Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 is getting its own firmware update

Surface Pro 3
Surface Pro 3 (Image credit: Windows Central)

The new Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book devices from Microsoft already have firmware updates ready to download from Microsoft. However, the older Surface Pro 3 has a new firmware update of its own that's currently rolling out via Windows Update.

At the moment, there's no word on what's new, improved or fixed in this firmware update for the 12-inch tablet. In addition, Microsoft is rolling out an update for the Surface Ethernet Adapter. We will update this post as soon as we get more information.

Thanks to "mkmaster78" for the tip!

John Callaham
  • good... my SP3 was having problems with wifi since last update... hopefully this fixes it
  • Mine wasn't having wifi issue necessarily, my browsers kept showing disconnected but WiFi always stayed connected. Rolling back seems to have fixed that too. No insider builds for me for a little while.
  • I've been having this recently too. Flushing the dns cache seemed to get things back up and running for me when this occurred.
  • This happened to me too. For about a month now, Edge has bad issues opening sites, or if I search from the address bar, it basically fails. But, all of this is resolved by reloading. It's really strange and very annoying.
  • I've been having the same problem. 
  • Ditto.  Mine either does what Xsled described, saying it's connected to wifi but not having any connectivity, or completely recycling its wireless connections, both wifi and bluetooth (mouse.)  No insider here, RTM W10.
  • My SP3 problems are with the sound card. Right after I updated to Win10 (launch date), I have to reset the video for sound to come out if I happen to plug/unplug headphone. Also, Hey cortana doesn't always work and i have to reboot for it to work for a while. If anyone has a fix for this particular issue, it would be appreciated.
  • Hope it fixes the intel driver crashes on the new insider build. I had to roll back from build last night as it was happening way too.much.
  • get the CPU/GPU drivers directly from Intel's website (no mater which Windows computer you have)
  • Unfortunately becasue the drivers are customized by Microsoft, this doesn't work on Surface devices.
  • It does, you have to browse for the driver instead of simply running the installer
  • Not entirely true. If you know what you're doing, you can still upgrade manually if you download the driver ZIP file and install the inf file contained therein. However, I did this, and I didn't notice much of a drop in crashing behavior.
  • You guys are right, that is definitely a valid way to do it.
  • Agreed, would be very nice. I updated from Intel's website and it still hasn't helped
  • I'm assuming this is to support the new keyboard and the fingerprint scanner.
  • that would be my guess as well
  • Let's hope
  • I hope so too. Mine arrives in the mail any minute now.
  • It is indeed, at least partly. Got the new keyboard, no optins for Windows Helo under account settings. Did FW update, and Hello Windows Hello, fingerprint reader works like a champ! And the keyboard is pretty darn nice to, as I write this on it!
  • I would imagine this adds support for the new accessories (new pen, new keyboard with fingerprint sensor, etc), since they're officially available today. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I got my 4th SP3 replacement and after this damn update it starter shutting down immediately after boot. Now I'm resetting hard. So frustrated with Microsoft... Damn you Gates damn you...
  • no need a replacement for that !
  • I replaced it for the blurry yellow line on the left and top sides
  • Still blaming Gates? Lol
  • Always!!!
  • Hey, my first tip nod! :)
  • an error has occured in the firmware and now I can not retry.
    How can I retry ? or, how can I download and install it manually ?!
  • Mine did too. After another reboot it shows installed. But... I have installed the 9.15 numerous times and still randomly shows up. Who knows....
  • I'm geeting System Firmware Update - ‎26/‎10/‎2015 - Error 0x8024004c Try restart and same result! Still working okay though. Edit - attached the keyboard and it's updated now :)  
  • Yep, firmaware must have been for the new keyboard. (Which I may grab)
  • Already preordered mine!
  • I am getting one when they are available from John Lewis in the UK as they offer an extended warranty - though it's never been used on anything Surface due to the very high quality - just can't decide on the colour lol
  • did they manage to fix the WiFi issue after the 40th firmware update?
  • This installs the following: Fingerprint Cards AB driver update for Surface Fingerprint Sensor
    Microsoft driver update for Surface PTP Filter
    Microsoft driver update for Surface Pro 4 Type Cover Integration
    Microsoft driver update for Surface Type Cover Filter Device
    Microsoft driver update for Surface Type Cover Integration
    Microsoft driver update for Surface Accessory Firmware Update
    Microsoft driver update for Surface Keyboard Backlight
    Microsoft driver update for Surface Pro System Aggregator Firmware    
  • Hope this means we'll see a WC article with a review of the fingerprint sensor keyboard soon.  Curious on its speed, and whether it's actually faster than typing in a PIN.
  • It's very fast, no more than 1 second for Both face detection and finger print..
  • Still nothing for the Surface 3 tho. It's becoming painful to use.
  • Painful in what way?
  • The audio bug. The pen bug, the blue screen of death bug. There are alot of issues with Surface 3.
  • Oh, I guess I am not familiar with any of those.
  • Look them up there are alot of people with these issues.
  • This was the first firmware update I took on my sp3 that didn't fail upon install and reboot. I am running w10 rtm.
  • Scared. Bug the old device forcing you buy the new model. Happened with my SP1
  • System Firmware Update - ‎26/‎10/‎2015 - Error 0x8024004c Have retried and restart and try again but same error. W10 RTM on SP3. Edit - attached the keyboard and it's updated now :)
  • Oh no! This firmware update just crashed my SP3! Asking for bitlocker recovery code and entering that doesn't help either. Tried several things to no avail. Now what...
    Edit: running the latest W10 fast ring insider build    
  • This sounds like what happened Friday morning. Was the firmware the only update? (Should have been since they pulled the one causing that). Many stated they were able to turn secure boot off and it fixed it for them, though it didn't for me. I had to restore the OS. :(
  • Yep it was the only update. In fact I started the tablet, logged in, went straight to Windows update and performed the requested restart. Saw the fw update happening and then bsod. Tablet was fully charged and power was plugged, no docking, just the type cover attached.
  • I can confirm turning off secure boot in the BIOS allowed me to boot again. Thanks for the tip. Now lets see what happens when I turn this back on tomorrow. Guess this confirms this Oct SP3 fw update is not without issues.
  • that was probably an old update that was causing alot of others to bsod you probably downloaded it previously and never restarted.
  • Nope it wasn't an old one, this one was marked 26 oct 2015. Had some issues with the september ones two (both of them), they didn't want to install at first, later seemed ok. Next to switching to classic boot, I also (temporarily) removed the bios pwd. Now Windows Update wants to install this fw update again. Making some proper backups first...
  • Why is Mr. Rubino showing a Surface with windows 8.1 with windows 10 being highly recommended and praised, perhaps an old picture? Oh well.
  • It seems this updated is needed for the fingerprint scanner on the new type cover
  • Meh... most likely has sp4 FP sensor kbd updates too.
  • This update has trashed my SP3. It updated and rebooted fine, but on boot is bugchecks with PROCESS1_INITIALIZATION_FAILED. It then reboots and tries for a second time and bugchecks again. Third time it takes me to a recovery page but the keyboard and mouse aren't recognized so I cant initiate a recovery.
    This is my daily work machine.....
  • @gedmurphy so the solution for this would be as follows: 1) boot into uefi by first holding the volume-up button together with the power button. 2) disable secure boot 3) save changes and restart 4) remove KB3105208 from the installed updates 5) full restart to make sure the uninstall finishes 6) boot info uefi again as step 1 7) re-enable secure boot 8) save changes and exit and you should be good to go again.
  • I had indeed been bitten by KB3105208, I hadn't realised it had been queued. Thanks for the tip, I'm up and running again now
  • ..and just wanted to confirm the firmware update wasn't the issue afterall for me. Just google Microsoft KB3105208, which was pulled already but was in my updates to be installed after reboot unfortunately.
  • Light room has been running like crap lately. Hopefully this is a performance fix.