Microsoft's Terry Myerson 'committed' to Windows 10 Mobile for 'many years'

Microsoft's Windows Phone platform has never had it easy. Ever since its arrival in 2012, it has been in an uphill battle against Apple and Google to attain visibility and credibility. Recently, the echo chamber of 'Windows Phone is dead' has been reaching peak levels especially following Microsoft's Q3 FY2016 earning's last week and lackluster sales of Lumia phones.

We have reported extensively on Microsoft's retrenchment in mobile, their strategy and product roadmap, but now an internal email from Terry Myerson appears to confirm our analyses.

The email was sent recently to various Microsoft executives and partners, and it reaffirms the company's pledge to Windows 10 on mobile despite recent negative press. The email has been verified as authentic through multiple sources. We are reprinting the core of the email's contents for context.

I understand that you are hearing concerns from certain partners about Microsoft's commitment to the mobile space.Let me be very clear: We are committed to deliver Windows 10 on mobile devices with small screen running ARM processors.We are currently in development of our next generation products and I wanted to reconfirm our commitment to Windows 10 Mobile. We believe in this product's value to business customers and it is our intention to support the Windows 10 Mobile platform for many years. We have a device roadmap to support that from Microsoft as well as our OEM partners who will also be selling an expanded lineup of phone devices based on this platform.

It is evident from the email that Microsoft is feeling the pressure from consumers, media, and even their partners on whether or not there is a future with Windows 10 Mobile. Putting aside the chances of success with such a platform is the looming question will Microsoft abandon mobile soon as many tech sites suggest they should.

Microsoft is committed to Windows Phone for many years

This internal email addresses that apprehension head-on, noting that Microsoft is devoted to Windows 10 Mobile for "many years" and that they have new products currently in development. We have reported on plans for a new mobile device from Panos Panay and his Surface team for some time in 2017 and Myerson could be referring to that project here.

The news in the email won't necessarily dispel the hard fact that Windows 10 Mobile has a long road ahead and many challenges to face. Microsoft clearly has to knock it out of the park with their forthcoming hardware and it will be fascinating to see what they do next.

Whatever comes in 2017, it has to be both transformative as well as disruptive to the mobile industry. That is a hard-hitting task for any company to take on, but Microsoft's recent accomplishments with HoloLens and Surface gives credence that they are more than capable of delivering.

I'll have more news on Microsoft's mobile plans and Surface phone very soon.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Extreme Damage control.... Lol.
    It's crazy the amount of articles online claiming that WP/WM is dead.. I guess from the outside looking in it does appear that way. I mean, if it wasn't for WC, and Jason W. In particular, we would probably believe so as well.
  • It's some tease at the end of the article from Dan! Posted from Windows Central for WIN 10 NL 1520
  • Daniel has tested it already, he just wants to tease us a bit more (read months) until Microsoft announces it XD
  • I think the key point is that Myerson said mobile devices with small screen and ARM cpu, not specifically phones. I wonder if they have more than one type of devices in development(surface phone)
  • No, he's being specific because you people start rumors like what you just mentioned. Small-screen, ARM-driven devices ARE PHONES. There are no other smartphones. Microsoft is not creating another smartphone.
  • So a 8" Windows tablet based on RT/Arm CPUs is a phone ? There is a lot that could be aken by saying SMALL SCREEN ARM driven devices..
  • I'm not sure if they will ever make w10m available for Those devices again. I think they must be more clear, when will they make it available (after w10m is released ? after redstone 2? 3? why this wont happen to x5x devices in 2017? ) . making w10m available again after 2-3 years is not what users want.
  • I'm not sure if they will ever make w10m available for Those devices again. I think they must be more clear, when will they make it available (after w10m is released ? after redstone 2? 3? why this wont happen to x5x devices in 2017? ) . making w10m available again after 2-3 years is not what users want.
  • My thoughts exactly!.....
  • If u see then I am seeing windows phone OS gaining reputation, amongst it's rival...thats how marketing is done....first get the name, then recognition, then support and then popularity!
  • My Thought Exactly!!! @ sunnybyday "I'll have more news on Microsoft's mobile plans and Surface phone very soon."
  • Hopefully soon as in today... Ok, so here's my dream announcement. You ready? And, don't laugh. Lol. 5.2" Surface Phone
    5.7" SP & SP Pro
    6.2" SP & SP Pro In other words.. I think it would be cool to have both Arm, and x86, versions... Anyone wanna place some bets. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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  • Hummm. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Why can't you do normal number, Rod? lol What's wrong with 5", 5.5" and 6"?
  • I have a somewhat logical explanation for that... Lol. And, I was hoping someone would ask.. It's all about the "Super Phablet" and having the most productive phone that can replace your computer.. Also, I've been dreaming about having a few more tenths of an inch of screen space over my 1520.. So!! That extra screen space (6.2" device) would be king of the hill. It would give the consumer the superior edge over anything Samsung has, and be that much easier to get real work (and play) done on a phone.. Nuff said. Then, there's the main competitor to the Note.. The 5.7" Surface available in ARM, and x86, versions as well.. That's the volume device, and has that sweet spot for people who want something larger, but don't have the meatballs to go for the 6.2" exotic...
    Last, but not least would be the ARM only 5.2" version that would still pack a productivity punch with it's larger size over 5" devices.. it's the top of the hill in it's segment.. If you notice the devices are increasing in size .5" progressively.. It just makes sense...
    5.2", 5.7", and 6.2"..... "drops mic" I still think MS should hold onto the Lumia brand, and position them as "budget" productivity devices. They should just sit more on the upscale of budget devices.. There really is not too much room for low end, but with the success MS/Nokia has had with the 5xx devices I think MS would be NUTZ to not continue with that offering.. All they need to have is one really good low end device, and market the living dog **** out of it.. Price it completely, make it right, and it will sell, just like it always has.....
  • I don't think there is going to be a "Surface Phone".  I think it is going to be a 'Surface Mini' or 'Surface Note' or something like that.  I am hoping for a choice of 6.5"-7" 'Surface Mini' and a 5.5"-6" 'Surface Micro' along the lines of what you laid out above.  I think the 5.2" could stay a high end Lumia - but maybe I'm wrong on that and it could be a 'Surface Nano'. I think they will totally down play the phone side of it.  It's a highly productive 4G LTE PC (Personal Communicator?).  It does Continuum, surfs, PEN!, Skype, maybe it docks for Enterprise, etc. etc... Oh, and you can call your mom on it too, just like a phone.  I think a ~7" Mini with a Pen and a dedicated, high quality headset would rock. They could even play off the 'WP is dead' meme in their ads by showing it do all this stuff and then 'Mom' calling at the end.  The phone is dead - long live the phone! The PC is dying - long live the PC! I also hope they don't sacrifice small bezels, big batteries, and powerful internals for too slim a case.  The ultra thin trend is overdone. Make it not need a case. My laptop isn't in a case! My L920 never rode in a case (****'n tank, I love it)! When I first really saw the smart phone emerge, this is what I wanted but have not yet received - my personal computer in my pocket.   Hopefully this isn't going to be the empty 'flying car' dream.
  • If you can make phone calls, and send text messages, with it it still will be a phone, regardless of what MS calls it.. Either way it's a smart device.. The point is that it doesn't matter what its called, rather MS is going to come fourth with something that is very competitive with the smartphones that are on the market... That's all that matters. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Dell streak anyone
  • Haha ;) Actually it does make complete sense. No long explanation needed. The Lumia 950 has a 5.2" screen and the 950 XL has a 5.7" screen becasue the virtual controls take up .2" of the screen.  
  • See.. Those are good sizes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Terry Myerson has said in his email that they are commited to developing small screen runnin ARM but didn't mention x86.  That clearly indicate that their next generation phones would most likely Snapdragon based.  I'm predicting that Surface phones would have the following basic specs for either prosumer or business versions: -  Snapdragon 830, 10nm process -  8 GB RAM -  64GB/128GB Storage -  W10M 64-bit, Redstone 2  
  • That's the EXACT recipe for full blown desktop windows running Win32 apps on a phone. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Yeah it was confirmed I think on Windows Central that Nokia actually had their own project with Intel. Problem for them at the time and Microsoft now is that the CPU technology isn't where they want it to be to have a well implemented compact but powerful Intel powered phone.
  • Not just the CPU technology, their OS is also not yet there  
  • Yes thats the optimum specs required for an adorable phone besides having a stable OS.
  • And a 4,3" Surface Phone Mini please. I need replacement for my Lumia 820.
  • You mean Surface Phone Nano? It will be good to have something like 4.5" or 4.7"
  • 4,7 would be fine with me too, but this is the absloute pain limit i would carry arround. If they would offer a 4,3", 5", 6"er everybody would be happy. I even envy the iPhone users, who got a reasonable sized flagship. Besides that there is only the Sony compact line for top hardware in an acceptable form factor.
  • I don't see how it appears that Window's Phone is dead.  Maybe the term Windows Phones is really dead but Windows 10 Mobile is very alive.  So alive that Acer has a slew of devices hitting the shelves one of which is a flagship Jade Primo device with Continuum, HP ghas the Elite X3 with Continuum about to hit the market and our friends at AlcatEl have a slew of devices as well as a flagship device due for release very soon.  To me the pot is just about to boil. Throw in the Surface team now designing the next iteration of Mocrosofts mobile devices and you have some pretty solid devices coming out.  The main attraction and Microsoft is heavily commited to Continuum.  Continuum for businesses alone is invaluable.  I know for my company a typical sales person has a laptop, tablet, mifi and smartphone.  Imagine the capital and expense savings by going to a Windows 10 Mobile device with the laptop bundle, 1 device with an accesory as opposed to 4 different devices with up to 4 different chargers.  This fact alone should be enough motivation to show you Windows 10 Mobile is not dead at all.  It in fact W10M is a lil chickling about to hatch.
  • Acera, AlcatEl, Mocrosofts. Lol
  • it was a long day :)
  • When people (fans, and press) say "WP is dead" they are referring to MS's mobile Smartphone efforts as a whole... Unless they are speaking literally about WP in that sense, which actually literally isn't dead either because MS, and developers, still support it..
  • They are talking about the entire ecosystem. Its common sense Rodney.
  • The entire ecosystem within Phone?... Is that what you mean? Or, do you mean Mobile, as well. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • And, to the average consumer it was never alive, so I agree, how could it ever appear to be dead.. Lol Seriously.
  • > in fact W10M is a lil chickling about to hatch Haha! True!
  • By that they would be correct in saying that Microsoft's last chapter in Windows Phone is dead. By extension Lumia too. Really what would be more accurate for all these articles to say is that Lumia is dead considering the dropping sales numbers and the now intentional moves by Microsoft to limit availablity and marketing leading to tanking sales numbers! Microsoft, especially under Satya leadership, never wanted a stand alone phone business. Their hand was basically forced to buy Nokia's D&S division because they were going to cut their allegencies with Windows Phone. Lumia accounted for 97% of all Windows Phones. It was very clear long ago when Microsoft got rid of Stephen Elop this was the direction they were taking. If anything, the bad move for Microsoft was actually when they initially formed the partnership with Nokia back in 2011. It was the worst of both worlds. Microsoft always wanted a wide range of OEM's in their mobile ecosystem. The partnership with Nokia was trying to immediately ignite the platforms popularity. Nokia was successful enough to literally take over the ecosystem with Lumia, strangling the platform of OEM's, and yet not successful enough to promote the platform to developers or other OEM's, or sustaining a healthy phone business.  
  • Us fans know better, or should
  • I find it funny that some news outlets started with the clickbait headlines stating "Windows Phone is dead" then a bunch of people just ran with that talking point. Completely devoid of reality.
  • ...and haters are constantly telling us we're deluded, all because they didn't like some things doesn't mean its worthless to the rest of us with some perspective. =\ Ugh, I'm at boring lol =p
    Windows 10 RULZZ yer FACE!!!
  • You see the issue here is Perception and given how MJF has switched to a Nexus - a widely known Micrsoftie that also adds credence to that argument. Unfortunately communication is not Microsoft's strong point.
  • Yah! If google's and other media rivals campaigning against windows ....(I have read all the article and died laughing) We can see the magnitude of terror competitors have formulated if windows hits the no.1 position....they are GOD DAMN SCARED.....For example google chrome OS Universal app lol
  • Part of the reason MJF went with the Nexus was because she is on VERIZON. The Icon she had before as of now will not get W10M officially. Verizon has no W10M phones coming in the future. It's hard on Verizon customers who loves Windows Phone but the carrier gives a rats ass about it. I'm moving to Nexus in July and I will truly miss my Icon. Jason Using Verizon's ******* Child Lumia Icon
  • I think it's a bad combination of sites needing regular news and that speculation seems to count as fact-finding these days. If not for a handful of rational, thought out articles (found here), "tech bloggers" and "jounalists" would just churn out another round of their "WP is dead" clickbait series.
  • It's embarrassing that this email had to be written.  They have been tone deaf to the Windows Mobile questions for over a year, and even Microsoft's hardcore fans have been fleeing... not from the platform as much as the silence from Redmond.  Very few people believe Microsoft is really committed to providing a mobile OS, and although one email helps, but isn't sufficient to change anyone's mind. Nadella bet on the cloud and focusing first on the PC version of the Window OS.  Mobile OS and devices, could wait. However, the cloud stalled, PC sales continued to decline, the ignored mobile space continued to grow, and so Microsoft's results (and stock price) just took a big hit.  Days after the stock price fell we get BOGO deals and an email assuring everyone that Microsoft hasn't abandoned the mobile OS and device market.  Oops. 
  • Didn't realise they had dropped dramatically. The last thing I saw was a Tweet from Thurrot or somebody that showed it was just about under it's record high from years ago. I don't pay a ton of attention to it though tbh
  • No. The stock dropped because almost everyone thinks its overvalued and due for a correction, and because they missed their earnings target. It had little to do with mobile because mobile is such a small part of their total revenue. In the context of ignoring the multibillion dollar writeoff of Nokia, Lumia and other mobile phones under MS have been profitable and even if they only continue to see their current level of sales, the profits should surpass the writeoff in time. The noise isn't just upset fanboys and bored journalists, alot of it is the result of investors who have puppets in media (business insider, forbes, recode, the trashy ones I wont bother to name, and probably that recent sydney herald article). Investors want to know "but what if sales shrink instead of just staying bad" and "how long will it take to break profit inclusive of the nokia writedown" and "how much can we recoup short term if we get out now?" And the answers aren't good for them. Because if sales go down, no, it might not remain profitable. And yeah, if we only maintain bad sales, it will take possibly more than 10 years to break even. And yeah, if we sell what we have now, we could see some short term gain. But readers have to be critical thinkers and realize, the investors behind the bylines of those articles are in it for their own gain, which is probably a short term holding for them (as MS stock is very high right now and is likely to see moderate drops). MS as a company obviously knows that long term, not being in mobile is suicide, so they're staying, even if they need some time to reboot. Nadella said as much when he said (paraphrasing) that it was not good business to be a guest on a competitor's platform. Android is bad news for bing, office, azure (yes really), and cloud. The counter-google strategy has many vectors, but one lynchpin is MS can't exit the mobileOS arena. Such an exit would leave their entire business at the hands of Google, a direct competitor. Relying on Apple is futile as they have little interest in courting enterprise or making changes to better fit enterprise (enterprises should come to us and conform *preen *skoff).
  • Ya, if you ever walk into a phone store, pick one, any one, Windows Phone Windows Mobile whatever you want to call it is dead. It's over in the corner with the Blackberrys. No displays, no press, no nothing. If you can't believe in yourself how do you expect anyone else to?
  • If i go to a phone store they are selling 950, 950xl, 650 and the 550 next to lgs, alcatels an stuff like that. I recently even saw the acer flagship too. They are not presented like samsung or apple flagships but far from not being offered or being in the backyard. Do not know where you buy your phones...
  • Apple and Samsung pay for their store displays, typically. Samsung has the biggest display at Best Buy. They advertise heavily.
  • Did someone say marketing?? Wow! What's that.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Sadly, the 950 series was not ready for a big marketing push when it launched. MS pushing these phones at that time would have only made potential customers upset. Even long time WP users have their frustrations with the hardware. The 950 has improved in these many months, but even now it still has a ways to go. That is why marketing would not have helped. Maybe by the time Surface phone arrives, there will be more to offer to the everyday consumer.
  • Agree. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Did we mention that we're in the US?... If you walk into att is does appear to be over.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Depends on your region really. All my local phone shops have several Windows Phones on display.
  • FYI in my hometown, Lumia are still on the front display booth ​that one negates your statement
  • "Putting aside the chances of success with such a platform is the looming question will Microsoft abandon mobile soon as..." Sentence needs revising. RWR strikes again.
  • It's interesting how they try very hard not to mention the word "phone".
  • Because since Windows 10 mobile, it's not called phone. Interesting how you all keep reaching for something.
  • Consumers decided WP/WM is dead by abandoning it en masse. Developers decided WP/WM is dead by still not giving a darn about it. And if anything, this Meyerson email just confirms it. You know who also said they were "committed" for "many years to come" to their platform? BlackBerry's CEO in regards to BB10. And a couple of months later they announced the discontinuation of the BB10 platform and the move to Android. But hey, don't listen to me. It's not like anything I've been saying since 2013 has been wrong.
  • Actually your repeated call that Windows Phone is dead is wrong, so is your comments about developers.  Now if you were to say its not "gaining market share" or its "not the first place developers look to" then I would agree, but your direct statements are wrong. I give you a wide lane on this as I know its a personal thing with you and you cant let it go based on your issues with Microsoft and how they "treated" Nokia... so I just want to give you a little pat on the head and a "there there... it will be OK".. :)
  • Sure, sure. I'll just leave this here now.
  • You cant compare Blackberry and Microsoft one on one. Hardware has always been a core business of Blackberry, where as for Microsoft it, for the better part of their history, has been an after thought. Software has always and will always be Microsofts bread and butter. Microsoft will pursue W10M as a software project which they hope OEMs will carry. They wil have some first party hardware to accompany it, but first and for most they want OEMs to carry the software. Blackberry was the only manufacturer of BB10, as Apple is of iOS. Microsoft never had the ambition to nor ever wil it get the ambition to be Windows (Mobile's) only OEM. Huge difference! Blackberry had to go with Android to sell more of their hardware. Microsoft has the time, the money and the resources to keep building, refining and expanding Windows 10 Mobile even as it never takes off, investing in mobile will never hurt their bottom line. It's a win win situation for them if it ever does take off ;)
  • "Expanding"
    Haven't seen any of that for a very long time. WP and expansion just don't gel sadly.
    "Investing in mobile will Never hurt their bottom line".
    Nokia would like to contest that point.
  • That's why I'm talking about Microsoft and not Nokia, 2 completely different company's ;-)
  • The MS purchase of Nokia would like to contest that, $6 billion dollar rip and counting.
  • I find it funny how your only argument is a statement another company made. Like seriously, you do realise that these companies are run by different people?
    Just because one company says something and then goes bust, does not mean that if another company says something similar, that they are also going to go down the same route.
    Companies come and go, however Blackberry had no extra crutch to support them. They heavily relied on mobile and had no fall back plan. MS have PC to help slowly push mobile up. Continuum (huge thing for mobile at the moment), message everywhere, UWP, Cortana becoming more universal and integrated in all MS devices. Now if MS was going to go bust on mobile anytime soon and give up on mobile, they would not have put all their time and resources to make any of the above (maybe Cortana still but it wouldn't be on mobile as much as it is). The fact is, like @sipneat said, you seem to just have this unmovable grudge against MS so honestly I may as well be saying this to a brick wall. However just because MS's market share isn't rising anymore atm, doesn't mean "WinPhone/Mobile is dead". MS are currently building up their hardware and improving before they aim for new customers. Hence why 950 and XL was aimed for fans. How they aren't making anymore Lumia's and are starting the Surface Phone for next year. But hey, you delude yourself behind your blind hate for MS and ignore the facts like you always do :) it's not like you're gunna admit when you're wrong any time soon. +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • Make no mistake, this is MS last attempt at mobile. If uwp, continuum and Surface phone don't net a significant result they will cut it loose.
    Im calling it, if by 2020 there isn't significant traction, it will go the way of Bob, Zune, HD DVD and RT.
    Hoping they can get traction, I luv WP
  • Well, who knows. I can see the potential benefits of what MS are doing, however I can't see the future so who knows, maybe they will stop doing it if it fails. However with the new hardware and possibilities coming out, I honestly don't think that *they'll stop windows 10 mobile*, they'll probably focus purely on business if the average consumer interest does not pick up after that long, as business use had seen a good amount of interest in the last few months and it would be a waste to just pick up and leave saying "your on your own". However I do hope they continue with consumer phones after the surface phone, and hopefully the next phone week some a good amount of interest, if MS play their cards right with the advertising etc +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • They are already only focusing on business. It is right in his email. He doesn't mention consumer at all. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • k
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, DCJBS, the master of analysis! /s
  • Lol. That's a good comeback.. I always bring up BB.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • I swear this fool is still pissy because of what happened to Nokia lol. Your efforts to bash Microsoft are even more pathetic that any other Microsoft attempts to make WP relevant lol. For someone who hates this OS and wants it to die, you sure spend a lot of time talking about it.
  • That has nothing to do with this conversation and doesn't further your argument. Seriously, learn how to make a coherent argument. Microsoft and Blackberry are not remotely in the same situation.
  • Wow. You're going with the "I'm always right" argument now? So, you're not only delusional, but arrogant as well.
  • Wow, dude you're still doing this? At any point have you at least contemplated getting a life, or a hobby or... something?? 
  • it is getting translated in many languages....not just in western media...watched the news "windows phone is dead' in couple of souh asian newspaper too ! i think nobody is more culprit than microsoft itself commercial/marketting....negative comments by themselfs...more new apps for other platform....buggy to buggier builds (w10m)....similar design phone with shocking (bad sense) hardware (except 950 or xl), and sometime unusual price tag at the beginning then sudden drop to show people that nobody buys our phone so trying to getting over it.....I don't know why there is a lot of stupid mistakes...hope people get job their by merit not by link...will be using w10m until its dead....but finding that microsoft care less than myself about windows 10m , is totally frusttrating 
  • You're totally right
  • Jason W is a fanboy who sees the world through rose colored glasses. His articles are a joke. Windows Mobile/Phone is in the bad state it's in because MICROSOFT made bad choices, sloppy OS design choices, mediocre hardware and an awful marketing "plan"-- if you could call it a plan. I've spent years championing Windows Phone, but I'm done. I still use a Lumia because, after trying to switch to Android and realizing it's AWFUL, I decided to stick with 8.1 until Microsoft gets their crap together. Hopefully they will, but I no longer recommend Windows Phone to people, either personally or to professional business clients. I refer them to Apple's iPhone, because it's a far, FAR superior platform in most ways. Only reason I stick with my Lumia 830 and 1520 is because I like the UX.
  • Hi Jasongw. No need for personal attacks. Our name means "healer" after all.:-) You may disagree with the analysis I provide and that is completely acceptable. Now I would encourage you, however, to present your disagreement in a manner that better articulates your particular points of contention. I present my points in a professional, well articulated, and well supported manner simply with many points of reference that support my conclusions. Your arguments would be more affective if presented in like manner.
    I can "hear" the emotion in your writing, likely fueled by disappointment, frustration and maybe even anger against Microsoft. So sure, I can see how you may get upset when someone who still has the optimism that you've shared you've (after repeated disappointments) forsaken articulates MS strategy and the expected outcome. Hey, you may not want to be lifted ip only to be disappointed again. I get it. And maybe you even feel attacking me may spare others your own experience. I don't know. Either way this community is a venue where interested parties can talk about the interest that drew us here: and today that's Windows "phone." So if you want to look at my work and offer logical rebuttals to particular points. Let's.:-) Discussion is cool. We may agree to disagree, or hey you might show me something I haven't seen. Who knows. At any rate to you claim that I am a fanboy. No sir I am not not a blindly obsessed, individual lacking a critical perception of Microsoft or Windows phone. ,:-) As a matter of fact here's some proof: My Ode to Windows Phone 8 -------------------------------
    Jason L Ward @JLTechWord
  • Me to. Luv my 925, I'll watch and wait to see what happens. Reckon its either all go or dead by 2020 and android makes my skin crawl.
  • Jasongw, I know how you feel.. I no longer can honestly recommend it, at least in this state.. There's nothing wrong with admitting that.. I'm extremely frustrated as well, being the biggest WP fan in the world (look that up) it's hard to see idiots in the press saying it's dead, but at the same time its also hard to defend WP.. At least we used to be able to argue the merits of WP, but now that's hard.. I don't think there's anything wrong with Jason's take on the situation. It's definitely the more desirable of the three possible outcomes.. Nobody is right, or wrong, at this point, and it can go either way. We can't argue with someone who says it will eventually die off because there's a lot of logic that supports that. We can't argue with someone who say that it will overcome, and become very successful, because there's a lot of logic that supports that. We can't argue with someone who says nothing will change, it won't die, but won't thrive either, because there's a lot of logic that supports that..... Right now its a toss up, so everyone should respect everyone's take on the situation... MS couldn't even tell us what will definitely happen, so NOBODY here has ANY answers, only ideas. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Honestly Rodney, I think this is the best comment in the bunch! My take is the consumer space is going to be a weak motivator for MS and the enterprise space is what is driving the division.  I work in enterprise mobile computers and the mantra is "We will be ready with new Windows devices as soon as Microsoft gives us Windows 10 Mobile.  But in the meantime, here are new devices running Android and here are all the tools to get your programs converted from Windows". On a personal level, I haven't moved on per se but have a 640 with the insider builds keeping me posted on any new developments.  I love the UI of Windows Mobile enough that I gave my father an updated 640, set up his things and he prefers it over my mothers iPhone.  Now, he's not a power user at all and he wouldn't know some of the positives of one phone's software over the other (hardware is a different discussion).  I now carry an iPhone for personal use because of missing apps but get outwardly frustrated at it because it doesn't do something that is so easy on my old 920 and I think the UI is terrible.  And there are other times where I can't fathom why MS can't include some feature that seems so obvious on an iPhone. So I agree with Rodney in as much as there is a variety of challenges MS needs to solve in order to get into the mobile consumer space again.  And I don't feel they are as driven by it as they are their enterprise goals.
  • Well said. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • You need a hug, let's all hug him so he can move on, maybe smiling tonight. You're totally right to not recommend windows phones to others. I totally do not recommed, i was even surprised when a friend bought it and told him to take some time before buying.  I know when i bought this phone i had lower expectation and i have it now too. I'm hoping, but not so much cause it will hurt me. I like my cheap phone with w10 and probably keep it for another year, not because i don't have the money to spend on a premium phone, but because i don't feel like it's worth any phone. W10M is still young and buggie and not worth defending, but there's a lot of us giving feedback so they can learn and do it better. I have those kind of rose colored glasses that i wear sometimes. Again, my first statement is not a joke, i really hope you will have the strength to move on and forgive. Have a nice day!
  • Can understand your feelings jasongw. Even i stopped recommending Windows on Mobile devices. I had almost made up my mind to jump ship to Android/Apple because of multiple reasons like unable to connect to Corp Wifi(resolved in current insider builds), no daily usage apps which would simplify life a great deal. Gave it a thought for few days after adding 6S to my shopping cart and asked myself, will i feel happy if i have all the missing apps. It will be there only for a few years before someone betters it. The major players who will stay for a very longtime cannot ignore UWP and all the behind the scenes work done by Microsoft for too long. 
  • A new line-up will be all it needs as a push, and the OS will be great till 2017 Q1. Lumia 640XL LTE DS
  • I'm not convinced. The problem isn't hardware, in my opinion. I think the problem with WP/WM has been the fact that they've changed it so many times, on a new kernal, the developers aren't going to support apps for the old kernal, and due to abysmal market share, aren't going to bother with the new kernal either. Basically, without apps, users aren't going to the platform, and without users, developers aren't developing for the platform. UWP seems like a great step in that direction, and so far details around it have been promising. However, can't get around the fact that the message has turned on how the platform is 'dead'. A lot of people will probably do the wait and see, and that isn't good enough. Afterall, the L950/xl are great phones, severely let down by its software. I can't really imagine what a surface phone could possibly do that would make everyone drop their current phone and move to it, but I can imagine some killer apps would make developers pay attention to the platform again.
  • They kinda need to make a stable w10m with no bugs and maybe after that suggest to developers to come and make some apps, cause by now there weren't any version enough stable so users be happy. Ios have bugs sometimes too, but they fix problems very quickly and people believe in their Os.  It's a vicious cycle between users and developers. Developers won't do **** cause there are no users and there will be no users cause there are no apps. Ms is just standing in the middle and cut strings between them by releasing some bad versions. There are apps for WM to replace android apps. Facebook will make an UWP app soon, but users won't switch from Android/Ios just for that.
  • #There's hope always
  • Having hope since 2007 (WinMo 5.0- 6.5)
  • Rome wasn't built in a day!
  • Many would say, nor was it constantly rebuilt every other year or so :P. In terms of the core they are on the right track, the UX well... I can see the direction just needs to be more cohesive - and yes, it will get more cohesive with on going updates.
  • I'd say they are trying hard and they are doing not bad at all. Close to each day i here from new features and all 2-3 weeks there is a new update available. If that is not dedication i do not know what is. I really ask myself why you are still posting on a windows deticated website if you are that pessimistic all day...
  • More like adhesive
  • That better be a sarcastic reply.. Lol... If it was then I feel you, and it was hilarious. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Just as how Joe Belfiore was so comitted to Windows Phone. Does anybody remember him...remember..iPhone Joe ?
  • Joe is on a sabbatical. Plain and simple. I like Windows Phone, but I also have an iPhone. How hard is it to imagine that a tech guy loves tech and wants to try lots of tech. Honestly.
  • I wish I could take a break from my daily work. Lol. I think some people are genuinely jealous that Joe can do it while they can't. Posted from Bikini Bottom via my Pineapple PineBook XPS 13"
  • Besides, he and his family are on an "Educational adventure", ran by an independent comapny. This company probably has various apps and services which aren't available on WP.  Fun side note, Google's former CEO, and current Chairman, Eric Schmidt, has been "caught" using an iPhone or iPad on many occasions. 
  • Yes, and he was one of the chairmen of the board of Apple before Google bought the Android company. Yes, you read it right: Google did NOT invent Android. Edit: I do not know in what order it happened, but Android Inc invented the OS. Google just made it extremely better than the original (and yet I personally do not like it, but that is only an opinion).
  • Android is really just stuff stacked on the Linux kernel anyhow. Linus should go the credit. I wouldn't really call it LInux distro per se, but at its heart is linux.
  • I like Windows Phone (not Windows Mobile 10) but also have a LG G3 with better app support, ecosystem, etc.. There is nothing on Android that can defeat my Nokia Lumia 1520 with WP 8.1 (except a Galaxy A9 in battery life)
  • Joe is collecting the secrets around the world to bring Windows mobile to another dimension. He will return as the messiah. Sent from an alien space ship with a Lumia 950
  • Or join a monastery
  • Yes, and MS is trying to be platform agnostic with many of its products and services, so it would stand to reason that they might want to actually test on those platforms internally.
  • Key difference is...joe knows the OS is having its issues and he also knows him using an iPhone would likely cause even more issues and dissent. Common sense.
  • The truth is that they all use iPhones, and Android phones.. You would think that more of them would use WP's especially if we can bare using them as our daily drivers... But, people need jobs. Just because they work at MS doesn't mean that they are huge fans, and it also doesn't mean that they are planning on being there forever.. This is the real world, and iDroid has a lot to offer.
    We can't blame the average employee, but people like Joe, Terry, and Satya, should stand by their products.
  • Which they are... If the wouldn't have used other products on the side we would still be running XP and WM6.5.5... Posted from Windows Central for XL
  • I doubt that.
  • Why? You think Android/Ios wasn't created out of using other products from scratch? Posted from Windows Central for XL
  • I agree with you. Something I learnt once was "Everything you see is never original. Everything is inspired from everything else". Artwork of a cat was inspired... By a cat (and possibly other artists). A new model of a car... Was inspired by another car (and the structure of it). An OS.. Was inspired by other OS's. It's how our world works but some people don't seem to realise this. +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • Even if many did use other phones... Did you ever think of the possibility that it is good to know what competitors do?
  • Did I ever say that it was wrong for employees to use the phones??? No. Did I say that it was wrong to use them from a developmental standpoint??????????????? No. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Did you ever realize to win from an enemy you have to KNOW your enemy. Imagine nobody used anything else than windows phones at Microsoft. They would live in an isolated bubble. They would have no idea what they are competing with. It's good that they use other operating systems so they learn. They already know their windows devices trough and trough because they MAKE it and are busy with it 5 days a week at least 40 hours a week. Sent from an alien space ship with a Lumia 950
  • ... but how many Apple employees do you think own a Lumia or an Android as their daily driver? Not too many, I would think. I'm sure they have them in the lab to study.
  • Not even id assume the sdk emulator on a virus infested netbook
  • Studying them in a lab and using one for a daily driver are 2 different things. With what smartphones offer people in terms of conveniences (camera, tap to pay, calendar, maps, etc), lab-only use would not really tell the whole story. And who knows what Apple even allows on their campus.
  • As long as they're committed, I'm committed. 
  • As long as Windows 10 Mobile does what I need it to do and does it well, with features I personally like I don't really care. I can fall back to Android if I need/want to even if I'm not a fan of the stock look or many of the skinned versions companies have out. Owning a phone doesn't need to be like a religion is to some people. I'll just buy another one if I need/want to change.
  • Someone needs to be committed that's for sure
  • oh...and Windows Phone came 6 years ago in 2010. Not 2012!
  • As someone who began writing on this site in 2007 I remember, but it was really the reboot that mattered for the modern era.
  • Please. That sounds like a rebuttal from those iFanboys.
  • We can call Chris Parnell and he will settle this for you #SmartphoneBetaTest =D Ugh, I'm at boring lol =p
    Windows 10 RULZZ yer FACE!!!
  • Which reboot are you talking about?  I got my first (prerelease) Windows Phone 7 at PDC10....
  • Windows Mobile 6.5 and 6.7. That was the reboot
  • But, Daniel, it came in 2010. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • The CE->Silverlight transition was hardly a reboot... The true reboot came when they moved to NT and RT. Sent from my Windows 10 PC.
  • Right... But, what's on the surface is what's tangible to fans, press, and to the average consumer.... 7.0 was when things changed, and from an UX/UI point of view 10 is still heavily similar to 7.0.... Well, at least the start screen is. But, live tiles are what set us apart. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Glad to here that. But anyways I always believed it's just not possible for Microsoft to abandon W10M. How can they abandon something they have worked on for so long time? The term "universal" will become unworthy, somewhat. And what about Continuum, Nadella's best bet? What about the insiders who have actively helped in the OS's development since many months? And will Microsoft leave the owners of L550, 650, 950/XL with an unfinished OS? These all things give a clear idea that Microsoft won't abandon W10M so easily. Android also probably wasn't as popular, as it currently is, in its initial years when S40 and S60 still ruled. So, Android might meet the same fate as S60 in coming years.
  • Bob, Kin, Zune, HD DVD, RT, WP7 &WP8 would beg to differ.
  • And yet almost a month after build 2016 Facebook is still in beta. Granted it takes time to develop but come on.. We are not dealing with a company that has 5-7 employees..
  • Do you mean the version developed by Facebook and ported using their software from the iPad app that's in closed Beta right now? (Has been for quite a while)
  • That's what I heard.. Along with the fact that it's been that way for a while.. Oh well the wait goes on..
  • That ones on Facebook, but I agree it's taking them a long time to release. Keep the beta Tag on by all means but make it an open beta so we can finally give it a go. Maybe they are waiting to release the new Messenger and Facebook app at the same time or something.
  • Instagram has been in public beta for a while, and they've made quite a few improvements over that time, but it's still in beta. If Bank of America and Starbucks (and others?) are doing closed betas, then it comes down to how the companies view app publishing. Facebook and BOA likely expect their apps to be non-beta and mostly problem-free at release.
  • Just the fact that there is a doubt about their commitment already kills the platform.
  • Disagree. Doubt is external, not within Microsoft. Media want to spin it their way.
  • Agreed. Something can be "left for dead", as perceived by other but still be quite alive. Microsoft has never stopped developing the platform, never stopped releasing builds never abandoned thier course. Doubt is indeed external.;-) -------------------------------
    Jason L Ward @JLTechWord
  • That is exactly their problem. They have never abandoned the course. The newest version works almost identically to the original Windows Phone 7. Windows Phone and it's UX has failed. Six years and three versions later and they are at 1% market share and dropping. They need a true reboot. A completely new UX and name without the negative connotations of Windows. The horse is dead but Microsoft keeps swinging the stick. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Mmmnn. No point in making another icon UX that mimics Android (any flavor) or iOS. They're already on the other guys phones with their software and services and probably will continue and increase their efforts there. They've lost the phone app battle. Bots, Cortana, Office, cloud, UWP are the correct path over an Android clone, IMO.
  • It doesn't have to mimic Android, but it certainly shouldn't mimic Windows Phone 7. That UI has proven to be a failure. Any device with that interface will fail. There should be no doubts about that now. 6 years later and .6% market share makes that quite obvious. They need something truly new if they want to gain any traction.
  • I think his commit is fair. External doubt is one of the main reasons ppl/developers look the other way. Microsoft really can't show up at their build conference and make a statement that W10M is not their priority this year and expect their not to be negative fallout. If it's not their priority then why should any devs be bothered to make it theirs. Anyways I believe they are heading in the right direction to swing things around long-term, but essential to achieving that success is better communication/show of commitment on their part.
  • I don’t understand why a company as large as MS can’t work on multiple projects at once. While Win 10 for PCs was in development, why not have another team updating WM10 and collaborating rather than taking 6 more months to put out a product – which is not nearly as stable or finished a product. Why publicly state that WM10 is not a priority this year? Not enough resources to have a team working like crazy on it? Not enough employees? Why no marketing for 3 new phones? MS acts like it’s not capable of working on phones, yet has the hololens under development, along with Surfaces, and Azure and OneDrive, etc. Why are phones the poor stepchild?
  • "Why no marketing for 3 new phones?" Cause there is not a version enough stable to give to users. Will you buy a Lumia 1060 with bugs? Or should they destroy a Surface Phone releasing it now? There is no reason for marketing right now. That's why i think they had a really lost battle last year on selling phones, that was a calculated one. Just w8 for a stable version with enough features on WM10 and we will se then what's in their minds.
  • It does matter.  That doubt is the reason there is almost no choice in current windows phone hardware.  Where  can I by a 5-inch full--hd Snapdragon 8XX phone for $300 like I can for Android?  What mid-range phone has been made in the past year?   WP is in a coma, as much as I hate to say it.  Because I love WP.  But until a variety of new hardware starts churning out this is all just a pipe-dream. 
  • Even if new hardware comes out, what will make it any different from past hardware? Why will it's fate be any different? People don't want Windows Phone. It will never be successful. Microsoft needs something new, the same old thing will continue to fail. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • 'Surface Phone' isn't going to be a windows phone or even a phone at all. Microsoft can't sell any significant quantity of phones.  It's going to be one or two pen-centric 'Surface Mini' versions that are connected Nano PCs in your pocket.  Oh, I guess you could make a phone call on them to, if you really wanted to. 
  • You work for MS??? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • They can call it whatever they want. The common term will be phone. Semantics will not make it successful. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Still no apps... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • That's what I was gonna say... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • That doesn't make any sense.
  • Ya, he's just clearing up what EVERYONE is wondering.
  • Disagree... Doubt is created by haters and massive anti campains out there not microsofts affords. Have a look at the updates they develope and how fast they do and add features... That is dedication nothing else.
  • True. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • I doubt android can last another 10 years, so... there you have it: ANDROID IS DEAD!
  • I for one believe WP is on death row. If it hasn't got serious traction by 2019-2020 they will shoot it.
    However, for all intents and purposes, Apple was dead in 1997 so anything is possible, but very sadly its just not probable. Very happy to be proven wrong, time will tell.
  • I hope for all phones to be dead in 2020. Vr is the next thing. Maybe a chip in our brain can replace phones. So Android and Ios and WM is dead too:X. You can't know what technology we will have in 2020
  • Ever since its arrival in 2012
    So Windows Phone 7, which arrived October 2010, diesn't count anymore? 
  • Excellent, and I knew it! Too much echo chamber nonsense and armchair quarterbacking from folks who don't see the long term UWP vision on the Interwebz.
  • After having such a bad experience with the 950's bugginess, I am extremely skeptical of any mobile device coming out of Microsoft.
  • I didn't get one until about a month or two after they came out and it's honestly not been that bad. Even on fast ring builds things are quite stable now. Even my wife's iPhone crashes every now and again and iOS is one hell of a mature and stable OS - So mature it feels stale to me personally, but people don't generally like change.
  • But the latest fast ring build is unusable.. Does your phone stop responding if you receive a text message while the screen off? Just this one bug is huge.. I could live with the rest..
  • Don't believe me if you don't want to... but no that's not happened on my 950 with the latest build or the one before. The only real bug that has impacted me every now and again is that sometimes I take a call over Bluetooth whilst listening to music on another Bluetooth device and I get an error from Groove, but it seems like an OS thing to do with the audio device. I've not even experienced a lot of the bugs in the known issues like the Space/Enter keys stopping working for some people and the camera app hasn't crashed on either this or the last build when going into images. This latest build even fixed the SMS sync issue I had, as well as making Messaging everywhere work almost flawlessly. On Insider Builds it's never going to be perfect, but the fast builds have hit that point where it's safe to use them from my experience. I do see some missing Emojis, which is one of the known issues but can't say I'm that bothered. I always read the release notes before updating to an Insider Build on both PC and Mobile. The last PC build was one of the worst in a LONG time, the current one fixed the issues thankfully.
  • I see.. Apparently me and my brother's XL have the messaging bug.. This is the second time since windows 10 mobile that I had to revert back to a stable build..
  • Apparently so.  My 950 XL and 950 have been running great on the latest insider builds.
  • Don't know what to suggest, it's annoying when these things happen - Especially when you hear some others aren't have the same problem on very similar hardware/ Regardless as to whether my screen is on or off, when I receive an SMS it comes to the phone, MS Band (v1) and my Surface + Desktop PC's to the messaging everywhere app pretty much at the same time. I can always unlock the phone to take a look at the SMS even if the screen was off when it came in. Are you using a Dual SIM version of the 950XL? I see some issues come up with those that don't affect Single SIM variants. In the UK the single SIM versions are much more prominent.
  • Yep yep.. It is dual SIM..
  • My dual-sim 950XL gets a text while I have the phone “off” – so it vibrates continuously until I actually soft reboot it. Very annoying when in a meeting and your phone won’t stop buzzing.
  • Bad but keep in mind that you are in fast ring... I am in production ring for that reason. That is the one which is meant to be used by people who use the phone as a daily driver.
  • Just saw this in the issues for the newly published build, maybe it is causing your Messaging issue in the build you have as well: "Your phone will lock up and reboot when it receives a notification from an app that has “Keep notifications private on the lock screen” turned on under Settings > System > Notifications & actions. This is particularly painful if you have this turned on for the Messaging app and could result in the loss of text messages. If you have this turned on for specific apps – it is recommended you turn it off until we fix this issue."
  • Imma give this a shot and see what happens..
  • You are using a pre-release software via insider and you are surprised/annoyed that you have bugs? Okay then.
  • I don't mind the bugs.. There's a reason I'm using insider builds..
  • I'm not...yeah sure there was bugginess, but it's not like they never updated it and tried to resolve those issues. maybe, then again I'm always Fast Ringing =p Ugh, I'm at boring lol =p
    Windows 10 RULZZ yer FACE!!!
  • Hmmmm. Not sure what bugginess you refer to, because my 950 works great. One insider build had a couple of issues they fixed with a build release within a week. I'm more than satisfied with my phone.
  • But if i understand correctly, the focus will be on business customers. Hope they bring some cool stuff for all others, too.
  • Yes, their major focus would be continnium
  • That kludge will fail for sure. No one is really looking for Continuum. It has no advantages over just carrying a laptop. No one wants to deal with carrying special cables and hardware just so they can use an OS worse than Windows RT on a theoretical display. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You do not need to. I have the wireless display connector with me all the time and presented at customers with it using powepoint. The display dock is at home so i can use my tv with my smartphone. It works great and everyone i meet is fascinated by it which is a huge deal if you want to stay in mind of the customers. I am quite happy with it.
  • Not necessarily a bad thing...The alternative is consumers who don't want to let go of their Lumia 920 or 1020 because they feel so attached to it, and people who won't buy a phone with a plastic back. Better off on Android or iOS than using one of those devices these days. I loved my 1020 at the time, but it was way under spec'd to begin with due to the restrictions on supported hardware for WP at the time (and probably in some way because of cost too) - These days it's not worth keeping when there's very affordable alternatives with much better performance. Being able to zoom in and re-frame pics was fantastic and you can't do it on the 950 as well as you could on the 1020, but the overall photos are much nicer and the experience of using the camera in terms of performance is night and day.
  • So... 950XL and 950 are going to be abandoned soon.
  • What makes you think that? +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • No. Posted from Windows Central for XL
  • Negative. They're the starting points of what's to come.
  • What do you mean abandoned? They're phones and things move on. When the phone doesn't do what you need anymore, either buy a newer model or switch to another platform. The 950 and XL aren't going to stop getting OS updates, but there might be features they don't get that require newer hardware sure. I had a Lumia 1020 and you should have seen all the whining that went on from some other owners about camera features it didn't get (because it had awful specs other than the camera sensor and couldn't support them) Some people actually still complain now about how the Lumia 920 didn't get an official W10M update, and that's surprising they are so attached to those old things. Have to accept tech will move on, eventually iPads stop getting new OS updates and same with things like Kindles, Android tablets etc.
  • Well, they've made enough and they need to clear out that stock so...yeah. Support is still available though, they're not HTC ;p Ugh, I'm at boring lol =p
    Windows 10 RULZZ yer FACE!!!
  • Absolutely. Just like my 920 was! It still is the best phone I ever had.
  • Thank you for writing this! 
  • God is capable of anything! 7 days or 7 seconds....we're human
  • Apparently God has a factory in China.
  • Yup. Only God to leave something dying in agony for so long.
  • Huh? "Only God to leave something..." Well at least you put a cap G on God... I guess you are not soulless also... heh!
  • Need to thanks God all the time.
  • Despite the little mention of Mobile from the Build in March/April; a ton of current writers saying, "Microsoft will be shutting down Windows Phones"; the abysmal news of the Windows 10 platform, I am very excited to what's to come. I may have followed, sheepishly, with the herd of nay-sayers, but after reading Window Central's editorials; Jason Ward and Daniel Rubino (yes, I'm smooching a little ass here) to name specifics; but I am excited. Hmm, what more to say...?
  • As long as windows phone is availble for purchase and activly supported, I will use it plain and simple.
  • We will chat with our friends daily on Skype.
    Flat Belly Overnight By Andrew Raposo
  • Let's see other tech journalists point this out... Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile
  • They're probably sponsored /paid/bribed (take your pick) by Google or Apple to put their products in the spotlight and shun MS products, or convinced by their boss to highlight and shun for a bigger paycheck. Sadly that's how our day-to-day media works (sometimes). +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • Don't have to be sponsored. Apple can choose what information their users get and Google controls marketing/online searches. Wouldn't be the first time Google made their searches biased. Posted from Windows Central for XL
  • That last sentence though
  • "Committed".... all the while bringing you the shitttttttttttiest experience to the least amount of people as possible! 
  • They are not. Posted from Windows Central for XL
  • Maybe for you its not a good experience but for those of us who dont need an app to for every petty little event in our daily lives W10M is a good experience. Connectivity with other UWP devices is getting better. The OS is getting better and with cloud based settings its just so easy to keep everything synced up and be productive. For business W10M makes a lot of sense for some of us.
  • If the Surface Phone does anything spectacular that the 950 and XL can't do right now, I'll go ahead and buy one to replace my 950 - That's always been my plan. From the consumer perspective I only see it bringing cosmetic changes that more people are happy with though - i.e Metal and Unibody, something I can take or leave. I hope there's something special about it, but we know it will be business focussed and it's going to use some up to date hardware suitable for it's time of release, x86 apps running in Continuum would be a big shock to me if I'm honest, I don't see it happening with the next set of handsets, certainly not well and don't necessarily think that's the way they should go anyway
  • If phones go x86, arent all the viruses and malware associated going to plague the phone as well?
  • it doesn't help that i have seen 20+ articles claiming windows mobile is dead and will be phased out.... while WE know better, the media just LOVES to hate on Microsoft....
  • Truth be told, everybody looks to them. If "Walled Garden" doesn't ring a bell, than "Microsoft to shut down Windows Phone" should. That comment about the "Walled Garden" still bothers me today.
  • The media loves to regurgitate BS from other news outlets.
  • "We believe in this product's value to business customers" Business. That's what jumped out to me.
  • Good catch, coip. I read that, too.
  • I'll disable obnoxious troll mode for a second. They must understand they can't expect to make any kind of impact on the consumer market now against iOS and Android. If, *if* they expect to keep Windows Mobile alive their best strategy is to try and gain inroads with enterprise customers and, if successful, use that as a springboard to other markets.
  • I don't think it is troll mode. It is the fear that windows on phone will become boring as it will cater for business customers. Business customers don't want/need features that push boundaries. They want features that help keep their business better, not necessarily earth shattering ones. They don't like to change either. We all know how Microsoft had to extend windows xp support because of business customers. Combined, that's quite a bore. But who knows, maybe and hopfully, Microsoft's idea of business features is compelling enough to grab consumers' attention as well.
  • Makes sense. Being able to run x86 apps in Continuum (if that's a thing) would benefit business customers the most. At least in the short term.
  • @Darkness690 - Virtualisation - that is the key play here as it leverages a)Continuum b)cloud processing (azure, aws, HP workspace) etc. So when you could have the benefit of Win32 code without the extra baggage of a x86 soc which is not quite there when it comes to power efficiency with ARM - otherwise you would see alot more phones with x86 chips (cost is also another factor). That is the best approach as opposed to frying your phone with a x86 cpu running native win32 code. Let's face it not all win32 applications are well written and cpu cycle efficient - extremely important on phones as that lowers power consumed.
  • Yes, because enthusiasts are running out of enthusiasm already. It's up to businesses to save them. Only they already have phones and laptops, too. MS pissed away even that miniscule market share they got with WP, they did not care about appealing to a normal user, these are the consequences.
  • As long as they profit...WP will probs stay. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It seems that Microsoft is slow in rolling out whatever it is whether it's an update or a new phone or other device. Microsoft needs to work faster to get the updates and products out faster to the masses. There's no urgency with Microsoft. Other then this everything is fine. Wink-wink.
  • 11 OS updates in 5 months, you call that rolling out slow. Of course they did not have a choice because it had some annoying problems, but thats not the point here in my reaction, The point is that you said that they are slow in rolling out things. I'd rather wait a year for a device that could change the face of the world instead of the yearly new anounced iSheep phone that has nothing more than a new processor.
  • although I am an Apple user, you are right. Changes in the iphone are very small each year. I bet that with the iphone 7 they will still keep that low 16GB storage for the base model :(. And as every non-S models, it will come with issues. I am still thinking whether to sell my iphone 6 64GB and go for a 950 XL or not.
  • Good!
  • we keep hearing abouthololens, but lets be serious how many do we believe they are gonna sell? It'svapourware
  • It's already available, so it can't be vaporware. Posted from Windows Central for XL
  • Sounds like the kind of thing that gets said days before its death.
  • Has anyone noticed 'ARM based' in the email?
    Seems like we shouldn't be expecting x86 apps on mobile. Sent from a black hole.
  • It would only ever work if restricted to Continuum, and performance on initial devices won't be great. It'll happen eventually and then eventually work well. The person who does the kind of work that could be done on a phone that runs x86 apps can most likely get it done on an ARM device in Continuum as long as the apps they need are available. I'm not going to be running Visual Studio from a phone anytime soon when a Surface Pro 3 just about manages it at times (Depends on the kind of work you do of course)
  • How does your light escape ? @.@ Ugh, I'm at boring lol =p
    Windows 10 RULZZ yer FACE!!!
  • I can move in space and time. :p
  • Continuum folks at build basically laughed off an x86 phone. Too big, too hot, etc...
  • Yeah. Too early on the x86 would be much, much worse than later and better. Push the ARM as hard and far as they can for now.
  • Well, I personally think that unless Intel makes a good chip for the mobile, MS can't allow x86 apps directly on mobile. But UNTIL then, it can really Push to convert selective x86 apps to UWP ones, that can be installed in mobile, but will be accessed using continuum only. Having some old games (like AOE-II) in mobile, and being able to play in continuum will be AWESOME.
    And they converted AOE-II to a UWP app during the build.
  • Show me!
  • Who cares if any one else loves wp or not. I love it and I'll keep using it until i die. So bring it on
  • Dunno about using it until I die....But certainly for as long as it's the right choice for me
  • You're either very old or not expecting to live for many years to come, then.
  • Or he used his brain and decided it works for him... but again, you are a shrill... so meh!
  • How do you know how his voice sounds? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Windows 10 in all device types is here to stay. What the media thinks is irrelevant. Its true that the next generation windows 10 killer product will be hololens but that does not mean mobile phones will not get microsoft's attention.
  • Apps... I went hiking the other day and told a friend who suggested I go download "MapMyHike", which was recently bought by UnderArmor. Interestingly the Win App Store had "MapMyRun"... which was just recently depreciated for Windows Phone. Awesome. and yet...I stick around... SMH
  • Apps like that are a dime a dozen though - If there are numerous social apps you want to use amongst your group of friends I would definitely recommend iOS or Android, especially if you and your friends use a lot of emerging social media apps - Windows will generally get them later on as it stands. If you just want an app to Map your Hike there's plenty that will do it, if you want a specific one so you can enjoy social features (nothing wrong with that at all) with your friends and that's important to you then W10M isn't the place to be right now (maybe not in the future either, but who knows)
  • *Windows will generally get them later on (or never at all) as it stands.
  • This is the first time in a while that MS commits itself to mobile, up to now all communication has been halfhearted. No wonder users, developers and OEMs don't want to commit to windows mobile. It may be too little too late, lots of loyal yearlong users have abandoned windows mobile due to mixed communication by MS. I am still on the fence myself, waiting for more signs that I won't end up with a useless piece of hardware.
  • Even this communication is half-hearted. They said specifically business in the email. The consumer side is already dead and the business side won't matter if Microsoft's apps are all available on the platforms. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Windows Mobile is not dead, neither is the smartphones, period!
  • I know that they committed to W10M but can they please fix the issues first. We want it as stable as WP8.1. Most universal apps are buggy. Even cortana sometimes takes too long to open and many times too slow to load whatever i ask her to do.
  • Thank goodness Terry finally shut the scare-mongering down directly. Unfortunately, since this is Windows Drama Central, I fully expect people to ignore what he says and for the usual trolls to pop up with snarky comments about MS and Windows on mobile going down in flames.
  • They can say they will continue with it, but what happens in a year from now when they have
  • It is better to shut this with new devices, but it is now confirmed that there will be none for a year.
  • Serious question, what would be the point of a new device from MS at this point? The software is still being worked on, they have OEMs working on phones to fill in the gaps, and they are giving their app ecosystem time to mature. What exactly are you expecting from them? To rush a phone out just because fans are begging and pleading for them to release a top-spec phone like they did with the 950/XL? Those devices certainly weren't where they wanted them to be on the software side upon release and even though they have vastly improved, the damage has been done.
  • I will not add another negative comment, I am pretty sure the others on here are enough. I will just say : let's play the usual wait and see game, shall we?!.
  • Well theres the body blow I've been waiting for.  He sees the value to *business* customers.  No more competing for consumers, just targeting corporate from here.
  • I love how you all just pick and choose what you want to read lmfao.
  • This may have already been said, but Microsoft have always been predominantly a software company, so why not get Windows 10 mobile running on the most popular Android Hardware and providing a tool to flash between running either Android/Windows. Samsung makes some amazing looking phones. People will try it out of curiosity. Microsoft builds OSes, it just happens that the PC to install it on got smaller.
  • There is Xiaomi Mi4 for that.
  • "I'll have more news on Microsoft's mobile plans and Surface phone very soon" Daniel, are you hinting of an upcoming announcement from Microsoft?
  • They only have themselves to blame for the widespread perception. People in the media have been openly speculating about this at least since last July's Nokia write-down and layoff announcements, and it's been give added fuel by prominent Microsoft bloggers such as Tom Warren, Paul Thurrott, and Mary Jo Foley who have abandoned the platform or written articles proclaiming it "dead". The sales collapse of Lumia devices, the lack of any forward looking discussion about it at /Build, followed by Myerson's "it's not a priority this year" quote is just seemed to confirm this for most people. (I realize he was talking about this in the context of what's new for developers, but that's not how the media reported it, naturally.) It would have been really, really simple to make a few public statements reaffirming and explaining their mobile strategy over the past year. But inexplicably they haven't. It's ridiculous that it takes a Jason Ward or Daniel Rubino reading between the lines to explain Microsoft's own strategy to Windows Mobile users, or that people like Paul Thurrott aren't briefed well enough to see the forest for the trees. Windows 10 Mobile OEM partners should be furious with Microsoft for allowing the brand's value to be degraded to the point that it is now "dead" before it has even, really, properly launched. I unleash this rant as a fan, of course. But my patience is wearing thin.
  • "They only have themselves to blame for the widespread perception."
    I don't disagree and frankly, I bet neither would Microsoft. It's been a very painful 2 years and they know that.
  • I think the notion that OEMs should be furious is a fair and not often considered point. If we as fans have been upset and not really able to trust Microsoft's strategy for the last few years, how must OEMs that are relying on Microsoft feel? Would you be willing to bet a significant portion of your company's revenue stream on Microsoft's execution of a stated mobile strategy at this juncture? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Have a +1
  • Dear Terry, Yada Yada Yada,, Buy one get one free. What kind of dedication does this indicate MS has. If your future doesn't include Verizon then so bad. Ihave the 950xl with free 950 in my MS shopping cart. Announce that MS is activating the CDMA bands and I buy. Otherwise; NOT!!!!
  • While Verizon is the best network, they have big internal political problems.  They also have outdated technology issues.  The problem with Windows Phone on Verizon is not a hardware manufacture problem.  It is a Verizon problem.  Both from a technology and polictical nature.  But lately, it has been mostly political.  Verizon needs a change in its management team.  The Microsoft hate has got to go. 
  • Microsoft hate? It is purely business. If Microsoft had a compelling phone that people wanted to buy, then Verizon would carry it. Can you really blame them for not carrying a platform that barely 1% of the market wants? Why would they waste their time? The only one to blame is Microsoft. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Considerign the mass amount of android phones they also carry that definitely dont sell (and there are many phones carriers sell that simply do not move high volumes, i use to work in a carrier), yeah i can. They even carried Blackbery 10 devices but no flagship lumia since the icon that they benched/screwed? Yeah they do have some issue with Microsoft.
  • If they sold, Verizon would carry them. Period. You don't see any of the other carriers putting them on the shelves either. AT&T only offers the 950. They didn't even bother with the XL. Other phones that don't sell won't be back either, no matter the platform. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Losing life360 and here drive has pretty much eliminated two of the most important apps to me. Ms maps sucks in comparison to here. For life 360 there is no alternative. And camera is way inferior to the old camera app. So, they may be commuting in words but not in actions. For a business user like myself a decent navigation tool is essential. One I won't have any more after July 1.
  • Further assurance! Thats great. I always hate android because it is a mess.
  • Android is a mess? It was able to increase its market share even though they are already over 80%. Windows Phone on the other hand is dropping like a rock. After a 75% drop in sales, it is obvious which is the real mess. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I know you are a fanboy and all (see your signature) but yes to the other 20 percent market who isnt using Android and is using IOS(or others) there are people who **GASP** hate android, dont want it and find it to be a mess. I know it is shocking, considering, but it does happen.
  • WP/WM like a The Walking Dead.
  • I can confirm that Microsoft is working on the next generation of Windows 10 Mobile devices. I must say, the pen loop is a bit awkward, and hope they work out a better solution.  Sent from my Windows 10 Mobile Surface Phone running a SnapDragon 830 w/8GB RAM and 128GB Storage. (yep, joking.)
  • I'm fascinated with Daniel's last sentence to this article. "very soon". I really do trust him based on years reading his work. I'm looking forward to seeing what information he has.
  • With today's news let's all start the rumors of the iPhone is dead?
  • 2.3m vs. 51m. -50% vs. -10% YoY.  perhaps not yet. :)
  • Why is no one screaming about the iPhone being dead, in media? They had a down quarter. That signals death for W10M, so why not for the sheeple!? Posted from my Day One Lumia 950 XL w/Mozo Black On Black back cover
  • See above. Yet, people actually are "screaming" - Apple's 10% slump is much bigger news.
  • More like a 17% drop for Apple, and there will be more to come. It should be very concerning to Apple, because iPhone is their business.
  • You are right on the number, my bad, was somehow looking at the wrong column in this. Yes, iPhones are Apple's main business, and trying times for Cook for sure! I saw someone claim that even if one took out all the profits they make on iPhones, Apple would still be more profitable than Google or MS. Do you know if there is truth to that claim?  
  • "We are committed to deliver Windows 10 on mobile devices with small screen running ARM processors." Darn it Terry, keep your mouth shut - now we are in for another 6.. nah, 7 part story from Jason analysing this sentence to death. :P I guess the "good news" for MS is that even Apple is "struggling" (in hugely relative terms)! :)
  • Only problem is that MS is slow...very slow!
  • Is he the same guy who said WP will not be a focused on this year?
  • He is the funny guy who said this I am sure he has more jokes like that for us.
  • People can only hate the best..
  • It is interesting to study human behavior.  For some reason people think Windows Phone should die and that some other phone should be declared the official winner of something.  Let me ask you, should Lexus go out of business because Ford sells magnitudes more vehicles than Lexus?  No.  There is a market for both.  There is no need for nor should there be nor should we want there to be only one auto manufacture.  Then why do we seem to want that in the phone market?  Seems like a childish petty my dad can beat up your dad type of argument. Fact is that Windows Phone is a very nice product.  More beautiful than the iPhone in my opinion. Oh sure, it doesn't have as many apps as iPhone, but they are working on it.  Fact is, it has all of the apps that I need.
    Windows Phone is the Lexus of phones.  It is for the elite.  The other phones are for the Wal-Mart crowd.  In my opinion of course. Its about being the best.  Its not about fad or pure pressue.  Most young people only buy the iPhone to fit in with their peer group.  Lucky Apple. Long live Windows Phone.  It is a very nice product.
  • The only Windows Phones that sell are $30 at Walmart but then their users move to better platforms when they upgrade. All the L520s Microsoft sold and those users didn't stick around. Doesn't sound like a great user experience to me. People talk crap about Android, but people keep buying them and their market share continues to rise. It is quite obvious who has the best user experience. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Honestly, I am very comfortable with my Windows mobile phone. I know it's playing catch up to Apple and Android, and I am fine with that, especially with the latest improvements and builds. Make no mistake about it, MSFT knows the importance of mobile to their existence, so eventually they will succeed both Apple and Android.
  • Nowhere in Terry's email does he mention the consumer market (Aka you and me and most of the people reading this site) which only reaffirms the notion that MS had indeed abandoned any ambitions in that market and instead will focus on the business market as the email says. So basically regular consumers like us should just drop WM and go to any of the other two consumer-focused platforms. That's what I gathered from this email
  • "We believe in this product's value to business customers and it is our intention to support the Windows 10 Mobile platform for many years" you read that right, BUSINESS, not consumers like you or me or the average Joe. MS knows that it has missed the consumer market a long time ago and probably will never catch it, so they're just abandoning it and instead focusing on the little success they might have, in business.
  • /S of course.  Sorta.  Well...maybe? Dan (when there was a lack or non existent flagship/hero device): The right move is to attack and focus in on the low end market, makes sense to make budget devices. Dan (when the low end market strategy proved to be not successful): The right move is to focus in on the future flagship and in doing so needing a retrenchment to really put the effort into an industry changing device(s).   Dan (when the Windows Phone/Mobile is dead is starting to get ever more deafening): Surface Phone is coming! /S of course.  Sorta.  Well...maybe?
  • False. You're confusing my reporting of Microsoft's strategy with endorsing it. I rarely, if ever, use the phrase "the right move", but I do point out the realities of what they are trying to do and with what they are facing. If you want to put that on me instead of Microsoft, that's your choice, but you are wrong in that. Literally nothing in this report is my judgement or opinion on what Microsoft is doing. It is, however, a real email that was sent out. If you find no value in that, that's fine. I think others do, however.
  • That's fair.  
  • All the focus on the low end did was show people the deficiencies with the platform. You notice those people didn't buy new Windows phones. Obviously their is something wrong with the UX, but Microsoft refuses to change the UI. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • thank you! that's exactly how i've felt all these years using Windows phones. the UX/UI simply is not appealing to the masses. consumers rejected it like a plague in the same fashion as when Windows 8 first came out. But MS in their stubborness never acknowledged this and refused to give WP/M a complete UI overhaul.
  • Which is why millions of people have installed this on Android?
  • The problem with Microsoft has been the fact that people confuse their killing off of phone hardware manufacturing division with windows phone is dead which it is not as in windows 10 on mobile as a software OS and developer platform will continue to be developed as a part of their universal windows platform. And there should be no doubt about it. What I don't understand is, if they don't have large OEMs like Samsung, Huawei, LG, HTC, Sony, Motorola, Xiaomi and others on board THEN why would they kill of the little space that they had in mobile by killing of the (mostly) lumia division? In my opinion they should have pushed with their own concrete lumia lineup until they had these OEMs on board with definitive products. Oh well! Maybe they know something I don't.
  • Good news. A 1020 successor would be a great way to put an end to the death talk.
  • Microsoft is if the notion that as long as people are talking about you, no press is bad press.
  • Meh
  • For me, im irked by the never ending waiting, coming soon, bugs, missing features and outright stupid decisions.  Ive been waiting 3 years, its been painful, however I do have to thank Microsoft for one thing.  I use my mobile device a lot less than I did when I had an iPhone or Android device...thanks MS!! maybe thats a reason they can use in thier advertising.
  • They actually used this reason in their WP7 marketing videos. "The smartphone you use less"
  • Hope they dont go a step further..."The smartphone you dont use" lol
  • As someone who has bought the following WP for my family members....I'm glad to see the commitment: Lumia 710 (2), Lumia 520, Lumia 540, Lumia 620, Lumia 625, Lumia 635 (2), Lumia 640(3), Lumia 920, Lumia 930, Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL, Lumia 1520
  • Me too matey, my whole family are on windows phone. It's the safest os.
  • I am devoted to Windows Phone. But just two days ago, after four years I switched from my 928 to the S7 Edge. For now I feel it best to take a break from the Windows Mobile OS so it does not go stale. When the Surface Phone comes out, I will get that day one. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You don't need to justify your decision to switch to Android in the short term. Microsoft has forced you into that decision for now, and we as some of their greatest fans and supporters should not have to feel bad about the predicament we are in. That's something I realized after giving them all of the chances I could. Enjoy your Android for now, and like me, you may still eventually prefer Windows Mobile -- but you don't owe them anything. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I was going to take a break and get an iPhone 7 in Sept, decided to give HP a chance, they are more committed than MS themselves, on paper the X3 Elite looks incredible.
  • Thankyou Mr Myerson and Ms I didn't see the sense in giving up on a unified os by leaving out the smaller form factors (previously known as smartphones). So I look forward to my next windows 10 small form factor device.
  • Wow. The phrase they're looking for is FOREVER. They cannot tiptoe around looking for massive profits from this division every quarter. Saying they're good to go for a few/many years is either ignorant or depressing.
  • Quite obvious Microsoft is done with the consumer market. This email seems to confirm what the media has been reporting. Windows Phone is dead for consumers. How long will they stick with the business line? Their apps are already available on all the other platforms, why would they both with Microsoft's? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "This email seems to confirm what the media has been reporting. Windows Phone is dead for consumers."
    I do wish the nuance you noted was true of tech sites, but no, I can't agree that is how they are reporting on this at all. Moreover, they tend to gloss over the bigger topic of where mobile is going and how Microsoft is pivoting to meet that future.
  • Thanks now stop my 950 from restarting when I randomly get notifications and just being slow I swear this phone doesn't feel super flagshippy(don't ask) sometimes Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Of course Windows 10 Mobile is not dead... Microsoft is just really good at playing dead. We keep poking, and once in a while they'll defensively say "I'm awake!" Seriously though, it isn't a matter of being dead. That terminology is a byproduct of people's perceptions that Microsoft has failed to thrive in mobile and continues to do so. Despite all of their efforts and relaunches, they are assumed "dead" by virtue of not proving to anyone that they can thrive. And that's what everybody expects from Microsoft -- thriving, not just maintaining a pulse. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's certainly true and a good analogy, however,I would say that many sites/consumers/media read what Microsoft says as "we're done with Mobile" and they are throwing in the towel. That's a very different claim than just not thriving, which would be accurate. My point in sharing this email is that Microsoft is not throwing in the towel when it comes to mobile. Now, whether their strategy will do anything different to change their current predicament is, of course, up for debate and a legit topic of discussion.
  • Re: Daniel Rubino,
    Thank you. Very rational, and fair statement, I think. I think, in these days of click bate, you are a journalist focused on honest reporting, even in your editorials.
    Just saying, looking forward to more of the same.
    Best Wishes
  • I personally understand your point, and we as fans certainly appreciate your dedication to and voice in this community. In a semantic sense, yes, being dead is different from simply not thriving. My point is that the tech blogosphere sees a major player like Microsoft and thinks that, for them, thriving is the only possible state of being alive. We know this to not be semantically true, but it can be true in the domain of public perception. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That term "many years" could mean anything and sounds pretty weak to me
  • So he basically clarified that WM is not dead, but is in coma. But those both states are far from "alive" state (
  • This means there will be upgrades for my Surface RT! Yessss!!
    (yeah right)
  • I am glad he came out and made the statement because I just bought 2 Lumia's and I was starting to lose confidence already in the brand so I'm glad he came out and said what you said.
  • I have the most concern about this statement, "We believe in this product's value to business customers..." This is evident in the HPElite being released through their business channel, and many of the other phones not coming to the US at all.  As a non-business consumer, I am not their demographic, it seems. Also, I think the slumping phone sales are Microsoft's own fault. Building up the integration hype on Windows 10 then releasing their main phone on one carrier caused them to loose sales, lots of sales.  If Verizon is the largest carrier in the nation, then they need to start making nice or have the sales they are experiencing. I, for one, have an iphone 4s on Verizon and amitching to migrate to the integrated platform.  However, I probably won't upgrade from Windows 7 on the PC until I have a device to integrate with the desktop, and I won't switch my family to AT&T just so I can have a single device.  I am ready, but I feel MS is in no hurry to help me live the integrated platform dream they promised last year.  Am I wrong in this thinking?
  • What does integrated even mean? All of Microsoft's apps are available on your iPhone and are synced with your PC through the cloud. What would Windows Phone bring you that the iPhone doesn't? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Vague, unprovable comments. Nice. That could mean they push out big updates and new hardware and make the platform great. It could mean we get one more hardware release and basic software support. It could mean nothing, as they make a claim to get hopes up, then pull the rug out in 18 months. This means nothing. It's nice lip service, but there's no real meaning.
  • Re: Keith Wallace,
    May I ask, do you run a company? Do you have to be careful about making absolute promises, that involve factors beyond your control?
    Absolutely no disrespect intended. I have read many of your many many comments and for the most part, I think you raise valid challenges. I'm just hoping it is based on your successfully negotiating the difficulties of balancing many real life issues.
    That all said, I just hope this statement from someone in a significant position at Microsoft proves true. I agree though, it's only a statement, of what "Microsoft" is thinking today and is not a life long "guarantee". Intellegent people know that would be ridiculously impossible. I'm glad someone at Microsoft is thinking these thoughts today.
  • No, I don't run a company. It's not a matter of disrespect that I am annoyed by the question, though. Owning a company is not required to understand P.R. and empty promises. I mean, I feel like this platform's leading means of sales is unfulfilled promises. The challenges I raise are the result of being with this platform since 2012, and following it since my sister had an HTC Fuze and I waited for WP7 to launch. It's been promises and "soon" for 5+ years now. Some apps have come. Others are missing. Others have left. The hardware quality had degraded. The plan DOES seem to be more straightforward than it has been in years prior, but given that Microsoft hasn't executed well on much of anything in the last several years (failures include: 360 launch, Zune marketing, XB1 announcement, Windows RT, Surface Touch Cover, WP7 launch, WP8 launch, Lumia 930/ICON, W10 transparency, W10 Store and PC gaming, Xbox Music, Groove Music, and I'm sure I could give more examples or explain those further, if needed), I'm not even going to look at the chickens Microsoft hasn't yet hatched--let alone count them. I hope this comes to fruition as well. I also hoped that the Lumia 930 would go to AT&T. I also hoped we'd get a Lumia 1020 successor. I hoped McLaren happened. I hoped we'd get a Surface Phone last year. I hoped we'd get a Surface Phone this year. I hoped the 950 XL would go to AT&T. I hoped the 950 would be a really good device. The problem boils down to, when has my hope in the platform led to met expectations, let alone exceeded ones? That MLB.TV showed up late in 2015, then got pulled for 2016, kind of says it all for someone who is a massive baseball fan and not uone to use many apps. The more things change, the more they stay the same. The changes for W10M, I can't say they've brought my anything better than what I got in November 2012, picking up my 920 from AT&T. The 950's build quality is worse than anything I've seen from Nokia/Microsoft previously (granted, I never experiences the 400 or 500 series Lumias or the Asha stuff). There hasn't been an app come to W10M that I didn't have on WP8/8.1. The MS apps have gotten worse (be it the mess of Groove, the splitting of apps to clutter the app list, or the inferior design of pop-out menus). I can say that, on the whole, the platform has improved for the masses, some. For me, it's really my hatred for Apple and distrust of Google that keeps me on W10M over anything else, because I can't say I feel like what I have in 2016 is better than what I had in 2012. Yes, the hardware's better and faster, but it's gone from getting a great, top-of-the-line device from Nokia in 2012 to getting an also-ran, bare-minimum device from Microsoft in 2016. That they called this "for the fans" kind of feels like a middle finger, especially as they run promos like B1G1 and the trade-in offers 6 months later. Way to tell the core fans and early adopters how little they mean.
  • I think Myerson suffers bipolarism...
  • This is counter to a lot of articles that I have over the last week.  There are a lot of insider rumors that Microsoft is in the process of shutting down Windows Mobile and possibly going with Android.
  • There is no such thing as business customers anymore. Its a BYOD + MDM world out there. Terry is targeting market segment that does not exist. Great strategy.
  • Windows Phones came out near the end of 2010. Not in 2012 like the article states.
  • The amount of comments here sure doesn't seem like W10M is dead. I bought two more Lumias today with the new offer just to make a point. Bought a 950XL and two 640s last Xmas. I keep giving them to my family members to keep them from going iPhone. Doing my part. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Thank you. You understand that the best way to "vote" for what you like, and to "support" what you like, is to spend some money. I think we should all, (those of us that appreciate Windows Phone and want it to survive) should make an effort to make a difference. We should, to the extent that each of us can, should find a way to support and pay App developers. We should commit to pay every Windows Phone app developer, that is useful to each of us, another $1, $5, or $10, or even more, each and every year, to support and encourage their efforts, even if the App was originally free. (We don't need charity.) Just looking to "support" those people who support what I think is great.
  • Dear Mr. Terry Myerson, my Nokia Lumia 1520 got stuck on spinning gears while updating itself to Windows 10 Mobile .  Now l don't want to do hard reset or try Windows Device Recovery Tool because l will lose my data (yes l never bothered to back up). Do you think this issue will sort itself with time if l just ignore it and sit it out. In the meantime I can use my Microsoft 950 XL. But will this problem regarding my Nokia Lumia 1520 eventually resolve itself by itself (or by Microsoft) and when?                  
  • Dear Mr. Terry Myerson, my Nokia Lumia 1520 got stuck on spinning gears while updating itself to Windows 10 Mobile . Now l don't want to do hard reset or try Windows Device Recovery Tool because l will lose my data (yes l never bothered to back up). Do you think this issue will sort itself with time if l just ignore it and sit it out. In the meantime I can use my Microsoft 950 XL. But will this problem regarding my Nokia Lumia 1520 eventually resolve itself by itself (or by Microsoft) and when?
  • Their is nothing more needed than specific right chosen words, like: We have a device roadmap to support that from Microsoft as well as our OEM partners who will also be selling an expanded lineup of phone devices based on this platform Don't be alarmed as MS will release a small number of devices. Their HW focus will be mainly:
    - Showcasing the possibilities - Create business/productive devices (eg. surface pro 3/4) - Create fanware. The rest will be up to the OEMS.
  • That will last one generation just like before. Once the OEM devices completely flop, they will not bother making another. It will be back on Microsoft's head if they want any hardware in the market place. Not a single OEM Windows phone has been successful in the past. Even Microsoft hasn't been able to make successful hardware. Why will that suddenly change when W10m looks identical to WP7? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Terry Myerson's email proves nothing. Furthermore, he states BUSINESS CUSTOMERS, and NO mention of the consumer level market. Its been SIX long years and nothing has changed, save the list of broken promises continues to get longer and longer, and the market support (which barely even exists) continues to free-fall. Move on. The rest of the industry has.
  • No more reboots, thank you.
  • What reboot? Windows 10 mobile looks identical to Windows Phone 7! As if the kernel was the issue! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why is MIcrosoft in a habit of removing features that have been requested and features users have never complained about????
  • Because, sometimes it's time to identify dead ends, that are costing you a lot of time and money. The problem arises, when there isn't a proper replacement at hand. WPs hubs being a perfect example.
  • Take that, Tom Warren and Paul Thurrott!
  • resurrect the Microsoft courier, with Cortana  ;-)  Unless MS offer a free "mythical Surface phone" to current lumia owners they will have an uphill battle winning back customers.  Once bitten and all that.  Phone as a primary PC is still years away wrt what consumers wants...  Just my 2c
  • I am not concerned about the commitment to the OS. There are some quirks, but the OS itself is solid. I feel being left abandoned within a dying ecosystem. As well as MSFT and some third parties I depend on are not getting well together. VPN currently is unusable to me, because W10 doesn't support IKEv1 or SSL. A couple of apps are just not available, but ran almost excellent on the Astoria builds last year. The dev told me, they will wait for Astoria, despite being cancelled. Many devs are producing Android first, with even iOS being an afterthought. But the worst: My daughter calls me using "that dumb phone"... It's hard to not agree, and this is perfectly summing up the state of things. And, btw, why is Windows still not completely ARM-capable, including .NET? 6 years, and still nothing.
  • Only the day I ll read "Microsoft announced 100% royalty to developers to push the uwp app development" I can eventually think Ms want to save wp.
    Or else, same b@@@@t... I will never trust them again...
  • "We are committed to deliver Windows 10 on mobile devices with small screen running ARM processors​"... here's an error, he should not specify ARM as the only future I see for mobile is on Intel running regular (i.e. non-store apps) when in Continuum mode. I'd pay a tousand for a phone which could be my real Intel PC as well.  But desktop with only store apps... isn't it what Windows RT was and what a failure it was.
  • If you want Intel pc on small size get a compute stick. It also gives you perspective what's achievable on performance side even when running connected to main.
  • Will anybody still care when they are finally ready to transform that commitment into something tangible, like attractive hardware, OS that is not buggy, good/any at all marketing? They cannot just have a timeout, abandon existing and potential users and then come back in a year's time and expect that anybody would still give a ... They threw away even that little that MS managed to get during Ballmer's era. I think Nadella's strategy: business + enthusiasts, we don't care about a typical user, was a biggest mistake ever. There's only so much one can be enthusiastic about this mess and businesses all have iPhones and Android phones and they are very happy with them.
  • Wont have another handset out for 12 to 14 months... but not dead. "Coming Soon™"
  • IMO, this 'leaked' email seems like damage control PR for the purpose of easing the nerves of concerned phone OEM partners. Someone at HP, I suspect, must have given their counterparts at Microsoft an earful.
  • Well I'd guess we will see the new device class called 3-in-1 - which is basically the 2-in-1 with the phone functionality thrown in. Personally I'd rather teach a small tablet (x86) how to provide cell phone functionality than a smart phone how to provide pc functionality... what we need is a decent Intel chip set after all
  • Are those past years or future years?
  • Windows 10 Mobile is getting better. (for instance: We no longer have the endless threads about how bad music playback is...)
    ​Banking apps are here and more are coming. Yeah, it won't get SnapChat... big deal.
    ​My 1520 is doing fine even on the redstone betas...  It's starting to look and feel like a nicely tightenly woven product... (now they just need to fix the missing comma on the FB & Instgram beta apps that use the FB creation tools... with multi-language keyboard support..the comma is awol)  
  • Talk about ULTRA damage control, it just shows in anyone in the public eye like this, even a small slang term, could be taken as a big deal and blown up so large. Personally, Terry Myerson is the one who caused the problem in the press statement a few months ago, if ANYONE should take the hit for this rumor it is him (most major companies someone who said something like this would be PUBLICLY FIRED) This does not change anything at all in my eyes. He did say they were not planning anything for WP for a while. Maybe a few models but, no major features. So, dont count on features that are basic on other phones like Tap TO PAY. It's old, Windows Phone was the greatest phone ever turned to just a great OS that has hope but, just lies with a ton of broken promises (dont believe me, watch all the press releases over the last 4-5 years, 1/2 the good features never came, and others we are STILL WAITING for). Dont say your commited to Windows 10 Mobile, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS...but, his plan on holding tight for a while on mobile says, another year with nothing major on it....Just like everything on Windows Phone...It's coming...
  • Elop applied for asylum in Australia. Belfiore is on witness protection and does not sleep 2 nights at the same place. Would be so interesting to hear their take on the mastermind plan to kill mobile.
  • I'll be bummed if they drop support for the 950/950XL at Threshold and only the Surface phones get Redstone 1 and 2. That's just the sort of thing MSFT Marketing would do to differenciate the new SKUs, giving 'the fans' a kick in the teeth.
  • And Brazil? We don't have any Microsoft Devices or Mobiles EOMs devices. The Windows community on Brazil is very unhappy with the Microsoft 's attention in our market.
  • Windows Phone is dead. Long live Windows Mobile!
  • Glad to hear about their ambitious commitments, but I hope it spells into more actions than words.
  • All they have to do is bring an amazing phone to T-Mobile.. and I'm in
  • This is great news for the Millions of people who have bought Windows smart phones. it appears that Microsoft will do 3 things with Windows smart phones 1= make it a excellent Businness class smart phone. 2= Make windows smart phnes the best smart phones to use with the over 270 million computer device thet are Running Full Desktop PC/ PC Tablet / Server Windows 10 operating system and more are coming because people and Bussinesses are updating to Windows 10 and at least 80 percent of new Desktop PC's,laptop PC's and PC OS Tablets run Windows 10. and Microsoft will make some of it's Windows smart phones A Hybrid smart phone / Pocket PC through use of their "Continuum" and the MS Universal Apps programs 
  • Let me be very clear: We are committed to deliver Windows 10 on mobile devices with small screen running ARM processors.
    Interesting  ...   
  • Windows Phone is a great platform with a logical UI and serious security. However, MIcrosoft has made a strategic decision that it will never be a mainstream platform but it could be a niche business tool. Even to keep this, you cannot release your main OS about 8 months late with many phones still experiencing show stopper bugs "Loading....." that should should have been caught long ago. My wife and I recently travelled abroad with a Windows phone and a Blackberry. Most of the key apps on the Windows phone stopped working and did not start working again until after we returned to Canada from the UK and did a factory reset on the phone. The Blackberry never missed a beat and translated telephone contacts entered with international calling numbers in Canada into local calling numbers in the UK. The difference in user experience was staggering. I genuinely like Windows phone but the development issues are unacceptable for a company that wants to be a major player in this market.
  • I have a Lumia 820 and BB Z10 .with bb z10 I do almost everything that i can do with L820. they are very good devices i think. sometimes i wish windows had some of bb10 useful options :/ ... 
  • That doesn't mean anything.  He's not the CEO nor is he on the Board.  Stephen Elop was committed to WIndows Phone too... 
  • I think many people have missed the what Microsoft are trying to do with W10M. It is likely no surprise to Microsoft that Intel have dropped the low end Atom line up (and basically given up to competing with Snapdragon), thus if they want to remain in the low end tablet market space they need to offer an OS that will be compatible with the future hardware. So what are we going to see deployed with W10M on it in the future? Phones running W10M and low end tablets running W10M, and hopefully both will be fully capable of running Continuum. I own a Dell Venue 8 Pro, and its an amazing device, but without low end Atom processors how can Microsoft stay in this space? W10M that's how. Obviously MS had wind of what was going on, or at least expected as much, with Intel's dropping the low end Atom lineup.
  • I think many people have missed what Microsoft are trying to do with W10M. It is likely no surprise to Microsoft that Intel have dropped the low end Atom line up (and basically given up to competing with Snapdragon), thus if they want to remain in the low end tablet market space they need to offer an OS that will be compatible with the future hardware. So what are we going to see deployed with W10M on it in the future? Phones running W10M and low end tablets running W10M, and hopefully both will be fully capable of running Continuum. I own a Dell Venue 8 Pro, and its an amazing device, but without low end Atom processors how can Microsoft stay in this space? W10M that's how. Obviously MS had wind of what was going on, or at least expected as much, with Intel's dropping the low end Atom lineup.