for me.
  • ?
  • Doesn't work it just keeps on queuing the network
  • I cannot find this anywhere. Someone said it was at the bottom. Bottom of what? The main menu or extras? It says it is installed, but I don't see it.
  • Time to do a reset.
  • The "Calls+" appears on the bottom of the Settings list.
  • They are just trying to change all the services of Nokia's time.
  • Not working with my AT&T 830.