Microsoft's Display Dock for its Windows 10 Mobile phones will get software updates

Microsoft's upcoming Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL smartphones will both support the company's Display Dock accessory, which will allow those phones to connect to a mouse, keyboard and big screen monitor so they can be used like a Windows 10 PC. Now there's word that the Display Dock will be able to get software updates via the Gadgets app on those phones.

The support page lists how owners of the display dock can update its software:

"You can update the software on the Display Dock by using the latest version of the Gadget app on your Lumia device. The Lumia device will notify you when a new software version is available for the Display Dock. Alternatively, you can go to the Gadgets app, and check for software updates. Do not disconnect any cables while performing the software update process. After you have made a software update, unplug and plug in the power to the Display Dock."

It's possible that the Display Dock will need software updates so more PC keyboards and mice can work with it. It's also possible that Microsoft might add more features to the accessory in the future via these updates.

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  • Very cool. Any idea how much the docks will cost?
  • £70 in the UK so not that expensive. 
  • We can use pendrives on 950 without the dock, right?
  • How?
  • How would you use a pen drive without a dock? Where would you insert it?
  • USB-C to USB adapter cable.
  • I would insert into an USB OTG cable. There are tablets and phones that support it.
  • Yes, pen drives are supported through the dock
  • It's supposed to support usbotg so yes, provided you have the right connector cable.
  • Where have you seen this? USB-C does not neccesarily imply OTG. It certainly supports something that would provide a similar result. Apple makes an adapter for the Macbook that would have the right connectors. You can buy a USB-C to USB-A female adapter at Amazon too. That isn't OTG though, and I have neither seen OTG,  nor a direct support of hosting a USB drive without the dock mentioned.
  • $99 US
  • The Display Dock is free for limited period to number of countries where users buy Lumia 950 XL, I believe it included UK and Germany:
  • The Netherlands also Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And Finland
  • Surface book dock needs an update to stop screen flickering issues. I hope it's upgradeable too.
  • It acts only as a mini PC.
  • This also has Dolby audio support, via HDMI port, meaning app developers like Netflix and Hulu can add Dolby support  (5.1 audio channel) to Windows Phone apps on the high end Lumia's, so you can use your phone as input for your home theatre. This is an advantage that iPhone and Android phones don't have since they don't support HDMI. (Even the Galaxy Note 5, dropped MHL support).
  • No they can send video, image and audio wirelessly with a £30 adapter.........
  • I've used a lot of wireless display tech and it's never even close to being as good as a wired connection. In my view for now at least wireless display is just good for PowerPoint, photos and web browsing or even watching a quick video but not for music and films where you actually care about quality. The display dock should be perfect for music and films so I'm happy to drop £70 for it (But I really hope it just comes free when I get the XL)
  • I hope they will add more features in the coming months! :-)
  • I wonder how long before people start complaining about the updates for the dock too lol. Anyway, it sounds cool & perhaps could lead to more interesting functions & features in the future.
  • Just need to know when we can get these phones in US. Also, I wish Verizon was part of the master plan.
  • I hope the 2nd generation dock arrives soon with HDMI 1.4a support for 4K video at 24hz, since right now only HDMI 1.3 is supported which means a max output of 1080p, but the Lumia's 950 and 950XL record 4K video, so this should support 4K video too.
  • Yeah, I want to use it on my 21 by 9 with the office on one half of the screen and Edge on the other, which isn't possible with the 1080p limitation
  • Continuum on the phone doesn't support split apps at this time, AFAIK.
  • regardless of capturing 4k video, can the hardware display 4k video?
  • Yes Snapdragon 808 & 810 supports it.
  • Not that it changes anything, but it actually supports 1200p.
    Grabbed from MS site: "6Additionally up to 1200p (WUXGA, 1920 x 1200) supported".
  • They said 4K video supported. As far I remember. I'm gonna look again when I get home.
  • Can you connect USB-sticks to the Dock? Or even via USB to go
  • Yes
  • I don't see a gadgets app in the store
  • Probably only displays for phones that support Display Dock. It wouldn't make sense to be available on existing hardware.
  • Still waiting.....
  • 4K Support and USB 3.0 should be in Gneration 2 incl. Printer Support and so on. Then it realy could replace an small PC for simple to medium tasks
  • With T-Mobile giving free video data now, Netflix on this would be awesome... Too bad it's like 480p, but still... The idea of it...woah
  • I wasn't aware of this. Good to know.
  • The phone can output 1080p to a monitor, not 480p ;)
  • T-Mobile announced their free streaming through video apps is limited to 480p.
  • My mistake, I thought you were saying that it was too bad that the phone can only output up to 480p screen res to a monitor when in "PC-like experience" mode
  • It will work with any miracast, I already tried, then you connect your mouse via Bluetooth to your phone and the magic will happen
  • I heard that without the dock, the resolution isn't as high. Right?
  • So for non lumia devices that support continuum.....?
  • If you look very close to all of this •Lumia 950 XL + Dock = glimpse of full win10.
    • Surface Pro (glimpseof laptop also phone) = Full win10 on tablet
    • SurfaceBook = Ultimate Win10
    Growth in the making here.
  • So the phone isn't really a PC. It's the dock...
  • You don't need the dock. But with it it's much better.
  • AFAIK you can use miracast and Bluetooth kb+m
  • Yes you can, Mircast to the screen, BT keyboard and mouse to the Lumia. You get about the same capability. Still want to have the phone charging either cable or wirelessly, and there is more potential for interferance. WiFi to the Lumia, Wifi to the Miracast receiver, BT at the same frequency. Lots of radios, lots of power.  
  • Question: In my life, everywhere I have a mouse, keyboard and monitor, I also already have a PC.  So, I can't see Continuum being of any use as a "drop in" computer, in that respect. However, the MS Wireless Display Adaptor, Roku stick, and other HDMI devices are small, portable, and becoming increasingly commonly found plugged into monitors around the world.  A much more likely use of Continuum for me would be to also be carrying around a mini Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and maybe even an HDMI adaptor so that I can "set up shop" quickly in someone's living room or maybe a conference room. Will Continuum work in this kind of setup (i.e., all wireless?). Also, as an aside, there are a lot of places where there is a 'hanging HDMI' cord ready to be plugged into a laptop for projection on a screen.  Can I get a F/F HDMI adaptor and plug the Wireless Display Adaptor into it (assuming I can get it some power, too) and have a portable, wireless display projector in my pocket?
  • It has been possible to connect a bluetooth keyboard since 8.1 GDR2. I've used it several times on my 1520.
  • Sure.  Me too.  But does it work with Continuum?
  • Yes it should, or at least i hope it would.
  • But can I plug my phone into my Surface (through the Display Dock or not) and control the phone from the Surface? It is really dumb that the Surface dock and the phone dock are two different things.  Why didn't we get a single dock that works with both?  So now I need two different docks to connect my phone and my Surface/Book to an external monitor/keyboard/mouse?  Why isn't anyone at Windows Central asking this question?  
  • Because the surface line use a proprietary connector and using a proprietary connector on a phone would just defeat the purpose. Only Apple can get away using a proprietary connector on a phone.
    Granted they could have added a Usb-C connection on the surface dock which would allow you to connect the phones to it and have the surface connector for the surface line. Even then you have the issue of the phone not utilising the dock fully I.e the ethernet port.
  • Does anyone know if this will support wireless keyboards & mice?  I have a wireless combo that read from a bluetooth usb dondle.  When I first hook it to a computer it does have to "install" the device(s), so I have a feeling it will NOT work here as this is just a peripheral and does not actually have computing capabilities in any way.  Can anyone confirm either way?