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Microsoft's plans to transition Nokia into its own brand leak online

Now that Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia is complete, the Redmond-based organisation is looking to transition Nokia's brand assets starting next year. A set of slides leaked by @evleaks detail how this transition will take place.

The slides mention that Microsoft will retain Nokia's branding across its current portfolio, and that the "Microsoft brand will only replace the Nokia brand in product, applications and experiences when Microsoft has launched a new product into the market." The transition is set to go live starting January 1st, 2015 and will initially focus on branding across internal and social channels. Retailers will be making the transition by mid-January.

The slides also reveal that Microsoft is licensed to use Nokia's brand for marketing in connection with devices carrying the Nokia logo for 18 months starting 25th of April for Lumia devices, through 31st of December 2015 for Nokia X devices and 10 years for S30 and S40 mobile phones. What it essentially means is that any new Lumia will not feature the Nokia brand, but marketing for all existing Lumia handsets will be handled by Microsoft for the next 18 months.

Interestingly, it looks like Nokia's Pure font will be replaced by Microsoft Segoe. Check out the slide deck below, which also includes a series of FAQs detailing the branding change.

Microsoft transition slide deck

Microsoft Nokia transition

What are your thoughts on the transition?


  • Interesting what would MS do after Jan 2016 to renew its license or drop the Nokia branding.
  • Buy the rest of the company
  • I am ready for this tbh. I am glad to see their plans. I am sad to see Nokia branding going away so quickly but then again as long as it is a Lumia, I really dont care lol
  • Microsoft should even by Netflix
  • You mean buy Netflix... That would be awesome but I don't see that happening
  • I believe the CEO of Netflix is one of the MS board of directors. There's always a possibility, personally I think their streaming is horrific. I liked Hulu's streaming quality better.
  • Hastings (CEO/Founder/etc of Netflix) was on the MSFT board. He quit the Board 2-3 years ago. IMHO, microsoft has missed the window with Netflix. The stock is just too high (value isn't there at current stock price).
  • I'm glad this is happening faster than expected. Microsoft spent billions saving this awful company. Finally they had to buy almost the whole thing.
    One of the reason why WP has only 3% of market share is the weakness of the Nokia brand.
    Many thought that a dumb phone brand could sell smartphones, they were wrong, all the old brands are dying.
  • Are you a rock troll or a hill troll?
  • weakness of Nokia brand?? the Nokia brand is the reason why Windows Phone even have 3% marketshare. without it we'd be at .5% Dumb phone brand sell smartphones? Look at Samsung, LG, Sony
  • Yeah its sad but at least updates will go smoothly on Lumia. I hate that nokia renamed navteq to here as it just doesnt sound professional
  • Calm the fuck down. You know that Nokia's mobile division is all consumers know anyway. Microsoft may not have bought all of Nokia, but they bought the part of it that matters the most, and you know it.
  • MS did not buy the part with the name NOKIA in it .. see ?
  • Well, it bought the exclusive right to use Nokia's mobile technology and employees -- who cares if anything else is left, as soon as whats left is not a mobile division and we're now on a technology website focused on mobile area.
  • Wrong. They have no exclusivity over any of the Nokia mobile technologies as the patents remained ask with Nokia.
  • You're mixing meanings of technology and patent. Apart from patents, technology covers such crucial parts of manufacturing as factories and technological processes, which Microsoft is not going to share with other companies, is it?
  • Well, you said "mobile technology", didn't specify the scope. In any case, Microsoft has access to nothing exclusively coming from Nokia apart, of course, from the ex-employees and the design copyrights for phones they bought. The factories and the processes of making phones aren't Microsoft's in any case because they weren't Nokia's. Most of the phones were build by third-party factories like Foxconn. Foxconn who also manufacturers, for example, the iPhones and Motorolas. That will remain the same. Of course, Microsoft will have the exclusive rights to everything their new employees develop from now on, but those wouldn't already be Nokia-technologies in any case.
  • Nokia as a consumer brand has been dying for years already, even before they partnered with Microsoft it was already dying. I'm glad Microsoft has finally realized that and is getting rid of it - the sooner, the better! The name has the odor of a dead carcass.
  • do you know what "perpectual license" means?
  • We are not talking about opinions about who cares about what. Who cares about your opinion or my opinion? One question for you: Does Microsoft own Nokia?
  • Who cares! The brand is a dead consumer brand so Microsoft should get rid of it the soonest possible time. I'm glad that in the evileaks article, they're finally doing exactly just that - get rid of the dead name.
  • LOL @ "Who cares!" That is the problem with certain readers and writers, they don't care about the truth. Why comment if you don't care? Seems like you cared enough to comment and I cared enough to comment as well. Somebody cares....quick....grab a Care Bear!!!
  • MS did buy the part with Nokia in it. When you acquire a corporation with multiple divisions under and umbrella e.g.. Nokia Mobile its still buying the Nokia name, Not Nokia as a whole but i do agree writers should be more conscious of how they word things because of the media brainwashing or influence it has on people & your lucky you dont get banned from my site for the Fbombs & caps
  • Shut. Up... Thanks
  • Why? Because he speaks the truth?
  • Even if he's right that doesn't give him the right to be an asshole and "speak" in a public forum like he speaks to his wife.
  • Haha
  • No wife. His handle is Bro Rim. Giggity.
  • You are correct. I don't agree with how he said what he said, only that the content of what he said is true. I wouldn't speak like that to anyone, especially my wife, someone that I love.   Now if iyae was asking him to shut up because of his method of delivery of what he said, that is different than asking him to shut up because "no one cares" as Tips_y stated above.
  • Valium. It works.
  • Heroin works to
  • Yes, yes, yes; but a frontal lobotomy works best of all! 
  • I can't imagine there being a site where the webwriters know more about this than WPCentral...
  • Maybe some should make more use of their knowledge than
  • How it's only for 10 yrs.... MS own it. It just a waste of money
  • Whether you like it or not, when the average person hears of Nokia, they think of the phones. They don't think of HERE services or other stuff. This part of Nokia HAS BEEN ACQUIRED by Microsoft and is now called Microsoft Mobile Oy. MICROSOFT MOBILE OY. So stop being a brat about it, sooner or later, we'll start seeing Microsoft phones and personally, I'm glad it's going to be sooner than later.
  • Yes but it will not be NOKIA phones .. get it ?? If Nokia want's to make phones again then can just go right ahead and go do so .. Nokia and Microsoft are two separate companies ..
  • Nokia will not be able to make any mobile devices.
  • But only until January 1st 2016.
  • I like the sound of it... :) So may be Symbian or Meego could be back then may be more N8's and N9... hopefully..
  • You are an idiot. IDIOT. I.D.I.O.T
  • LOL❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕
  • They are NOKIA phones, they just won't have the NOKIA logo on it, stop being an ignorant, butthurt man and face the facts.
  • Facing the facts is when someone realizes that Microsoft didn't buy Nokia. Those phones will be Microsoft phones. I don't work for State Farm corporate anymore but according to your mindset, the process documents that I create at the college are State Farm process documents, just with the college's name on it. A lot of people, including the article writer need to face the facts. Brorim states the facts and certain readers don't want to face them. Microsoft AND Nokia stated the facts and certain writers don't want to face them. The fact of this discussion is that Microsoft did not buy Nokia. The other obvious fact is that some writers and readers will write and believe whatever they want to write and believe regardless of the facts.
  • They are NOT Nokia phones. Otherwise Jolla phones are Nokia phones. And any future iPhone that may end up using PureView will also be a Nokia. And every other company that uses Nokia patents and employs ex-Nokia employees also produces Nokias. Yeah... Don't think so.
  • No they can't just go ahead and do so. Take a valium. It's called a non-compete clause you ill-informed anger management case. Nokia is not able to build mobile phones for 10 years; which so happens to be the length of time that Microsoft is licensed to use the Nokia brand on mobile phones. That is basic contract law in an M&A when the purchased company isn't completely swallowed up. Evidently you know nothing about that, yet you feel the need to come on here and take your teenage temper tantrum out on all of us.
  • If you're going to call "ill-informed" to anyone, make sure you are well-informed yourself too, mate.   Nokia CAN build mobile phones again starting 1st January 2016. The 10 years you mention is the license they grand Microsoft to produce Nokia-branded phones based on the S30 and S40 (that's dumbphones and Asha phones). Microsoft doesn't own the rights to use the Nokia brand on smartphones, for example. Which means, come 2016, Nokia can, for example, return to the market but this time producing only smartphones running whichever OS they want (WP, Android, Sailfish, Ubuntu, Firefox, even iOS is Apple wants and allows it).
  • No man, I'm quite sure you're wrong. It would be abjectly retarded for Microsoft to let them compete against them in the mobile landscape in 2 years from now. Any sophisticated company making this transaction would have ensured there was a non-compete for at least 10 years. Second, when I read the slides and FAQs to which this article refers to, I am quite sure that it said that Microsoft has the rights to put the Nokia name on smartphones for 10 years, which would correspond to what I remember hearing at the time of the acquisition. Admittedly the FAQs part of the slides that are the subject of this article only say 'mobile phones;' however, I'd have trouble believing that wouldn't involve all mobile phones, i.e. smartphones as well.
  • DJCBS it's right about this ... read the article. Nokia can build any phone with any OS if they want it (after 2016). But ... I think this it's not gonna happen, just a thought.
  • I will take your's and DJCBS' word for it. I see where it says that Microsoft is only licensed to use some of Nokia's brands until 2016 (i.e. Nokia X, etc.); but I don't see where it says that Nokia will also be allowed to produce phones using whichever OS they wish. Anyway, that could just be me, and I'm not being facetious when I say that.
  • actually they have to wait to make smartphones... dunno whether they can start hammering out feature phones now or what but i know its 2016 jan 1st that they can return...
  • Sure they are legally allowed to make phones again at a later date, but they dont have engineers, manufacturing facilities, or any other assets you need to do so. Those have all been sold to MS.
  • You should read the article..... and read it thoroughly.
  • For the near future it will be a phone with a Nokia name on it, designed by Nokia engineers (who are now MS employees), built by Nokia employees (now MS)  or contractors and distributed by Nokia distribution channels. But if it makes you feel better to say that its not a Nokia, ok. How about we referr to Lumias as the phone formerly known as Nokias.
  • So, are you saying a persons opinion of what they think when they hear Nokia is more important than someone writing the truth about the matter? Are you saying that just because someone THINKS that Microsoft bought Nokia that makes it a fact or makes it ok to say Microsoft bought Nokia when in reality they did not buy Nokia? Buying a part of Nokia does not equal buying Nokia no matter what a persons opinion is and what they think or feel happened. That sounds like someone saying "I'm going to think what I want to think and write what I want to write regardless if it is true or not!" That is a dangerous mindset.
  • +1
  • Buddy, just because there is still a company called Nokia doesn't mean that the phones Microsoft builds aren't going to be Nokias for all intents and purposes. The phones will be engineered by the same people, built in the same factories, with the same materials, and by the same people. Microsoft didn't just get the rights to the name Nokia, they got everything from Nokia that they used to be build phones (except IP). Your whole rant on this thread amounts to a complaint that to be completely 100% semantically accurate, someone should say "they bought Nokia's devices business" instead of the less exacting "they bought Nokia." Sure, to be 100% accurate, that's true. However, this is a website about mobile phones. Microsoft just bought everything Nokia uses to build mobile phones (except IP). For all intents and purposes, particularly as they are relevant to this site, Microsoft did buy Nokia. They bought that part of Nokia that is relevant to anyone on this website; and I for one forgive the author for failing to prep his article for the arrival of the Anal-Retentive All Stars.
  • That's the same thing as saying German-occupied France was still trully France because the monuments and the people were the same. Which leads to the question: what the heck was the Resistance for? It was all the same...only the bosses had changed!   No. They are NOT Nokia phones. Otherwise Jolla phones are Nokia phones. And any future iPhone that may end up using PureView will also be a Nokia. And every other company that uses Nokia patents and employs ex-Nokia employees also produces Nokias. Yeah... Don't think so. Nokia still exists and can return to smartphones in 2016. It makes absolutely no sense saying that Microsoft bought Nokia. Not only it doesn't make sense, it's just plain wrong.
  • They are the phones formerly known as Nokias.
  • As I said, for all intents and purposes they will still be Nokia phones. For myself, and presumably others as well, it is not disingenuous to advance the idea that if the phone is engineered, built, and designed by all of the same people; built in the same physical plants; and developed using the same IP (even if not owning it) - that the end product could still be called, for all intents and purposes, a Nokia. Does Nokia oyj still build phones - no; but does that part of Nokia oyj that did build phones still operate using all of the same people, materials, physical plants, and know-how that it did before? Yes. The company may not be the same anymore, but the phone will still be a Nokia in the sense that it has the same design philosophy, construction standards, and engineering know-how put into it that every Nokia does. This whole argument could easily dilute into a philosophical argument about identity, if it hasn't already; but to my mind, this is like when a person legally changes their name. Their name is different, but is it really fair to say that the person is different? I would not be saying this is Microsoft only bought the rights to Nokia's name; but they didn't - so far as mobile phone design, production, marketing, and distribution are concerned, they bought Nokia. If you imply that when the author said that they bought Nokia to mean that they bought the company in its entirety, then yes, you're right, he was wrong. However, in the context of a website about mobile phones, why would it not have also been right to imply that he was only referring to that part of Nokia that involved mobile phones?
  • Your taking it out of context.
  • Im glad MS, bought Nokia... Disappointed though that the moon landing was faked
  • Maybe you should learn to spell before you write in caps. Just a thought.
  • Dramatic much?
  • Nobody said that.. What are you getting mad for❔
  • Get off the ledge. If semantics like this affects you so much, I'm not sure how you live in the nuance and context driven world.
  • Really starting to get to you?   It doesn't show.
  • Your stupid for writing in caps and using profanity. Yes the article isn't clear on the purchase but that's no reason to start acting like a 16 year old girl. Sorry for calling you out but I hate people that overreact.
  • Microsoft will have to drop it way before that. They don't own Nokia and haven't got a license for the brand on any phone not running the S30 and S40 series. The 18 month license for Lumias is FOR MARKETING. Meaning, it's so they can keep legally saying"the Nokia Lumia 930" etc.
    Besides, in 2016 Nokia can return to the phone business so there will be no renewal of the license.
  • Heeyyyyyyyy❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕ .......
    Did you know that MS bought Nokia, and now the company is "Microkia oy".... ,❔❔ :-o:-o:-o:-o:-o
  • Yes I did. It's sad though. I liked Nokia phones and now that Microsoft OWNS Nokia I guess we'll have to all get used to calling them Microkia and Lindow phones!
  • "Lindow" sounds a lot like "Lindor" which is the name of an adult-nappies brand over here LOL
  • And they're going to start building their next flagship on the Dark Side of the Moon! Amazing! ;P
  • I know that is a hot button issue, but I fail to see how wpc got it wrong about the acquisition. Nokia mobile, the cellphone branch of Nokia was indeed purchased by Microsoft and was renamed Microsoft mobile (the oy is like ltd or inc if I'm not mistaken). The article only states Microsoft's plan to finish the assimilation without destroying the brand. Yes after the no competition clause Nokia can make more phones and since they still have most of the patent portfolio Microsoft has to play nice. As a Nokia fan boy I'm sad to see the mobile part go for now but it's not the end of the world yet. And finally, don't do drugs, have pugs instead
  • I'm sad the Nokia brand is dying off that fast. Was kinda neat that my first phone was the 5165, and after all these years I'm back to a Nokia device!
  • Most of the Indians like me are into Microsoft just because of Nokia...
  • Then why is Nokia in this position if it had all that support?
  • Because India, while having a huge population is a fraction of the rest of the world. And for the rest of the world, Nokia just didn't keep up.
  • What fraction is that you have like 4b and china another 4b that's half the world population
  • I think its more about money than people.
  • One region isn't enough to make a company remain at its position. What do you think?
  • Because they were late to wake up to the new smarphones market and because they decided to go with windows phone instead of android, or do you have any doubts that a Lumia 920 running android would have sold much much more in Europe and the Asian markets than what they sold with WP?!
  • That's bs. Choosing WP over Android didn't hurt Nokia and if you haven't noticed, there is a Lumia running Android call the X. No matter the specs on it, the bottom line is what it is, a Android Lumia and if what you say is true then it should be doing great sales.
  • Well, considering the Nokia X has sold in China alone 1/4 of the total of Lumia sales worldwide in Q4 2013, I don't know how you can say that, say, a 1020 running full-fledged Android (meaning Google's Android) wouldn't sell better than it did with WP.   Also, the Nokia X is far from being a Lumia running Android ;P
  • You're pulling this data from your ass. There is no sales information of the Nokia X.
  • It was Microsoft who helped Nokia to get the momentum back. If we most Indians see a Nokia as a good and reliable brand then y Symbian phones died?
  • Symbian phones died because they can't adapt to the new OS interface, like Android and IOS. Either way I agree with you that Microsoft helped nokia with the Windows Phone OS. Oh, I shouldn't say help, it was a BUSINESS strategy to market their own OS.
  • Totally true. Here in Germany, Nokia phones where the synonym of dumb phones. Microsoft came in with WP, nokia adapted its hardware and suddenly Nokia was a thing again in Germany and by Nokia I mean lumia.
  • Yes but that worked both ways. What would be of windows phone without Nokia? How many non Nokia Windows phones do you see out there? More than 90% of all Windows phones sold are Nokia.
  • Microsoft "helped" Nokia survive for their own profit. Or strategy, whatever you say. But, so did Nokia. MS had no place either for their WPs if there were no Nokia. Most OEMs are still reluctant to make a WP phone. Lil bit like the case Samsung had with Android, initially. And Symbian died for the obvious reason you already know. Symbian was no match to Android, in any aspect. People won't support an OS that's stopped making updates and essential improvement.
  • Symbian was easily a match for Android in many aspects; just not the ones that mattered to the average Joe. Nokia was too slow to pick up the gauntlet - they produced the best smartphone OS/UI yet in MeeGo, as showcased by the N9, but they were a year too late, and missing the Microsoft muscle to win developers over. What a shame! A tech site like this should definitely use the proper terms and company names - Nokia is a separate company; MS bought the Devices Division...
  • Big OEMs are still reluctant, that's true. And Samsung is a good example. Just look at what's happening there. They rule with Android and they're STILL launching their Tizen phones with the clear aim at eventually replacing Android with it. Which obviously sheds enough light upon the interest of Samsung in WP. As for the other Android OEMs, they'll surely try to take advantage of the space Samsung will eventually gradualy leave on Android.
  • If you can't figure out the answer to that question for yourself trying to explain it to you is a waste of time.
  • Me too (from Italy)
  • Agree with that.
  • Even if that's true, it's the opposite in a lot of other regions. In other places (ie the US) people think failure when they think Nokia. There's a stigma associated with the brand because of the epic fall of Symbian.
  • Well, i can't agree with you. Me, my relatives and friends brought lumia because of WP OS and i think 90% of the peoples all over the world who own nokia devices because of WP OS.
  • Interesting
  • It's bound to happen.
  • What about Nokia Service Center? Will it change to Microsoft Service Center or perish?
  • Nokia priority into Microsoft store?
  • Yes please!   Nokia Care Centres - Microsoft Centres Nokia Retail stores & priority centre=Microsoft Store!
  • I don't think they should drop the Nokia name. That name still carries a lot of weight in a lot of countries.
  • My thoughts exactly. My first phone was a Nokia 1110. My second phone was a Nokia 1600, then 2700 classic, next 5233. Then i bought my first Lumia 520, then 720 three months later. And to my surprise, my 1110 still works perfect. Not sure but almost 8 years old. Apparently, i can never forget the name. And i want them not to rename it ever either :(
  • Same here don't want them to drop the name :(
  • Keep the Nokia name...
  • i think dropping the Nokia name ,is a huge mistake ,it is known for quality build ,and software  mistake ,but its still an Nokia phone ,not sure if i want a Microsoft phone now :(  
  • Stop. They haven't bought the entire company, they have no right to continue using the name of another company that still exists. That's stupid.
  • Except that it isn't, Microsoft does have the right to use the name, just for a limited time, very limited in case of the lumia. And there are precedents for buying full rights of a name even if the parent company remains in existence, such as Rolls-Royce and Saab, so a fully Microsoft owned Nokia Mobile oy was a real possibility. (legally anyway)
  • Well, why is it a mistake? Even though Nokia is known by quality build and other attributes, remember that Microsoft saved the company from a bankruptcy. I don't think it carries so much weight. Besides, other companies can make windows phones as well like Samsung, HTC, etc. If you don't want to use a phone made by Microsoft without the Nokia name then you could consider getting a different windows phone.
  • U idiot . Please explain what the other companies like HTC n samesung did with WP ,,, u degenerate Nokia Lumia was alone carrying the weight of this OS and actually made it popular ... Why didn't the other companies phones behind so popular? ... Nokia alone holds essential mobile patents , which was only equaled at some level by Motorola , if Nokia decided to charge everyone heavily for the most basic of the mobile technologies , they wouldn't even have to do any work for a long time .... Nokia carries much more weight than you will probably ever realize cause u r just a Samesung _|_
  • I can explain, HTC as well as damaging didn't get the financial backing Nokia got, do they started acting like a bunch of spoiled brats like you're doing and did the bare minimum for WP! Nite if Microsoft would have paid them like they did Nokia, I'm sure e would have seen a much better effort from them.
  • I am sounding like a brat.. Well live with it , as for what you wrote .. Are you trying to say that Nokia only did all this cause they got money from MS ... U need to read more n talk/type less. Does HTC have the best camera design for mobile , dies Samsung have it ? ,.. Do they have glance ... So strictly speaking hardware wise as we are talking of hardware companies what did the other two have to offer for pushing the OS????? ... N if we did consider your claim - in the scenario if MS head pumped money to HTC , what could they even do ? .. N as a fact for you to know money was given to HTC as well , they just didn't have much to offer for WP and stuck to Android ... Now go take a dump
  • And just how many windows phones were sold that were not Nokia? Microsoft saved the Nokia devices division like Nokia saved the Windows phone OS.
  • The exact same people that built and manage Lumias, still do. MS bought the division including the people. Instead of Nokia Lumia, it will just be Lumia. With the Surface, MS has shown they can build quality hardware.
  • Not many people are aware of the quality of Surface hardware. But the quality associated with the Nokia name is just unmatched. Not many average people know that the same people are going to make the new Lumias. All they know is that 'Nokia phones' are best. Many people I know only buy a phone that's a Nokia. When they know that Nokia name is gone and the phones are from Microsoft, they won't be buying them. Well, let's see how Lumia sales are after the 'Nokia' name is gone.
  • exactly my toughts. Especially when 'Surface' branding hasn't gained any traction and considered as flopped so far.
  • Really? So if your name is John and you have it legally changed to Jack, will you stop being the man you were before? Like, will you suddenly get sick or something? Can't believe you guys..
  • Ok let me explain it to you this way ,,, after 8 all the gdr upgrades from MS which were released contained very little or trivial amount of changes from the user point. But we all looked out for the firmware upgrades given by Nokia , each firmware upgrade made the phone better n unique ... So do you think that now MS would allow that team to work separate n give all those awesome updates ... I don't think so .. Yes for saying sake they have the same masterminds behind the curtain now. Bit will they allow them to work as a free unit or just give orders... So to sum it all up no matter how much you try to cover this with sugar , third had changed things forever , n WP is heading down the road , not to mention that 8.1 prev has removed FB integration from the SMS thread .
  • Exactly. Idiotic logic people are having about the name change.
  • Now Microsoft should use branding properly and move the way like how Nokia b4 promoted 520,525,920 sucessfully with better brand embassadors.
  • Agreed.
  • I think it's for the best. I hoped that Nokia didn't sell its devices and services department, but that happened and we should look to a greater future.
  • Ms now has to clean Nokia from all the incompetent managers who brought Nokia close to the dead (and there are many...) !!
  • Elop eh?
  • I like Elop :)
    I talked with some Nokia "VIPs" who completely ignored even what Instagram is ...
    As a developer I notice a big difference between Ms and Nokia, I m happy they bought it, Nokia were the biggest European mobile manufacturer and it was awesomw Microsoft saved it from its written destiny :)
  • Indeed some just don't realise it is people who drive a company forward thus doesn't occur automagically. If these managers had planned right then Nokia may have been better off (invariably the blame is put at the feet of team leader). Also they were not so hot in the US when compared to the rest of the world, that could just boil down to crap marketing - who knows.
  • I'm finding it difficult to understand what's changing. Its best if I just wait and see. I need clear cut explanations such as at the end when the author fair the font was changing
  • Goodbye Nokia Tune :'(
  • Shame MS didn't purchase it. Like they don't realize how recognizable and valuable it is.
  • Oh, I've saved it on my PC and in the cloud. The Nokia tune is forever :P