Microsoft's Display Dock for its Windows 10 Mobile phones will get software updates

Microsoft's upcoming Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL smartphones will both support the company's Display Dock accessory, which will allow those phones to connect to a mouse, keyboard and big screen monitor so they can be used like a Windows 10 PC. Now there's word that the Display Dock will be able to get software updates via the Gadgets app on those phones.

The support page lists how owners of the display dock can update its software:

"You can update the software on the Display Dock by using the latest version of the Gadget app on your Lumia device. The Lumia device will notify you when a new software version is available for the Display Dock. Alternatively, you can go to the Gadgets app, and check for software updates. Do not disconnect any cables while performing the software update process. After you have made a software update, unplug and plug in the power to the Display Dock."

It's possible that the Display Dock will need software updates so more PC keyboards and mice can work with it. It's also possible that Microsoft might add more features to the accessory in the future via these updates.

Source: Microsoft; Via:

John Callaham