Project Spark ends its beta status, fully launches on Windows, Xbox One

Microsoft has announced that Project Spark's beta period has ended. The full release version is now available online and at retail stores for PC and Xbox One. Project Spark is an immersive experience where users not only get to play games, but can create content and games. Users can share their creations as well with other users, allowing for multi-player gaming and game creation.

Project Spark is free to play and is available as a download in the Windows Store or on the Xbox Store.

Add-on content can be unlocked by using in-game credits earned during play, or by purchasing tokens to buy add-ons immediately. Fans will see a host of new content available on launch day including sci-fi skin, adventure mode, champion features, creation enhancements, and multiplayer mode to inspire all new gameplay.

There is also a $39.99 Starter Pack retail disc as well that comes with additional content:

Those brand new to Project Spark might want to check out the Starter Pack retail disc that includes $85 worth of downloadable content for $39.99 (USD). The package includes the Project Spark base game download, "Champions Quest: Void Storm" adventure," First Contact" sci-fi theme pack, Sir Haakon the Knight playable champion, "Arctic Glaciers" winter landscape, "Massive World Builders Pack" expansion, "Yeti's Rage" content pack, and a one month "Spark Premium" membership.

Unfortunately, however, Xbox 360 owners will not be able to get in on the fun with Project Spark.

What do you think of Project Spark? Are you excited to be able to create, play, and share?

Source: Xbox News (opens in new tab)

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  • I'm confused, I thought I downloaded project spark months ago.
  • It was in beta then, this is release version.
  • Nice
  • I am not yet convinced or rather informed well enough for the reason to get the $40 disc. Will try the final version and if the unlocks are worth it, maybe I will get it. Reviews will be helpful for the decision.
  • From the article: "the Starter Pack retail disc that includes $85 worth of downloadable content for $39.99 (USD)". That would be the reason to get the Starter Pack.
  • I would say his reasoning might be he doesn't want to spend any money until he finds out if he enjoys it. You are right though, that is a great deal if you plan on putting the time into this. I have to try it out again before I commit the $40. When I first tried the beta, it was just too slow and choppy on my Xbox. I might just end up with it on my PC.
  • I'm hoping the performance had increased in the last couple of months. I tried the beta on my Xbox recently and it was really laggy, whereas I was in the PC beta from the very beginning and it was much faster.
  • Odd. I had the opposite experience.
  • Same here. I've tried Link's Adventure yesterday on my XO and it was quite laggy. But my map though was fluid as butter. And both work well on my PC.
  • I was beta testing it on my tablet. I didnt run well on my tablet. :(
  • Similar experience on my surface pro 1. Stopped using the beta because the issue. Will give it a look on the XboxOne.
  • did you tweaked the video settings? it depends on what you do, and what game you play but if you turn everything off, maybe it would have worked better.
  • That's dissapointing. I was hoping this would be another possible justification for me buying a Surface. It's getting harder and harder to not allocate my upcoming bonus to a nice Surface Pro 3
  • Surface Pro 3 is more powerful, it should run OK there
  • It actually runs pretty nice on the surface, with xbox one controller plugged in and video settings on medium with a couple of things on low and runs quite well, gets hot but nothing bad, I can make a video if you want?
  • That's pretty awesome to know. You don't have to go through the trouble, but I appreciate the offer. For some reason I didn't even consider the Xbox controller on the thing. Damnit, I guess I'm getting one next year. Gotta figure out how to afford it hahah.
  • Is Conker included in the starter pack?
  • No, he is coming in a different DLC pack later on.
  • And so begins the downfall for the Xbox 360. Microsoft will still get games for it. But not as much anymore. I have a 360 S and I am sad about this. Xbox 360 is a great console and IS BETTER than the PlayStation 3.
  • It has some things better than PS3, but other things less better. Either way, both systems offer a lot of excellent exclusive games. And console wars are dumb :)
  • The 360 is nearly nine years old so I'm not surprised that Microsoft are beginning to wind down support for it. The only gripe I have is that there is still some functionality on the older console that the Xbox one still can't replicate. Oh, and of course that Microsoft scrimped on the technical specs for the console (there's no way that the One will live as long and gracefully as its predecessor).
  • Why do they have to do this?! Microsoft said they would continue it! They are but there is not as much dashboard updates like they used to do. It still remains the same dashboard from 2012! Its getting near the end of 2014 and it NEEDS a new dashboard! The current one is OLD.
  • The only thing I'd like to see change on the 360 dashboard is for it to go completely flat design and run faster.
  • I can watch my beard grow when I boot up my 360. I can't take it lol
  • Well, they do have a whole new console that's been out for a year now that they might want to focus just a little bit more on. It also just so happens to be the 360s successor.
  • It's nine years old. If you can name another console that received support from its manufacturer from this long I'd love to hear about it.
  • Free, but pay to play? No thanks.
  • Wrong. It's free to play. Pay to get miscellaneous stuff.
  • you only buy visual stuff, you can create and do whatever you want. even play games that have DLCs on them. but if you want to create a game with zombies, or something, you will have to pay, you can even get credits and use in game money for that. so no, you only pay if you want, you can still create the same game as everyone else, the difference it's some sounds, textures, models.
  • Now known as, free to pay!
  • Does anybody actually like game?
  • I like it a whole lot more than Minecraft. You can basically make a game and play it yourself. Puzzles, stories, dialogue etc.
  • This game is brilliant. It deserves to be Game of the Year on ambition and innovation alone. It's superb.
  • For being in the beta I get starter pack free! Whoo!
  • Huh? How?
  • Really? ^o^ Can't wait to get my hands on that First Contact pack. It's so awesome!
  • It's says 'Beta rewards package' in the email, the only mention of 'Project Spark Starter Pack' is telling you to go pre-order it today or buy it from the shops on October 7th. I suggest you read the email again to avoid dissapointment.
  • This is what you get for being in the Beta: We wanted to let you know that your account has been granted the following items from Team Dakota for your participation in the Project Spark beta. Three (3) Days of Spark Premium. Twelve thousand (12,000) Spark Credits.
  • Has anyone tried the beta on a surface pro 3?. I downloaded it last night on my sisters one but haven't tried it yet.
  • The beta was barely playable on the Venue 8 Pro. I even turned the quality down to the lowest settings and its framerates were still bad.
  • It was in beta...
  • so... Minecraft was always beta, but there were never any performance issues with that. If its going to be an 8.1+ only game, they better have it run smoothly on all tablets, whether the quality is terrible or not.
  • Well, I dunno why, Minecraft lags for both my new PC and my parent's 8 or something years old rig. Sure, in most cases my machine performs better, but having those random hiccups and fps drops is still annoying.
  • Project Spark is much more graphically complex than Minecraft. Having the game run smoothly on every Windows 8 tablet regardless of hardware power (which varies) is not realistic for a game like this.
  • The concept is really great! I tried it in beta on the PC but it took awfully long for loading... I'll try the final version.
  • Where is the phone version by the way?
  • This game is way too complex and resource intensive to work on a phone. Even on PC an i5 processor is the minimum needed to run the game.
  • It felt like Legend of Legaia to me the first time I played it...
  • Is it available for win7?
  • No, just Xbox One and Windows 8.1, with a chance of going to Xbox 360 eventually. It'll never go to Windows 7.
  • Well that is just fucking stupid, why would it not go to win7 when there is still a WHOLE other community who wont go near Win 8+ Thats definetly a retarded marketting decision, even if the game is free, win 8 isnt, neither is XBOne, and I only have Win 7 and Xbox 360, I had hoped to get this, but now I think it is just a fucking retarded piece of shit.
  • I enjoyed the beta on XB1, very promising!
  • The video mentioned mescad, a SME and uber developer for Project Spark.  Here are his videos:
  • where is the rt-version?
  • Wouldn't it be awesome to play this on mobile? What di you guys think?
  • I think that phones that can handle this game are at least a half a decade away.