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Microsoft's PWA Builder hits version 2.0 with new design and more

Microsoft this week launched version 2.0 of its Progressive Web App (PWA) Builder (via ZDNet), bringing with it a new design along with the introduction of the "Feature Store," which houses code snippets you can add directly to your PWA.

The updated PWA Builder includes new snippets for developers to take advantage of, including a web share API and the async clipboard API. The "core" of the new experience, Microsoft says, however, is a new hub page, which gives developers a quick overview of information on their Manifest, Service Worker, and site security.

Also new in this update is the Feature Store, which is an update to the old features section. In the Feature Store, which acts as a resource for snippets that can be copied and pasted to your app to immediately take advantage of various APIs, including some that take advantage of the Microsoft Graph.

Looking forward, Microsoft provided a look at what it's working on for PWA Builder version 2.1. Part of those plans includes allowing developers to package their apps as a "Trusted Web Activity," which will allow them to be submitted to the Google Play Store. Microsoft is also making tweaks to PWA Builder to ensure it runs well on mobile devices.

"We also have other ideas that are on our roadmap including integrating Workbox into our Service Worker picker, new Snippets for the Feature Store, and potentially integration with Webhint to enable deeper testing of your PWA," Microsoft says.

If you want to experiment with PWA Builder, you can get started with the preview version at the PWA Builder website. The app is also completely open source, and Microsoft invites contributions at its Github page.

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  • I didn't even know this existed..
  • Exactly - me too. I just tested this on one of my clients websites and it works great. Going to definately use it going forward.
  • I regularly visit this site. This looks exciting. If only I used Windows. Kinda wish macOS tried a bit harder sometimes, it's still better but Windows is closing the gap.
  • So I can use it all when 'they' , the hackers 'collective' who made run Windows 10 on a Lumia 950 (XL) and now have made the cellular also accessible. It's probably waiting for a few months and they also get the 'LTE' working. After that I can still use my Lumia950 running full Windows 10 and get the Updates like if it's a laptop/pc. No W10Mobile anymore but just W10 1709 what soon will be updated to 1903 or maybe 1909/1910! 👍🏼😁👍🏼 What is it that Microsoft doesn't do this by herself instead some , very clever(!), hackers? And only need to bring a new "MICROSOFT PHONE" phone with updated hardware and I'll be very pleased!😁👊🏼 The garbage OS Android from Google keeps on asking annoying rights for nothing and there is where everything stops working on it. I made a factory reset for the 3x and have the phone from November 14 2018. Therefore I stopped make it a smartphone. No start screen, just all the apps I needed from Android and minimize the use of Google. When Google is being to annoying again and stopped working like a phone, factory reset! I like my Lumia 950👍🏼😁👊🏼