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A look at Microsoft's unreleased 'all screen' Lumia Windows phone

In 2014, Microsoft was working on its first 'bezel-less' Windows Phone, which eventually became the Lumia 435. But the Lumia 435 isn't bezel-less ... here's why.

The Microsoft Lumia 435 is a device that likely doesn't stick in anyone's mind. It's a nice but lackluster low-end phone. There was nothing significant about its design, price, or feature-set, which is par for the course when it comes to low-end phones. But that wasn't always going to be the case for the Lumia 435. In fact, Microsoft had something very special planned for its second low-end Lumia.

Codenamed "Vela" during development, the Lumia 435 was going to be a very different low-end handset. Instead of being a simple, boring and forgetful smartphone, Microsoft was planning to make the Lumia 435 the first ever "all-screen" Windows phone, and it would cost less than $200. This idea for the Lumia 435 was canceled in late 2014 and replaced with what was eventually released, a Lumia 532 copycat.

However, Microsoft made several prototypes, and we just acquired one. So, in traditional Windows Central fashion, here is our review of another unreleased Lumia.

Lumia 'all screen' specifications

OSWindows Phone 8.1
DisplayFive inches
1280 x 720 resolution
Rear camera5MP
Front camera720p
ProcessorsQualcomm Snapdragon 200
Storage and RAMInternal storage: 4GB (expandable up to 200GB)
Dimensions126.72 mm x 67.78 mm x 9.25 mm

Lumia 'all screen' design

The standout feature of this device is easily its design. Featuring an almost "all-screen" front, this Lumia is a stunner. It's a super clean, minimalist and futuristic design that definitely doesn't belong on a sub-$200 Windows phone in 2014. Holding this device feels like you're holding nothing but a screen, and that's what makes this Lumia different from all the rest.

Of course, when I say "all screen," I'm being a little overzealous. It's almost all screen, except for the bottom bezel, which is pretty large. This phone has a big "chin," which is a pretty standout defect in this phone's design. Even with the chin, it would've been considered "all screen" in 2014.

There's a reason for the larger-than-usual bottom bezel, however: it's where the front-facing camera sits. Yes, this phone has a front-facing camera on the bottom bezel. There's no room for it at the top, and pretty much every phone these days comes with a front camera of some sort.

It has a speaker grill in the top bezel like normal, but it's difficult to see given how thin the top bezel is. There's nothing else up there, but that's likely because the Windows Phone OS doesn't support things like LED lights for notifications.

The rest of the phone's design is also nice. Our prototype is rocking a green shell with a removable back cover that we, unfortunately, don't have. It has only two buttons along the right side of the phone: a volume rocker and a power button. Both buttons are clicky and fit nicely with the rest of the phone.

It's a very blocky design, which I really like. It's very clean-cut, which I think would look better in white. Still, as a prototype, this phone has a good design and build going for it, which just makes the fact that it was never released hurt a little bit more.

Lumia 'all screen' hardware

This is a low-end phone, and as such it's packing low-end specifications. This is also a phone that was going to be released in 2014, which means it's rocking relatively old tech at this point. On the inside, there's a Snapdragon 200 with 1GB RAM and just 4GB internal storage. That storage is expandable with a microSD card, however.

It's a dual-sim phone, too, meaning you can stick two sims in for home and work. In regards to cameras, you get a 5MP rear-facing shooter with a single LED flash and a 720p front-facing shooter for selfies. You also get a single rear-facing speaker, which is loud, but nothing special.

The hardware on the front is where things are most interesting. There's a five-inch 1280 x 720 LCD on a body that measures 126.7 mm by 67.78 mm. The two bezels on either side of the display are just 3 mm thick, with the top bezel being 4.4 mm. That gives this phone a screen-to-body ratio of 79 percent; the most of any Windows phone and indeed the most of any phone altogether in 2014. It even beats out the Sharp Aqous Crystal.

The display itself is pretty nice. It can get very bright, which is good for outdoor viewing, and although it's a 720p display, text, and images look sharp enough for a Windows phone. The only real complaint I have about the screen is that it's an LCD panel instead of OLED. An OLED screen would've made the "bezel-less-ness" feel a whole lot more edge to edge. Viewing angles are also pretty good, way better than on any other low-end Windows phone from Nokia or Microsoft.

Lumia 'all screen' camera

The camera on this device isn't spectacular. It's barely OK at most, which is to be expected given the fact that this is a low-end phone. The addition of a flash is nice, something that was omitted from the final Lumia 435. This camera performs best in well-lit scenarios, and night shots are bad.

Since this is a prototype, the software was never finished. As such, I can't show you how the front-facing camera performs because the Camera app doesn't know it has a front-facing camera.

Final thoughts on the Lumia 'all screen' prototype

I can't help but wonder why this Lumia was killed. It's a unique take on a low-end device, which I'm sure would've gained media attention. People in the market for a low-end device would've loved this, even with it running Windows Phone 8.1. In 2014, Windows Phone was doing OK, and as such people weren't so skeptical about buying one, especially for $200.

It has good battery life, a great screen, and a unique design but is still distinctively Lumia. Outside of the internal storage and cameras, this phone would have been a no-brainer for anyone looking to spend less on a phone. It's stylish, sleek and super fast with Windows Phone 8.1 out of the box. So, what happened? Why did the Lumia 435 turn into the boring, forgettable phone we got? We'll likely never know. But Microsoft missed out on a unique opportunity to be first to the market with an incredibly affordable "all-screen" phone, and that's a shame.

I like this Lumia. I like its design, and I like what it could have stood for. Unfortunately, the Lumia "all-screen" Windows phone joins the Lumia McLaren, Lumia 2020 and I'm sure many other Lumias that never saw the light of day.


  • Great design.
  • Almost bezel-less.
  • Crisp, clear display.


  • Was never released.
  • Low-end internals.4 out of 5
Zac Bowden
Zac Bowden

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • Wow, all this article does is add salt to the already fresh wounds. Superb looking device btw too bad it wasn't backed by maker.
  • The 950XL was practically bezel-less. Microsoft had some nice things going on, and they didn't follow through. Oh well
  • 950xl has small bezels on the sides, but top and bottom and quite large.  I've got one right under my eyes right now as it is my daily driver. Seeing all these cancelled Lumia explains in part why Windows Phone failed.  Nokia and Microsoft had amazing devices which were never released or, when released, never promoted.  Microsoft is its own worst enemy.
  • The 950XL has smaller bezels than even the new iPhone 8.
  • I have a hunch that 950XL could have been bezel less but MS probably feared that their branding on the front, it would get mistaken for any old Android device.
  • @v_emman - That's because they felt compelled to put their dumb name up there.
  • Lol 🤣 😹
  • even samsung dont brand their phones on the front now. S8's and Note8.
  • Yeah, the iPhone 8 isn't new, it's the 7.
  • Completely agree with all of that comment. All of it...... Will rock my 950XL until it dies, then reluctantly look at the other 2 *if* Ms doesn't provide me an alternative.
  • I'm going to do the same but will probably end up with a dumb phone as I refuse to support Apple or Google.
  • Get a jolla!
  • Too bitter and twisted about what HP did to webOS to go to Jolla. Looks an amazing and intuitive OS but it's just not webOS.
  • And when it dies, buy another from Cex with a 2 year guarantee. That's what I did with my 950. 
  • I like that idea 😉
  • I use the old one as a GPS cycle tracker and satnav for my bike because it was just the mike that was faulty. With all the other services swtiched off it lasts double the time of a Garmin, 2 full 6 hr days cycling. 
  • Come on Zac, do we really need this kind of article. Hey, dont get me wrong I am a fan, but seriously! Talk about rub it in your face...take that consumers...ef the lot of ya!
  • maker sucks BIGLY!
  • All is not lost Microsoft CEO Nadella and another Microsoft exec said Microsoft will make a smart phone that does not look like any out there now. With all these leaks on dual screen Microsoft Mini tablets patents coming out. Folks MAYBE Microsoft will someday sell a dual screen Mini tablet that runs Windows 10 on ARM and has a Cell phone inside it's case for those who wish to send and receive voice phone calls. LG is going to sel a dual screen smart phone.
  • Seriously, another great device that looks nice and they wonder why it never took off. So so sad Microsoft, i never thought the day id have to leave the platform, bigging up how great Lumia and wp was to now in less than 2 weeks I'm having to go iPhone as i cant put up with my 950xl any longer. Constantly rebooting, battery life of about 10 hours with no use. I know i could replace the battery but no point in that now since they have given up also. I will however keep as much as i can alive on the iPhone. Cortana, OneDrive, outlook mail etc
  • That phone has girth; chicks would love it😎; all jokes aside, they did the right thing by canceling it!
  • Why?
  • Why??
  • My 950 had a similar battery life, probably slightly better, I got a new battery for it, and didn't make a difference. Having a second battery actually came in handy a few times.
  • Battery life on 4 950xl devices among friends and family has become really bad since an update a couple of months ago. So i assume it is not the battery. Hope Microsoft provides a fix soon.
  • Same with Elite x3. It's the software, as always.
  • Unfortunately Microsoft's "FIX" is for you to go buy a IPhone or an Android.
  • It is most likely Edge. I find terminating Edge from the Task List (hold Back button) after I'm done using it significantly increases battery life between charges.
  • Try turning off Location. Makes a big difference in battery life on my Lumia 950.
  • There are times with the 950 series you should just do a clean rebuild with the latest OS update. Not sure what it is specifically whether it be remanants from the previous updates etc, but I found with bad battery life (if it isn't the battery itself), a clean rebuild works wonders. Yep you need to reinstall the apps you want and don't use the backup option when logging back into the phone as that just brings the remnants back (or whatever which causes the battery's high use). I just hope that by the time my 950XL keals over, Microsoft have the WCOS mobile option available because a day after the recently finding out WM is in maintenance mode I am just realising how much money I've invested in the ecosystem and apps for the phone. Thankfully some of these are UWA but to think that I would need to invest in another ecosystem solely for a phone ... fuuuu...    
  • Getitng a $30 battery for my 950 made it like new again. It's worth the investment if you aren't ready to jump to another platform just yet.
  • Sharp released aquos crystal with similar form factor but it didn't gain any traction and eventually they've given up on that kind of design, so probably people aren't actually liking it
  • I bet they chose the most boring designs from the batch of prototypes for the 950 and 950 XL as well.
  • Wow, this is an interesting device. It looks like it would have been fun to own. I liked the feel of the 435, mainly because of size but still. I would have never guessed that Microsoft considered the "all-screen" route for a phone.
  • microsoft consider a lot of things but cancels them or let's other tech companies introduce them as new!
  • Microsoft achieved almost bezel-less in 2014, Samsung and the rest achieved this in 2017. Microsoft is like a smart student with no practical or technical experience on the field.
  • They fail on implementation on most occasions.
  • Well, Nadella has got a fully bezel-less design now. It's screen-less, case-less and app-less too. Light weight in every way, from management, through advertising to device. The Lumia Air is here.
  • Haha Nadella will be rocking the iPhone X, that's where his heart is, not in some stinking phone made by his own company pfft!  /s
  • How nice if Joe Belfiore read it and show to Nadella. That's a good one.
  • Sharp did it in 2014 and actually released the phone. 79% screen wasn't that great, even in 2014. LG and a couple other manufacturer's had similar screen to body ratios.
  • No,  MIcrosoft is like the genius who has zero personal skills.  
  • I agree that was the case under the old leadership. It’s a different now. Coming late to the game with outdated ideas wasn’t the best strategy. Instead of hobbling along it was time to “hit refresh” and begin work on something novel. When Microsoft returns to the mobile space expect something more significant than just another phone.
  • I feel like Microsoft canceled all the interesting phones and released the boring ones. Which is extra sad.
  • Because Nadella's Microsoft is boring
  • That category was worth $1000, next please!
  • Were they afraid of something? Maybe that the industry would not understand or the phone screen breaking more easily? I would really like to hear why they cancelled this phone. I would like to use it today as a backup phone!
  • Welcome to no longer spontaneous Microsoft(at least when it comes to mobile).
  • Perhaps looking at this in hindsight they may have done this for the specific reason of naturally pushing consumers away from a market they weren't really prepared at the time to be a part of. With all the changes back over the several years from Windows Phone 7, 8, 8.1, ...10 they possibly had a tech path already laid out and thought if today's iterations of phones did succeed we would still piss people off by changing the goalposts so many times (which they did at the beginning). Now that we haven't had any hardware for the last nearly 2 yrs, with what possibilities are coming it's just another step in natural attrition, only to reboot again some time to bring the flock back? Just a thought.  
  • Back when the 920 was released, the relatively slim top-bezel was also pretty stand-out! Loved it, if also the chin was pretty huge (but at least featured off-screen buttons!).
  • if you slide the 950xl task bar down youll be surprised by how much screen there actually is. If not for the 8mp front camera and the sensors for the windows hello and light i expect this phone would have been close to bezel free too if it had a notch (that is) one is there yet on the top of the device. The one in this article would have stood out. But I think the luke warm sales and early demise of the 1020 doomed the platforms innovation.
  • the 920 was the phone that got me to buy into Windows Phone…just fell in love with it. the next phone i purchased, when the handwriting was clearly on the wall about Windows Phone, was a Nexus 6P. nice phone, but to this day i can say it doesn’t hold a candle, industrial design-wise, to the 920. the Lumia line had unique and classic design elements (not to mention terrific camera) that i’m sure would have inspired an ongoing loyal fanbase (including myself) had MS remained dedicated to improving and refining it. for a brief millisecond, MS held the baton as the most exciting and innovative phone maker on the planet. they just lacked the cajones to run with it. 
  • I have a Lumia 925 which is essentially the same phone.  I had to use it again when my 1520 died and I still love that phone.  Sadly, the limiting factor for me was storage because the 925 was limited to 16GB.  Still, awesome screen, camera, and aesthetics. Had MS introduced a 925XL with updated camera and removable storage, I would have been a buyer. I now have a 950XL which is a decent phone, but I still prefer the industrial design of the 925.
  • It's beautiful. It just shows how much MS was ahead of the market.
  • But never delivered and standed on their decision. ☹
  • does Microsoft really read all these comments? Just asking and if they do, do they really think about or ignore them altogether?
  • No, because if they did they wouldn't get past the first few before walking away in shame.
  • I often wondered the same ...
  • I'm sure they don't read them, but if they didn't they'd ignore them.
  • No they stay clear of Windows moble related sites, because they'd rather not hear the truth.  They probably have a company wide policy to set your home screen to The biggest problem I have with Microsoft is how they will cancel or drop support for an already released product at the drop of a hat.  I could see the writing on the wall the minute Microsoft Garage stopped making WM apps and started making iphone and android apps.
  • Microsoft isn't one person. I doubt management employees read the comments or you think they would have picked up on what users wanted ages ago...
  • Clearly shows that MS doesn't know how to make good consumer decisions. Even if bezel-less would've been too expensive for a $200 device, just slap that screen on the 950 and XL and you would justify the price tag. Looking at this leaves me wondering what else those crazy MS engineers have created that the higher up eventually canceled.
  • Have to admire their consistent incompetence.....
  • This reminds me of all the Windows phones available at the time. It looks like a brick. Even though it was only 9.25mm thick, it seemed much thicker because it was literally shaped like a brick. This design is terrible and was a big reason why these devices failed. You don't see devices designed like this for a reason.
  • I do not agree,  these devices are awesome because they are different...everything out there today is the same!....boring grey or blue slabs....snore!
  • What could have been, with just a little bit of leadership
  • I believe the decision makers who chose the prototypes was not 'forward looking'... 'Need bezel for phone grabbing, may be the reason why this phototype was killed'. This phone design has so much potential. All these decisions lead to what we have today --> a dead platform.
  • Aaaaaah! Why? What sort of hare-brained decision making do they make at ?Microsoft regarding smartphones? Your last paragraph is spot-on, Zac. This phone would have gotten well-deserved media attention (even from Microsoft-hating sites) for Windows 8.1, and maybe even jump-started the bezel-less-screen craze much earlier (setting the stage like Surface did for 2-in-1s). Even if it came out in limited quantities with 3 distinct colours and a futuristic-sounding marketing campaign, it would have gotten some traction. Every talk of the bezel-less phone would have to acknowledge Microsoft doing it first with Lumia... Also, reading websites (like WinCentral) on this would have been beautiful.    
  • They wouldn't have been first.
  • They wouldn't have been first.
  • Once again potential and no follow through by MS. The bezel-less, 41MP shooter, iris scanning and exploding tile phone could have been quite something...
  • Working at Microsoft must be really frustrating. All your hard work ends up collecting dust on some shelf. 
  • At last, an article on phones which is of interest to me. Why? Because I have owned a 435 since 2014. It is my first and only smart phone. I was astonished how good it was, but my requirements are modest. However, I have asked in forums in what ways much more expensive phones are so much better to justify their price; ony the better camera(s) have stood out. Unlike quite a lot of the higher end phones mine has been able to run Windows 10 and all updates apart from Creators. It cost £50 here in the UK so my one worry is what its replacement will eventually cost me.
  • And afterwards you are forced to buy competing products which are much worse. I would get depressed working for Microsoft by now - even it was my favorite company 5 years ago.
  • Lol
  • This would have been a really great device. Even if it was a "low-end" model, I think it would have stood out based on its design, and maybe injected a bit of momentum into Windows Phone adoption. It's weird how after the 520, even though they released successors, none of the low-end Lumia phones seemed to capture the same value proposition or sense of "whoa this is a low-end phone?!"   (Edited to correct grammar)
  • And in some years we will find out that they had production ready foldable displays since 2016, but they didn't want to release that with Windows 10 Mobile.
  • I could cry out loud !  This is so sad !!!! sniff..... Look at this great phone! So fresh so cool , great Homescreen (Tiles) Ohh F@ck! WindowsPhone could be so great as number 3 on market ! Hate you Nadella ! 
  • Yeah... And number 2 in some parts of the world.
  • Microsoft is such a innovativ company, but they have no clue how they could use their potential !  i mean, look at this great Tablet concept called "Courrier" Imagine, if THIS would have touched the markets worldwide ! You would laught about iPad and the ****** Android Tablets !  YouTube:        
  • Microsofts main issue is they don't want to spend money to make money. They think everybody will just flock to their overpriced products, totally ignoring the fact that Microsoft as a company is mostly hated. They have to spend billions on advertising to be successful (like Samsung does), but they refuse to do so. It's the same story every single time. See HoloLens, a great idea that you can make no money with currently, yet they think they can charge 3000+ for a devkit. No, you should give them away for free because that is how you entice devs to create for a new platform.
  • Please stop with this rubbish.  It's over.  Move on to other aspects of Windows.  This isn't "Windows Mobile Central".  
  • Nice looking device - even with the low end specs, it would have certainly made a splash in 2014. Though this is typical of Microsofts attitude to WP in recent years. They didn't want to put in any solid effort, just barely enough to be on the market.
  • Let's see, if it went to market, somebody might buy it? That could've postponed the killing of the product that nutella wanted
  • It was back in 2014, a different market. Any phone that did something first would have an effect. A single handset wouldn't have saved WP, but good sales of one could have prompted another, and another. Look at the Apple fans drooling over the fullscreen X now, and yet MS had the capability of doing this 3 years ago. They could have easily integrated it into a high end handset.
  • Argh, great ideas never delivered. ☹
    That's shame and too Microsoft-ish.
  • Typical Microsoft. They promised the world and they delivered a pile of chopped plastic. This guys chopped Nokia and made it look like Nokia is to blame. Then, they promised NOKIA build quality in their Ms device, while firing Nokia people all over the world. Well, they released the worst quality devices i have ever owned (950xl) by God this device feels like is made out of paper. Then they killed Mobile devices...again. This company deserve what they get. You give no trust to people, people do not trust you! Well, this 950xl will probably be my first and last microsoft device all-around. Better buy an acer. Something i would have never said before.
  • After today's announcement this seems more like a memorial than news.
  • Just another example of MS having no idea about consumers I'm guessing we will see a similar article about hololens in a year or two 
  • Oh great, another "bezel-less" phone. Wake me up when they actually are. Neither the S8/S8 Edge nor the iPhone X nor this phone are anything even close to bezel-less. They all have at least a 4 mm bezel on all sides.Some hide it great in their product photos but they are there and they are big. >95 % screen to body ratio is when we can start talking about bezel-less again.
  • I think nokia was the one working on it. Microsoft would scrap the project the moment it came to know of it...or did the really do it? Microsoft couldnt have pulled off such amazing piece of hardware.
  • I like that it's practically a full CM thick compared to the pointlessly thin phones nowadays. I wish someone like Google would launch two identical phones, one their typical 0.7cm thick and another one more like 1.2cm but with 50% more battery and then they can see what the public prefers.
  • The thick one won't sell because the benefits won't be obvious when you pick it up in the store. being so thick will be a turnoff and seem cheap compared to the competition. I think the Moto Z Play did it right.
  • I do too. Can you imagine a 4500ma battery in a modern windows phone, I'd be all over it. I look at the LG V30, and think that they nailed it, almost. All it needed was a stylus and a touch bigger battery, happy days. Not loving the other tall thin phones.
  • So sad Nadella did not have the chance to kill that device.
  • shhh... Now he will go back in time and cancel that device.
  • My original post got deleted. That's the most awful looking phone I've seen in a long long time.
  • Working in the field I think the issue was the people presenting the device.  I know at our company some great ideas come through but some people don't have the appropriate delivery to get the idea out.
  • Good that this never shipped. I like my 950 a lot, but this does not hold up to any competition.
  • Oh man, it looks good with the Start screen, but it's that last shot where you really get the feeling of looking at content without even noticing the device frame. Back in 2014 I would've happily grabbed this.
  • Bezel-less and App-less
  • I swear, every time come here we have to check whether we've tuned into the history channel or not.
  • I actually prefer to have some bezel at the bottom, so this is pretty cool. It's a shame Nokia/Microsoft gave up on having neat phones.
  • Nadella, with all his talk of enterprises, azure, cloud, blah blah blah...he killed off the consumer division of Microsoft. They bought Nokia, they may as well have made a use of it. And they also had the potential to turn its losses around. don't pretend you're not consumer focused, MS. You're as greedy as the rest for the money. Calling yourself enterprise won't hide that fact. So you may as well have made a couple of quality products that consumers were happy about, and made money in the process. Once you lose your fanbase, you're done for good. Only fans keep coming back. Your enterprise customers won't.
  • I believe it was more an ego issue with Nadella. he was never in favor of Nokia acquisition. In fact it appears he was never in favor on consumer segment altogether. the fool still does not understand that even the enterprise segment is run by people and sooner or later MS will be kicked out of enterprise segment too. Azure and AWS are akin to windows mobile and android of enterprise cloud computing. Azure is going to meet the same fate as that of windows mobile. And the OS will follow suit thereafter. It is hard to imagine MS as a major technology player after 2025
  • MS Phones are now living in 'Unlucky' colony... That's why they're going undercover along with w10m. *maybe this phone will be the SURFACE Phone with latest specs. MS is now becoming more mysterious day-by -day.
  • Okay, now where can I get this one?
  • i really don't get why most people like android over winmo
  • One answer...Apps
  • Because Windows Mobile is a locked down, hardware limited, feature limited, UI limited, and app limited walled garden. It is the exact opposite of what people love about Windows. If you want a locked down walled garden, the iPhone does it better.
  • They have laid all Lumias just as they laid off all of mobile staff except two persons.
  • This is what happens when you put a technician to rule a company. He MS CEO have no vision , no inspiration , no clear idea from end user market , no idea about anything except strictly technical point of view based only on raw numbers called with one single word: Profit. When profit takes the leading role ... this is the end result. Scraping projects not because bad but because the numbers are not as desired. No risks means no innovation. As soon as MS get rid of him as better for them and for all consumers. Polishing his persona with how good parent and how great person he is won't help to anyone, so MS PR must quit this propaganda. Nobody cares if he is a good parent or a nice guy , he is not working as kindergarden nurse. I hope Bill will return to kick his ass.
  • Looks like windowscentral is now reduced to "reviewing" unreleased phones.
  • Cons: Was never released Rofl
  • Boy that's super cute.  Boy those specs are bad.  Boy that was never going to sell. :(
  • Agreed.  However, if they had bumped it up to the 640's internals and kept it under $200, it'd have been pretty interesting.
  • Folks this an interesting Prototype device but since MS CEO Nadella felt Windows smart phones were selling to low for Microsoft to continue to make them this and the suceesor to the 950 and 950XL are not going to be brought to the market place. The most us Windows smart phone fans can hope for is for is  Microsoft to make an Android smart phone that has the Windows smart phone tiles and Microsoft software and Google play store's Apps. This smart phone would look and act like a indows smart phone to some degree so old Windows smart phone fans will have their favorite UI on an Microsoft made  Android smart phone. They will feel more at home using phones 
  • Incompetent fools. The only words I have for Micro$oft.
  • Man, MS you kill me. Their marketing team have to be the worst. I never understand why they didn't throw out a ton of them with Xbox Ones. Throw in Groove music pass, and you are away. Nearly every contract phone I see has 6 months free Apple music. My original 920 came with 2yrs of Deezer. Get them in young, keep them.
  • Once they did the opposite though, my dad got an XBox 360 free with his Lumia 800 a long time ago.
  • Thanks for also stating the obvious: Windows Phones were rocking double digit marketshare in many regions.Considering in some places they were even beating out Apple, it is a shame that the US-centric thinking of Microsoft allowed a unique OS to wither on the vine. They then salted the earth so nothing will ever grow there again. While MS certainly did not help (Grooze, Zune, etc.) carriers and some top devs and companies certainly did their share of damage.
  • Fugly. Looks like a toy
  • Hello, salt. Have you met wound? 
  • Oh joy! Now we get to read reviews of phones that never saw the light of day. Not only is Microsoft irrelevent so is this site.
  • Reestablish the Lumia 950XL and make a compatable laptop or LumiaBook  to connect to. Love my Lumia 950XL just needs better security. Still using it and will not switch until it is totally DEAD which I am hoping it won’t be killed. It is a great visual size and easy to use. Camera is fantastic I use word but none of the other Office stuff. Calls and text are good and I have unlimited service so updates would not be a problem. When I bought this phone  it was spouted as the Flagship. So I bought it at a cost of $700+ and a month after I got it you(MS) stopped supporting it. I was NOT happy.  A lot of us Lumia people LOVE our Windows phones.  It just needs a way to use Google apps if we so choose or Apple apps if we so choose.  This would make a more all around marketable device more people would be interested in.  Also make it so ALL carriers could sell it and use their signals
  • It looks ok. Certainly not something that would have turn their fortunes around especially with these low end specs.
  • Jeez just stop with all this rubbish - Who cares! - NO ONE!
  • Is your avatar supposed to be ironic?
  • If they'd come out with a 1020 replacement; now that would have been awesome. Something with enough grunt to push around those huge photo files, which was the biggest issue with that phone.
  • I agree,  While I love my 1020's camera and capabilities, the slow shutter speed was something you had to get used to and the smallish screen in comparison t todays devices would have had to have been updated. Still, it was a nice feeling phone. Removable storage on ALL Windows Phones should have been mandatory.
  • just forget about it, W10M is dead...
    But I hope MS could come out something new to replace it, and more powerful OS...
    They can't just ignore the mobile market, it's more and more ppl only use mobile for everything in their life.
  • even if they dont (continue to) ignore the mobile market, the mobile market for sure is going to ignore whatever they do next in it
  • I wonder; It is so difficult for a monster of technology like Microsoft to create a mobile device that of the size having its own operating system WP10 and competing with the different brands existing is so difficult that that is my question that for more that made him brain not ..... Ntro the answer. I say everything has technology for PC Adaptenla to something simpler as a phone, XBOX is easier this device than a mobile.? Or the initial plan was to end up with Nokia in its time and then kill the cellular devices. I think Microsoft should think about it coldly and retake the mobile division adapting them to the demands of Windows 10 but for mobile terminals. As I would like to veal a mobile with WP10 that gives the mother to the Simplon and bland Android and even the iPhone.
  • R.I.Piss Windows Phone
  • If you've a great idea just send it to Microsoft. They know what to do with it.🙄🙄
  • A 3 year old low end smartphone with unique features that N E V E R came to market?!!! Why report on this?!!!
  • to throw light on MS' face and tell it that it would have been far more sucessful if some idiot in MS did not decide to keep killing phones that could have brought in more and more users to the platform
  • Oh please. Cry me a river. I doubt this one phone would have changed anything, and MS knew that, which is why they killed it. They are a hell of a lot smarter than internet commenters.
  • Sometimes I kinda feel like I should stop follow Windows Central. It only leaves more and more heart broken :( Kidding. Love Windows Central. 
  • MS doesn't know how the consumer market works; hence, their slow releases, poor messaging, and lack of commitment to their general public consumer devices and services.
  • I came to this site for Windows Phone news. Now there will be no further Windows Phone news other than features on the failed platform, failed mobile strategy, and unreleased devices. There really is no reason to stick with this platform and I suggest that the rest of you, like myself, switch to a better supported platform when your device ***** the bed. What an utter disappointment.
  • only reason I visit this site now, is to vent out my frustration at MS. And such articles still keep providing me with the ammo
  • 1 Point for at least admitting you are nothing but a stupid troll.
  • Sugesstion to Windows Central: Take this phone, the McLaren and all other phone that did not see the light of the day. Against these phones, pull out their specs, design USPs, proposed feature sets and anticipated release dates (assuming they got released without any delays). It will become so damn obvious that MS had all the tools to win over the mobile battle. At one point in time windows phones had a respectable share even without these devices. most of these 'killings' happend around the same time. And now MS is crying over the fact that there are no users and no developers on windows platform. Truth be told, you only killed them MS
  • Wow the world's first bezel-less phone with a massive bezel!!
  • wasn't the 1520 the first bezel less phone?  
  • Is this a joke?
  • Yes apart from it's massive bezels at the top and bottom. Oh, and the bezels along the sides. But apart from these then yes, it was totally bezel-less. 
  • Increase the RAM, Processor, Camera. A little slimmer. Support latest builds. And I seriously want to buy it.
  • Windroid is the only hope Microsoft can use android and replace all the google services with microsoft services except what is mandatory to run android and google play services it will be a great OS where microsoft can provide "continue on windows" feature   let, surface phone be released only for enterprise
  • ...and be at the mercy of Google. That usually doesn't work out well for companies that try to compete with their software.
  • It seems to me like this was still part of the Nokia "make dozens of different devices, throw them all up in the air and see if any stick to the ceiling" philosophy that IMO was part of their downfall (even pre Microsoft involvement) -- The phone design team lacked a cohesive design philosophy across all models and didn't realize that the lack of such cohesion was causing them to fall behind other players in the space. 
  • How did they solve the proximity sensor allowing the screen to turn off during a phone call?
  • Let me see if I got this straight - in a time Microsoft was already struggling to keep up with the competition and trying to find ways to make their mobile OS live up, they develop a revolutionary OS targeted for an low-priced market segment and with acceptable specs for 2014, yet at some point decide "you know what? Screw this, let's make a bland version of this and call it for the day"? Wow, and some people still wonder why didn't Windows Phone lived up to its full potential... 
  • I still think the best looking phone was the 930.  Simply a great looking phone.  Still use it, even though I can only get 3.5G stateside with an international device.
  • I agree with Panos when he said that the Surface line is very important for Microsoft. And I will add that also it was Windows Mobile. For the same reason they just killed Windows Mobile they will ended killing at least the Surface Pro: Lack of apps. Who wants a mobile device like the Surface Pro without essential and every day used apps? I work for a medical transportation business, and each vehicle has three different devices: an iPad, an Android phone and a cell phone/radio. Why? Because they are apps available for iOS and Android that can be used to run the business. Can the company that I work for replace the iPads for Surfaces? Never. The apps are not there.
    Probably the other Surface products (Studio, Laptop) will survive longer, but I don't see the Surface Pro surviving. The way to revive the Windows Mobile or a Surface Mobile was allowing the Android subsystem in it and letting people install Android apps. And obviously MS was not going to allow that, so they killed Windows Mobile and they will have to do the same with Surface Pro.
    I was waiting to the end of October to replace my 2 years old Lumia 950, depending on if MS would announce a Surface Phone/Mobile. But just now I am replacing my phone sooner. I am doing the same as Bill Gates. I will miss some Windows Mobile features, but it is nothing I can do.
  • Soon, satya nadala will close down MS at all. Stuipd CEO
  • What a massive slap to the face. The moment the Sharp Aquos Crystal came out, all I could think about is how derivative of the Zune's design it was, and how quickly I'd have bought it if it ran Windows Mobile... same thing when the Xiaomi Mi Mix dropped. I pestered Xiaomi forever to see if they'd give it the same "optional Windows ROM" treatment they gave the Xiaomi Mi 4. ...then I find out Microsoft had this phone ALL ALONG?! And didn't release it? Wtf man. I would be rocking that phone from release to this day if they actually put it out.