Nokia McLaren with 3D Touch

The Nokia McLaren has never had a full analysis by anyone in the press. That all changes today as three veteran tech reporters fully detail the 3D Touch-enabled Nokia McLaren from 2014.

Back in 2013, rumors began circulating that Nokia was working on a very top secret project called 'Goldfinger.' The flagship phone was supposed to feature revolutionary 3D Touch-like navigation using projected capacitive display technology.

The phone, later referred to as 'McLaren' during development, was abruptly canceled in July 2014 just months before its release.

Exactly two years later, we managed to get our hands on the phone. We have been pouring over it, testing it, and prodding it for weeks trying to figure out this phone. This is its story.

Join Zac Bowden, Michael Fisher (MrMobile), and me as we each share our thoughts on the tale of the ill-fated Nokia McLaren. Never before has this phone been as detailed and exposed as what you will read here. From my post-mortem review to a full 13-minute walk-through of McLaren, you'll see this phone like you never have before.

We also have a full gallery of high-quality photos, screen captures of the various 3D tools, and even samples from that PureView camera.

Finally, watch Michael Fisher (MrMobile) as he gives his engaging and thoughtful take on what could have been with this now legendary phone.

This is the Nokia McLaren fully exposed.

Daniel Rubino, Editor in Chief, Windows Central