Project Spark ends its beta status, fully launches on Windows, Xbox One

Microsoft has announced that Project Spark's beta period has ended. The full release version is now available online and at retail stores for PC and Xbox One. Project Spark is an immersive experience where users not only get to play games, but can create content and games. Users can share their creations as well with other users, allowing for multi-player gaming and game creation.

Project Spark is free to play and is available as a download in the Windows Store or on the Xbox Store.

Add-on content can be unlocked by using in-game credits earned during play, or by purchasing tokens to buy add-ons immediately. Fans will see a host of new content available on launch day including sci-fi skin, adventure mode, champion features, creation enhancements, and multiplayer mode to inspire all new gameplay.

There is also a $39.99 Starter Pack retail disc as well that comes with additional content:

Those brand new to Project Spark might want to check out the Starter Pack retail disc that includes $85 worth of downloadable content for $39.99 (USD). The package includes the Project Spark base game download, "Champions Quest: Void Storm" adventure," First Contact" sci-fi theme pack, Sir Haakon the Knight playable champion, "Arctic Glaciers" winter landscape, "Massive World Builders Pack" expansion, "Yeti's Rage" content pack, and a one month "Spark Premium" membership.

Unfortunately, however, Xbox 360 owners will not be able to get in on the fun with Project Spark.

What do you think of Project Spark? Are you excited to be able to create, play, and share?

Source: Xbox News

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