Microsoft's Project Spark servers will shut down today

Project Spark, Microsoft's attempt to release tools for Xbox One and Windows 8/8.1 for users to create games, will shut down its servers after today. Users will need to download any content created with Project Spark now if they want to continue using it offline.

Microsoft previously announced its decision to sunset Project Spark in March, several months after it made all content created with the tools free to download. However, people who still have the tools installed on their Xbox One or PC can still play any content made for it offline. Microsoft outlined its plans back in March:

For existing users of "Project Spark," online services will be unavailable after 8/12/16. Without services, players will no longer be able to download user-generated content or upload their own creations. If you want to access user-generated content offline, you will need to download this content prior to 8/12/16. Be sure to download your favorite community creations and your own uploads if they are not saved locally.

Project Spark was first announced at E3 in 2013, and started its open beta in March 2014. It officially launched in October 2014, but it never reached the audience that Microsoft hoped it would. A planned Xbox 360 version was cancelled.

  • Bummer
  • Yea, the Spark servers are now to be extinguished.
  • I guess the gamer community is mostly consumers, not creators. I remember Lode Runner on my Apple ][ would let me create my own levels. Loved that!!!
  • I used to make Quake 2 DM levels back in the day. It took a long time, but it was fun. I was part of a clan of about 10, so they were my beta testers. We ended up with some very fun maps that way. Not sure how hard it would be to get noticed today to make it worth putting that many hours into a modern game.
  • Me too. Guess you're old like me! 
  • I use to create custom tracks on Excite Bike, does that count?
  • Mine are still available online if you want to try them. One of the other members kept the old site up all these years. 
  • Shame, sniff sniff
  • It was really a great platform if anyone would have played it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I fondly recall making AoE 2 custom maps. Always had a stockpile of gold in the back corner, lol!
  • Microsoft has been shutting down a lot of things lately. I hope Satya knows what he is doing.
  • He doesn't. Is he did, he would never have fired or let go the genius minds Microsoft was lucky to get from Nokia. The most recent move was when the genius behing the 41mp camera and the whole pureview camera line, Juha Alakarhu, left Microsoft to go back to Nokia. Suprisingly Windows Central did not even seem to report on this.
  • Thanks for stopping by.
  • Thanks, but I am sure you can understand overlooking one article when you put out so many each day; my other points still stand ;)
  • Where is the first article about Broxton? Must have lotsa analysis and insights due being in making for months..
  • Yeah that whole increasing of Microsofts stock really shows he doesn't know what he's doing.
  • Cloud first, mobile first is a fake tag for pr purposes. It's realy, cash first, shareholder first.
  • True if you're a stock holder, but sometimes bad if you're just a fan and a user of some of their products. Right now stock holders are winning, Windows Devs and Fans, not so much.  
  • And if the stock falls and the company starts to fail, everyone loses. So actually you're wrong, fans and devs need the company to flourish too.
  • Yep.  Just look at what has become of IBM.
  • Another casualty after Age of Empires Online, and Flight; the conclusion is to never trust Microsoft with keeping games that require servers online, they take your money and few years later shut the whole thing down.    
  • Yep, think of all the people who invested into learning Kodu just to use this game, then spent countless hours programming and designing just so they could create and share games with others, never mind those who spend actual money on the game like me and was never refunded for it, and now all that time and money spent was for naught.
  • You should sue.
  • I wonder which PhD he'll cull from (from the two or three he allegedly has) to copy and paste his usual strokefest coward response to you?
  • "Axe Body Spray, I have told you dozens of times on dozens of articles over several months to stop harrassing me, yet you continue to do so like the sociopath that you are. I have no respect for uneducated ignoramuses who mock the plights of disabled folk, defend anti-consumeristic crap pulled by multi-billion-dollar corporations, and have no understanding of basic logic. You're a terrible person. And I have no interest in anything you have to say. Take a clue and take a hike."
  • You spent actual money on this garbage? Garbage that got put down in the dumpster where it belonged in the first place? It's a good thing Uncle Coip isn't alive to see how moronic you turned out. Give your brother a high-five for me! Or is it a high-stump in his case?
  • Same happened to me with Age of Empires Online, sunk over $70 into it, just for it to be shut down two years later, with no refunds or Microsoft credit being issued. But at least I learned a lesson never to invest into a Microsoft online game.  
  • you guys only bring up new games to the conversation... I learned my lesson about 15 years ago with Asheron's Call 2... not sure if anybody else here has even heard of that game
  • That actually true for almost all online games that require dedicated servers
  • This was a pretty cool platform. It was a lot of fun to build games using kodu... This is a bummer.
  • Another one bites the dust.!!!!!!
  • Most of the content creators of gaming have grown up and we've got the game but not the time.
    Most youth into gaming seem to lack the curiosity and attention span for games this deep.
  • What a shame, Microsoft acquired Minecraft, but this 3D game had much better graphics than Minecraft, which shows that some games are just lucky because they become popular for correct people in the correct time, at least they should re-use this game engine for future Minecraft version which is not squared and has better graphics like this game.
  • The game looked great. I was really fascinated watching all of the demos. And their youtube channel was really active, lots of videos... but sadly low viewership. I think the platform they made was great, but I think they could have been huge competition for LBP if they had some kind of first party game/campaign. My nephews love LBP on PS3 and they like building stuff. They would have gone crazy for a game like this but I think the lack of a first party campaign or game was a detriment. I can't say I followed religiously, I mostly watched the dev videos on how to do stuff and program brains. But I never saw any games people made that made me feel like I MUST DOWNLOAD this. RIP. I hope they can do something with this in the future. Or better yet open source (but we know that will be a cold day in hell).
  • I don't seem to see anything like project spark why not just open source the code for game and server? It would allow way more creatives and people could even turn it into a game engine of sorts running on your console.