Microsoft's LinkedIn now brings in over $10 billion per year

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What you need to know

  • LinkedIn now makes a revenue of over $10 billion annually.
  • Microsoft shared how much revenue LinkedIn makes in its FY21 Q4 earnings report.
  • LinkedIn revenue increased 46% year-over-year, in large part due to its Marketing Solutions growth of 97% over the same time.

Microsoft greatly exceeded Wall Street's expectations for FY21 Q4. The tech giant reported a 21% increase in revenue to $46.2 billion compared to the same quarter in the previous year. It also shared that its operating income increased 42% to $16.5 billion. Among the nuggets shared by Microsoft was the fact that LinkedIn now brings in over $10 billion in revenue annually.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said (emphasis added):

We are innovating across the technology stack to help organizations drive new levels of tech intensity across their business. Our results show that when we execute well and meet customers' needs in differentiated ways in large and growing markets, we generate growth, as we've seen in our commercial cloud – and in new franchises we've built, including gaming, security, and LinkedIn, all of which surpassed $10 billion in annual revenue over the past three years.

LinkedIn's success comes at a time when many people are on the hunt for new jobs. Microsoft predicts that over 40% of people may quit their job this year.

Microsoft highlighted four results from the fiscal quarter in its report, one of which relates to LinkedIn. According to the company, "LinkedIn revenue increased 46% (up 42% in constant currency) driven by Marketing Solutions growth of 97% (up 91% in constant currency)."

While LinkedIn's revenue surged year-over-year, Surface revenue dropped 20% in the same timeframe. Even following that drop, Surface revenue hit $1.37 billion in FY21 Q4.

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