Microsoft's plans to target businesses for Lumias revealed in new documents

Microsoft is looking to sell Lumias and Surfaces specifically ones with Windows 10 on board. That much should be obvious, but their strategy on how they sell them to companies, including the presentation is one of those 'behind the curtain' aspects of being Microsoft.

Paul Thurrott has received some interesting documents that reveal some proposals for Microsoft's plans in this arena. Although Thurrott stresses he is not 100% certain of the documents' authenticity, they certainly look the part to our eyes. [Update: We have verified their authenticity]

It should be noted that the documents, unfortunately, do not give any details about the devices themselves e.g. the Lumia 950 or Surface Pro 4. Instead, they talk about these devices in a generic manner although the title of the documents Microsoft Lumia with Windows 10 trial is interesting. Thurrott has heard that the new Lumia may ship with a "pre-release" version of Windows 10 Mobile, which is perhaps what "trial" here means.

However, another interpretation is that Microsoft will be offering sample devices to potential businesses for them to trial in their work environment. Nokia used such a strategy for regular consumers, and they even had a @NokiaAtWork program{.nofollow} to let companies try out their Lumias. Our bet is Microsoft is continuing that program for their Lumia line in 2015.

The slide decks that Thurrott received address to concerns:

  1. Microsoft Lumia with Windows 10 trial. Mid-range concept development.
  2. Microsoft Lumia with Windows 10 trial. Premium packaging concept development.

Thurrott quotes some of the information in the documents, noting:

"What they describe is a possible campaign aimed at winning over these businesses to Lumia using packaging that will "protect the devices while in transit, showcase the devices in their best light, reinforce the idea that Microsoft Lumia devices are the best choice for business, and show how easy the devices are to set up, integrate and deploy."

Overall, the documents give an interesting peek into the workflow of Microsoft and their strategic thinking. Presenting the phones (and Surface) in pleasing packaging (in one case, a premium leather bag with the Microsoft logo) is just part of the process of selling these to companies large and small.

Perhaps the important takeaway is that Microsoft is still angling the Lumia line at companies. The setup is "Lumia devices are the best choice for business and show how easy the devices are to set up, integrate and deploy" and it seems like a good angle to leverage.

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Will Microsoft be successful? It is hard to say. We'll just have to wait until October 6 to see what they have to say with a launch of these phones in early November.

Head to to see more images, quotes from the internal slide deck, and his analysis of the documents.


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