Microsoft's SwiftKey keyboard for Android is a sorry mess

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I was a Windows phone user for years before I finally made the switch to an Android smartphone. I had used everything from the HTC 7 Mozart all the way up to the HP Elite x3 as my daily driver. Back in 2010, when I made the switch from my iPhone 3GS to my HTC 7 Mozart, the keyboard was an obvious standout feature. It was so good.

Windows Phone 8.1 only improved the keyboard with the introduction of shape writing and better autocorrect, and although the Windows 10 Mobile keyboard was a little sub-par when it first launched, it didn't take long for that old behavior to return, maintaining Windows Phone's number one spot for best mobile OS keyboard.

But in 2017, that doesn't matter. But Microsoft made great keyboards, so I would at least expect it to have nailed the fundamentals on Android. It already has a great app launcher, superb Edge browser, Cortana, Outlook, and many more fantastic Android apps to help tie over any Windows phone converts. SwiftKey? Not so much ...

The SwiftKey experience

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SwiftKey (opens in new tab) is Microsoft's official Android keyboard. There are just so many things I don't like about SwiftKey on Android, including its slow, laggy performance that often drops below 30 frames per second (FPS) when scrolling through the keyboards settings. Keep in mind, all my experiences I write about here are on a OnePlus 5T and Samsung Galaxy S8, two of the most powerful Android flagships from 2017. Of course, my issues and opinions on this keyboard may differ from yours. These are my personal experiences.

Let's start with the typing experience, which sucks. Using the shape-writing function feels slow; the shape writing line animation is often laggy, and the keyboard is terrible at keeping up pace with key-popups. Key-popups are another thing that is disabled by default. Every other keyboard I've tried on Android can display key-popups at pace, no matter how fast I type. I find key-popups to be an integral part of all virtual keyboards, as it gives you visual feedback that you've hit the button you were aiming for. If the popups aren't able to keep up, it throws me off my typing pattern, and makes for a terrible user experience.

The actual appearance of the SwiftKey keyboard looks like something out of 2008. Sure, SwiftKey supports themes, and "some" of the themes available look OK. But the default themes are anything but. A lot of them look dated, from back when it was trendy for Android keyboard to look like crap. The keyboard supports custom themes, but I wouldn't call that anything special considering the "custom" element is just changing the keyboard's background. There's no color configuration options, just the background. Other keyboards have way better custom theming support.

There are much better Android keyboards available

I've also noticed that the "stats" feature in the SwiftKey app never works. No matter what device I try it on. This is apparent on stable and beta releases of SwiftKey.

I've tried plenty of Android keyboards since I made the switch from Windows Phone, looking for one that can at least pretend to compete with the mighty Windows Phone keyboard. I've tried everything from Google's keyboard to Flesky (opens in new tab), and I finally found my Windows Phone keyboard replacement. I present to you ... the BlackBerry keyboard. (opens in new tab)

This isn't a keyboard you're supposed to be able to install on non-BlackBerry devices, but you can bypass that block if you want to with an app called BlackBerry Manager. The BlackBerry keyboard is hands-down, the best virtual keyboard I've ever used on any platform. It's simple, fast, with great auto-correct and shape writing, and it even has CTRL shortcuts for copy and paste.

The BlackBerry keyboard gets the fundamentals right, and that's incredibly important. I never tap into a text field and have to wait for half a second for the keyboard to pop up as I did with SwiftKey. I'm able to use keyboard shortcuts I'm familiar with on my PC on my phone thanks to the addition of CRTL shortcut support on the BlackBerry keyboard. How is this not a part of Microsoft's keyboard offering on Android?

Microsoft, it's time to turn SwiftKey into a flagship keyboard experience on Android. You have the resources to make a keyboard better than BlackBerry's. Take the excellent Windows Phone keyboard experience, add things such as CTRL shortcut support, more configurable options, merge it with SwiftKey, give SwiftKey a new, modern look, and maybe even give SwiftKey a rebrand. It's time to start taking your Android keyboard seriously because right now it's a joke.

I'm not bashing SwiftKey for the hell of it. I'm a huge fan of Microsoft's current Android efforts, and I really want the Microsoft Android experience to be good. I want SwiftKey to be good. In fact, I want SwiftKey to be the best keyboard on Android, it just needs work before it can attain that status. And sure, maybe SwiftKey is good enough for you, and if so then that's great, but there definitely are better keyboards on Android, and there shouldn't be. SwiftKey should be the best keyboard out there.

Now don't get me wrong, SwiftKey was once the best you could find on Android, but it isn't anymore. I agree, it was once ahead of its time, but so many other keyboards have surpassed it in quality and performance since then. SwiftKey is falling behind, and Microsoft has a lot of catching up to do because of it. Those who use SwiftKey and claim it to be the best on Android likely haven't tried the Google or BlackBerry keyboards. They are really, very good. SwiftKey could learn a thing or two from them.

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Updated December 7: Added additional device info and a video.

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  • I never notice any problems with SwiftKey, I switched from the Samsung keyboard a while back
  • holy cow, the opposite here... I switched from the Samsung keyboard on my S8 but it was a horrible experience (Dutch & English installed). The swipe-keyboard was one of the things I really miss from W10M. Couple of days ago I switched to GBoard (the Google one) and so far that's far better than SwiftKey...
  • I also put SwiftKey on my S8+ and it lags often enough that I need to go back. Side note, I also installed Next lock and it doesn't fill up the screen or disable the regular lock, so now I have to unlock twice. Stupid stuff that shouldn't be happening. If MS really wants to compete on Android they need to make a single app, download and click experience, to Microsoftify your phone.
  • It's not really lag but the words suggested really didn't make any sense... Mixing the 2 languages and what not...
  • It does lag, not all the time, but I've noticed at least three times where it hangs up and stops letting me type for a couple seconds, then pops up a bunch of stuff I previously pressed/swiped
  • Yeah, it definitely lags. Too much for me to consider as a daily driver.
  • No lags at all on a HTC U11 using it with three languages. The Google Keyboard is much slower
  • No lag using it on my Note 8 at all.
  • I've three languages installed, but the thing I hate most is autocorrect; if you don't want the correction and change it back, autocorrect changes it again. If it corrects you wrongly, you have to type on and sneak back to correct it.
  • Four langages, all works well exceptioneel for the issue you brought  forward. There still ain't nö good one..... Gboard is even worse... 
  • go to settings and turn off any kind of authentication on the stock lockscreen, then you can select next as the only one. 
  • Lol you have to disable your current lock screen if you install a third party one, this Is vey very basic stuff. So no Microsoft have nothing to do in that regard.
  • Seeing as the default lock screen isn't an "app" that you can just uninstall, MS should have a solution to disable the current one when you install theirs. WP was great because it was simple, yet customizable and powerful. It was easy like an iPhone but could do a lot more. Android can do a lot but is very complicated and confusing. I don't want to hunt and peck for weird settings and while you may be more techie than I, I am still more techie than 80% of average users. Therefore if MS wants to be on people's phones it should be as simple as a 1 app install, maybe with a couple dialog options during install, but that's it. a "1-step" Microsoft-ification 
  • Hey Hans, I also use Swiftkey but mainly because it's bilingual (also have Dutch and English installed). Is Gboard also bilingual? And how is this better than Swiftkey in your opinion? Thanks in advance man for the info!
  • Yes, GBoard supports two languages. And cool swipe gestures for cursor movements (space) and deleting. Also, it better cooperates with spell checker.
  • Same here
  • Look. Android just looks like outdated crap from 2008 compared to WP/WM.....
    It's the sadest part for WP fans to have to switch to.
  • Agreed, I really hate having to use a phone i don't like again. I was notorius for hating every phone I've ever had after the "honeymoon" period wore off, then Windows Phone came on the scene and I was smitten for years. Now I'm back to using crap just because it was marketed better and became more ubiquitous. I would go back to my 640 if the camera were as good as my S8+ and the apps were more stable, but Spotify crashing all the time coupled with app after app disappearing from the store all-the-while expected updates like "night light" being left out forced the switch.
  • Yepers. Exactly.
  • On most of Samsung's flagship phones, Swiftkey is the default (pre-loaded) keyboard. Switching doesn't do anything since it's the same app. One is just placed on the user partition and one is placed on the system partition.
  • I am confused I do not see any lag, how weird....
  • It depends on the theme you choose. When I changed to a minimalist one it just stopped lagging. It actually works great.
  • Exactly... I notice HUGE difference in performance with the newest set of stock themes they delivered (Light, Dark, and High Contrast).  For the longest time, I couldn't figure out what the heck the source of lag was on my old S7 Edge.  When I reverted back to the stock Samsung keyboard or GBoard, the maddening lag mostly went away.  (Granted, that phone was never a speed demon anyway, especially post-7.0 update).  I don't notice any lag using these themes on my Note 8. 
  • Mine is basically no borders, black with white font.
  • Yeah I keep seeing this from Windows Central on Twitter and here. Kinda blew it off at first but finally came to read the article. I have not had any issues with this app and it has been my go to on Android for a very long time. I wanted them to even bring it to Windows 10 mobile and the touch keyboard on Surface.
  • Works quite well for me... Far better than my W10 mobile's keyboard ever did.
  • Works great for me too on xperia xz premium. Never see lag or anything. Maybe it's his device. Lots of themes to choose from as well. I found one that looks amazing. Great reviews in the app store too. Zac needs to contact his IT department and open a support ticket lol.
  • Same for me... This seems more like a "here's some money, please bash our competitor's keyboard. kthxbi" article than an actual review..
  • He's one a Windows blog bashing the Microsoft option and suggesting a non-commercial product we're not even supposed to have access to. Definitely not bashing a competitor to promote another product.
  • Sure, if every other keyboard ever gave us money to promote their keyboard. Seriously, every other keyboard on Android is better than the SwiftKey one. Use GBoard, use Flesky, use BlackBerry, use literally anything else. Seriously though, would make no sense for BlackBerry to pay us to promote a keyboard that doesn't officially run on non-blackberry devices. Think a little before you comment. A lot of other people in this very comments section agree that SwiftKey is not good. This is not some agenda driven bash piece. I just want Microsoft to make SwiftKey the best on Android, because right now it isn't.
  • No, GBoard is an utter mess. It's predictive typing is virtually non-existent, the spell-check and suggestions are awful. It can't recognize the most obvious fixes and suggests nonsense words. It keeps getting words wrong, ALL THE DAMN TIME. It's the worse keyboard and spell check I've ever used. In fact, people recommended Swift Key to me and it works great:   The predictive typing is amazing. You almost never need to look at the keyboard to see that you're keys are entered correctly because the prediction is so good.   My only problems with Swift Key are cosmetic: The keyboard doesn't look as sleek as Gboard, I would prefer if the letters were bigger, and the keyboard button on the bottom right can't be removed. The menu is a bit laggy, but the keyboard itself is not. Functionally, it's the best keyboard.
  • I would have said, other people agree and disagree in the comments, I'm seeing many like me that are not seeing lag when using. I have used it for many yrs over several different devices and have yet to have an issue. Currently using Samsung Note 8. I feel this is more of a preference thing then a "SwiftKey keyboard is a mess" thing.
  • Honestly, Zac, this article seems to be exaggerating a bit too much. SwiftKey is definitely not a piece of crap, although I agree that it's sub-par compared to W10M or GBoard.
  • Swiftkey is garbage on iOS too. So disappointing...
  • Every third-party keyboard is garbage on iOS by design (of iOS that is). I am not sure why people even bother to make third party keyboards for iOS.
  • The WordFlow keyboard Microsoft garage project was a great keyboard for iOS. Microsoft decided to abandon that in favor of the absolute shitshow that is SwiftKey. (Pardon my French)
  • You have to go very slow for SwiftKey to get the word right or it makes up some amazingly comical corrections on  iOS.
  • It does not save the size I selected. But there are constant updates.... Fixing what?
  • Version number 😅
  • I love it, no lags at all. Have you tried it out on several phones? You probably just had bad luck with your phone... 
  • I havent seen lag on swiftkey on note8, but flow typing is horrible, even regulr typing is inaccurate, I was sticking to it as it does look like W10M keyboard. will try out blackberry keyboard, or else the stock  samsung keyboards are not bad either  
  • Same here on Note 8 typing accuracy is a bit off.. I tried sticking with Swift but keep going back to the Samsung keyboard because it's less laggy. Predictions are a bit worse.
    Man, I really miss WM10. Miss the ".com" key.
  • nothing beats gboards
  • Everything beats g board.
  • SwiftKey used to be my favorite Android keyboard, but you're absolutely right. It doesn't work well at all now a days. It's a shame
  • That is my experience. Often, the autocorrect suggestions are not even close until 1 or 2 letters areeft in the word.
  • Same here. SwiftKey used to be my favourite. It was on par with Windows 8.1 keyboard. Nowadays I just use Gboards. Less frustrating.
  • I'm not a fan of the swiftkey either...I just use GBoard (google's keyboard). better experience for me because all the key placement makes sense. 
  • I use swiftkey and I have no problems on my s8
  • Yeah, no. Swiftkey is amongst the best keyboards on Android. You're just clumbsy, Zac. I've been using it since 2014 and I haven't encountered a single of those problems you mentioned. Now, I will admit, however, that the keyboard has had better days. In just started to get left behind other keyboards (like Google's horrible GKeyboard) when Microsoft took over. But that's not really a surprise now, is it? Microsoft has had this tendency to buy Android apps and ruin them.
  • I've used many keyboard and can wholeheartedly say SwiftKey is the worst of the bunch. Has nothing to do with being clumsy. It's just a bad keyboard.
  • I tried a lot of keyboard and so far is the best. It's not perfect sometimes it suggest words in the wrong case but for me with writing English and German mixed it's the best available.
  • But does the Blackberry keyboard have an option to not only insert GIFs, but search on specific GIFs, then insert them?  I've tried Cheetah, Samsung, Google, Swiftkey, and Kika.  Swiftkey is the best option I have found so far in regards to customization and inserting media/text/symbols/emoji's.
  • It runs just as well for me as it did before MS bought it.  I prefer it over stock Android for sure, though I haven't used anything else in quite a while.  I'll check out some others, but Swiftkey has been pretty good for me.  I certainly prefer it over W10M keyboard, though I miss the little red dot for cursor control.  Swiftkey offers arrows, but they take up too much room.
  • Yeah, that dot is great. Too bad they don't implement it.
  • Zac keeping microsoft on their toes, for an even better end user virtual keyboard experience. Thank you.
  • I wish he could've kept them on thier WP toes...
  • I don't have any issues with my swiftkey keyboard, and i can't install the blackberry keyboard to test it on any of my devices for some reason.
  • Well it's one of the most popular keyboards out there and has a very high rating so I think your experience is an anomaly. It shouldn't lag like that I'm sorry you had to put up with that. You should use Fleksy keyboard. You said you tried it but like you should try to live with it for a week. It's such a good keyboard that there's an invisible mode in which the keyboard can become transparent so you can see behind the keyboard and it works so well you barely make mistakes. Even blind people use it.
  • It is possible that stats does not work for you if you are not logged into SwiftKey account? I have been used SwiftKey since it was paid app and never had a single problem with stats...
  • Wow you got this one way off. SwiftKey in Android is far and away the best keyboard there is. Not so great on iPhone but it's way better than the sorry stock keyboard
  • So exactly how do I get blackberry keyboard with the manager?
  • Same for me. It shows that I can't install it on my G5.
  • Maybe author should mention which phone he is using? I just switched from 950xl to Razer Phone, and I feel the Switftkey is much more responsive than W10M keyboard. However, I agree that swiftkey has something I don't like, e.g., the lack of the direction dot key, the "oops, something went wrong", and the fact that the voice input actually uses Google voice keyboard.
  • OP5T with 8GB RAM and a Galaxy S8. So, two very powerful 2017 smartphones. Both lag with SwiftKey.
  • I'm using the S8 as well since March (After finally leaving my 950 behind...), have been using SwiftKey with 2 languages ever since, no problems at all. The only problem is that it doesn't recognize the language you're typing, so it will propose both Dutch and English words. I was very surprised to read this.
  • I thought SwiftKey was the best, that is why Microsoft bought it?  Did it go down hill since then?  I am still using my Icon.  Thinking of going Pixel2.  Verizon currently selling it for $349.
  • I really like SwiftKey, especially how you can type symbols without having to switch keyboards. Just hold down the u key, for example, for a split second (configurable) for the < symbol. Also like how you can setup multiple languages and it will auto-suggest words for all of them, regardless whether you are mixing in English, Spanish, and French in your texts. I do that a lot, texting in different languages to friends, so that is important to me.
  • This is what's actually annoying the crap out of me: it makes a horrible mess of mixing languages when you have multiple configured... I totally don't get why you can't set them manually so you can stick to one language and get autocorrect in the language you need at that moment. It's especially bad in sticking to dutch when I even use just one word english in it. Why not swipe the spacebar to switch, like on Windows Phone? "Oh no let's see, we have to put our logo somewhere..." I agree with Zac... Swiftkey has gone downhill since it's been acquired by Microsoft 😒 And then ther's the lag too
  • SwiftKey works great for me and is configurable & resizable. Too much whining in the article TBH.
  • Been using SwiftKey since switching to Android on Edge S7 Edge and now on Note 8 and all so far going rather well, slight lag compared to Samsung's own keyboard however nothing serious, can't see myself changing from it. However must say that the Windows 10 Mobile keyboard was very good out of everything used so far though this could be down to how little it did compared to SwiftKey also so did the whole Windows Mobile platform compared to Android which may have contributed to it. Seeing how many people are switching to Android is likely that we start to see much more and regular improvements/updates for Android based apps, just shame that some simple things from Microsoft such as below are still behind: Outlook - No new email count option on icon/badge
    Skype - Slow and still no SMS integration
    Cortana - Not as good as running on Windows 10 Mobile, they can do it but just haven't yet, you need to double confirm everything which contradicts the whole idea of an assistance
  • Skype lite is a beta intended for India, but I like the interface much better personally. It does have SMS integration, and you can set it as your default messaging app. I have only toyed with the messaging aspect though, so not sure how well it works overall.
  • SwiftKey is the best by many standards...
  • This "article" is bad and you should feel bad for writing it.
  • Why? Plenty of people in this very comments section agree with the issues I talk about. SwiftKey is not a good keyboard.
  • Wow, I've never seen a hit piece on a keyboard before. It doesn't seem like a bad keyboard at all to me.  For some reason that I haven't actually identified, I seem to be more accurate with a different keyboard but my experience with Swiftkey certainly wasn't the dumpster fire you make it sound like.  I thought it performed fairly well, actually.
  • Key popup when you have actual feedback on input field 🤣
  • This made me laugh too. Buddy is delusional.
  • What? All other keyboards utilise key popups, including the iOS keyboard. SwiftKey not doing it is poor. In fact, it does do it, but because it's so poorly optimized it can't keep up with my typing. It's a joke.
  • Other than the stats connection error message, I have had zero problems with it.
  • Under Nadulla, everything awesome about MS going downhill, except Xbox (because of good leadership in that division). Wordflow was way better! What dies Nadulla do trashed it. Let's see what this trash will trash next. Surface?
  • Actually that is the only thing that has gotten better sans cloud stuff 😂
  • Most of the android keyboards have very odd background colors making it really hard to highlight the letter buttons... So I use LG keyboard which is default on my phone and gets the job done quite well
  • This is simply not true for me :0 seems like a rage post instead of an actual article and that is disappointing^^
  • So just because you don't have these issues, this piece is a rage article and isn't true? What? There are many people in this comments section who agree with the issues I write about in the post. Stop being so selfcentered.
  • Prediction and accuracy worse than wordflow!
  • I don't like swiftkey either. After hearing a lot about swiftkey when I finally siwtched to android, I made swiftkey my defualt keyboard but couldn't continue. I tried again but phew... sorry... no can do.... the dealbreaker for me is its feature(or bug depends from where you are looking at it) of merging similar script languages... who the f decided to do that.... I write transliterated hindi and a lot of Indians and Chinese people do that.... It gives suggestion for both Hindi and English while I am writing... ok not bad but it also transliterates randomly.... Sometimes  I am writing an English sentence and whoosh there you go Hindi out of nowhere.... bad keyboard. 👎👎 Gboard is way better... and I can't stress how much better.
  • In my experience, SwiftKey is still laggy and has poor word prediction. I was suprised to see that it is that way considering that Microsoft's 8.1 keyboard is amazing. I have to use Gboard, which is much faster and great when it comes to word prediction. It's interesting to me that half of the comments here are saying that Zac is wrong and half of them are in agreement with him. I guess it goes to show that keyboards and how someone likes (or dislikes) them is very subjective.
  • Yeah, I too am surprised by the split. Glad I'm not the only one seeing these issues however.
  • Why don't you take a poll to find out how everyone really feels about their experience with Swiftkey..?
  • Because no one cares 'that' much haha
  • Works perfect for me, maybe it's the phone you're using it on Zac. I really like it!
  • SwiftKey was good back in 2015, when I initially switched to Android. However, I now use Gboard. I does not lag, syncs my learned typing style across devices, and offers swipe typing, which I like.
  • But you can swipe write with SwiftKey
  • Don't think Zac is using a S8 or Note 8. Maybe he using some other device. No problems on my Note 8.
  • Using OP5T with 8GB RAM and Galaxy S8. Both have lag.
  • I like Swift key. I couldn't stand using Samsung keyboard it's so bad for typing. I had to download a whole new keyboard to make the experience better.
  • Not my experience on SWK. Sometimes it misses a word but it is infinitesimally better than trying to use the standard Samsung keyboard on my S8+, that thing is horrendous. But the WP8.1 keyboard was really the best "Swype" type keyboard...
  • You might wanna check the definition of "infinitesimally."
  • So interesting to hear the feedback from W10M converts. Our new "Microsoft Edition S8's" (LOL) are delayed by U.S. Postal Service in transit...but at least I can read these articles to list out all the first changes I need to make once I get them.
  • Sorry have to disagree, wordflow on W10M, is wrong, I'm constantly correcting auto correct mistakes.
    SwiftKey worked well, until MS messed it up
  • I used SwiftKey for a couple years, and loved it. However, about the time Microsoft bought it, it started going downhill. If Microsoft's purchase didn't have anything to do with it, it was an unfortunate coincidence. A couple months ago I switched to Gboard. No complaints here.
  • I had some lag on my LG G3, but since I've installed LineageOS, I get no more lag. Basically, Swiftkey, before Microsoft bought it, was really really good: no lag, pretty good prediction during swiping. Now, the prediction often fails, especially there's no grammatical contextual checks: it proposes a noun where a verb is more logical, etc...
  • Double tap space for period. Mind blown!
  • SwiftKey might be the worst keyword on Android? What? I'm using it on my Xperia XA, and I haven't noticed any problems. And I've been using it since I switched from Lumia 650 in April.
  • That's cool, doesn't mean it's a good keyboard. There are plenty better.
  • This is a bit weird because i use SwiftKey daily and i don't find any lags or other issues! The only problem i found is when i switch language to my native language the shift key goes missing, and to type characters that requires shift i have to press and hold keys.
  • It's not that bad. The real problem is it's slow learning curve. It will get much more precise with time. And you need to tweak it a bit.
    I did remove pop up letter when you press on one, because it made my swipe typing very inaccurate when starting on edges... Otherwise It's kinda precise and I use English and Czech languages. But I admit that the first time experience is really awful!
  • What I miss most about my windows phone keyboard is the damn dot that lets you move the cursor around. Never thought I used it that much until I didn't have it and now I wish every day that I had it again...
  • Yeah exactly! I don't know why it's not on android version. They have those arrows that are located at the bottom of keyboard. But this leads to accidental taps on it making your typing experience even worse. But without it... It's hard to correct words quickly.
  • I have friends who use Android that RAVE about SwiftKey. I cannot understand it. It's just horrendous.
  • I use SwiftKey on my OnePlus 5 and it's awesome. Never had it lag or the sort. Going to Google Keyboard is terrible. It sounds like maybe a performance problem on whatever phone you are using. It works fast and on point on my OnePlus 5. I'm extremely happy with it and don't see myself switching to other keyboards(I've tried for awhile and always came back to SwiftKey). Very much disagree with this article.
  • Using a OnePlus 5T with 8GB RAM and Galaxy S8. Both devices have lag. Seems unlikely to be due to hardware.
  • It's not about hardware. I think it's about how you set it up. I had a ton of lag on either HTC One and my current Honor 9. But I played with settings on my honor 9 and lagging is gone. I even have custom picture and it is fast. Still I agree that it needs a lot of work. They should fucus on performance and not cosmetic stuff. But you know this year is a shame to be MS fan in overall. Those idiots cancel everything they touch and with creator update they completely fcked up inking - I am surprised that WC didn't write a word about this major issue for every serious pen user. Scrolling with PEN killed off flick gestures and altered text selection not to mention that the PEN itself never worked as a mouse - which lead to accidental taps on touch pad and preforming left click on the real mouse pointer position (which usually ends up on some great spot like top right corner - close app... Note that this happens everywhere except for desktop where pen acts as a real mouse pointer which is even more confusing) I would love if WC could share this issue with inking so MS finally act! We pen users are sending feedback everywhere we can, but it's like two month and we still have no fix for it. Imagine that they killed off major selling point for surface family... It's just ridiculous!
  • Works great for me. Oh wait, I'm using a Lumia 950. Ain't nothing like the real!
  • I don't get the love for the Microsoft keyboard. It was average IMO, not being able to have a numbers line was a major pain. I've been using Swiftkey and I like it better than the standard keyboard. I miss on Android the Cortana integration ( I loved responding to texts with voice while connected to blutooth headphones.  Other than that there's not much else going for it IMO. I like Swiftkey.  
  • It works great for me, never had a problem. I've tried other keyboards but Swiftkey is still my favorite
  • I miss Win10m keyboard
  • No problems on my Pixel XL; my wife's iPhone 6Plus either. Must be the phone you're using.
  • Why am I not having any problems with the SwiftKey keyboard? I am in fact "swipe-typing" this comment with it. Absolutely smooth.
  • Maybe it's your phone. No problems here, but it was bad on my S8.
  • I 100% agree! Thought it was going to be like the WP experience but I just can't use it. Would be nice to have their phone keyboard with bitmoji integration!
  • Wow, I absolutely love SwiftKey. Granted, I don't use the swipe feature, but I love typing on it. Word prediction is outstanding for me, often suggesting the correct word (or two) after typing a single letter (if not before). I also don't notice any lag at all. And it's downright bizarre to rip them for defaults, when you can easily configure it to your own wishes. Is it really that big of a deal to go through the settings once? That makes the review seem like something personal is going on, rather than an objective review.
  • I totally agree the Blackberry keyboard is simply the best on Android... I have a Priv so it came pre-installed... I have all of Microsoft's apps installed as I too have recently moved from Windows phone to Android. All that is except Swiftkey it is totally inferior to the Blackberry keyboard experience...
  • Shame Sony now lumber their Xperia phones with SwiftKey by default. Sony had a fantastic keyboard of their own before, which I had on my Z1 Compact, which looked awesome. For whatever inexplicable reason, they decided to ditch it and go with SwiftKey. It can't even download Sony's keyboard from the store.
  • How is the launcher great? Compared to Nova it's pretty bad. Same. As Edge for Android, which still feels like a beta.
  • Swiftkey tracks what you type to give you a better typing experience. Its going to be sluggish at best when you install it because it remembers tendencies when you are typing. I dumped it because I went back to my HP Elite. I don't like the Android experience.
  • Agreed, and I would add the lack of Bitmoji integration is equally a dated experience...Using Gboard for now.
  • I don't think Microsoft did anything to the app since they bought it. I don't even think Microsoft bought the app to for app sake. Didn't they just want the technology behind it?
  • Sad, because swiftkey was the best keyboard on iPhone (for me). None of the others including the one Microsoft recommended after they deprecated theirs came close.  I hate my iPhone keyboard now.
  • Works fine on 950 and 950XL, 640 and 640XL
  • I've actually had a good experience with SwiftKey on Android.
  • Edit and reply on my comment above does not work correctly. I forgot to mention:
    These phones are MS W10m and obviously not Android but I wanted to mention that the swift keys can work perhaps eventually.
  • Works great for me on Note 8. Actually miles better than the keyboard on my 950XL.
  • I couldn't disagree more. SwiftKey has THE best prediction engine of anything I've ever used. You can pretty much type commonly used phrases and sentences entirely from predictions. Oh, and double word prediction? Good luck finding that anywhere else.
    "By default, the keyboard sticks a great big emoji button right next to the spacebar in place of a dedicated comma key"
    Pretty sure you can change this in the settings.
    "slow, laggy performance "
    I've never seen this in the settings, but bear in mind that SwiftKey is literally doing neural network AI processing ONBOARD your phone while it's running. In other words, it's no ordinary system workload. AFAIK it was the 1st app to do this, ever.
    "Using the shape-writing function feels slow; the shape writing line animation is often laggy"
    SK was never never originally developed as a shape-writing keyboard. That feature is pretty much a bolt-on. If you want swipe typing, use Swype.
    "it gives you visual feedback that you've hit the button you were aiming for."
    Gee, as opposed to the text space you're typing in?
    "The actual appearance of the SwiftKey keyboard looks like something out of 2008"
    I like their pragmatic AMOLED black themes, which most other keyboards seem to have forgotten in their attempt to look like something out of iOS.
    "I've also noticed that the "stats" feature in the SwiftKey app never works. No matter what device I try it on"
    I've never had this not work, but I've also never really tried it voluntarily without the app notifying me. This usually happens after over a month of use.
    "even has CTRL shortcuts for copy and paste."
    If you tap the 3 lines at the top left of SwiftKey you'll get access to your entire OS clipboard and paste anything from there in a single tap. Better yet, SK Beta automatically loads anything you just copied as a prediction. CTRL shortcuts are pretty anachronistic on a smartphone, to say the least.
    "right now it's a joke."
    Only in the blogosphere would someone call an app with a 4.5 star rating a joke. You're being ridiculous.
  • SwiftKey is a clusterflock of features that, on any average android phone, provides an absurdly laggy experience... It's entire design (even after going through it's entire theme library) borders absurd. I strongly recommend spending a month on a blackberry touch keyboard... then... returning back to swiftkey. Then, when you feel that your brain shudder you might find yourself agreeing with every point made in this article. Android has a severe quality problem when it comes to the keyboards.
  • I've exact same word with you. Totally agreed on every point.
  • Samsung predictive text and autocorrect is horrible. The swipe word drawing is just as bad. I miss original lumia keyboard with the dot. Problem I keep running into is with voice and other things that Samsung seems to want to play games with me. Not fun games either.
  • That feature functions infinitely better on my Lumia 1020 w/WP8.1.  I got so disgusted with it on the 950 I stopped using it.  There's nothing "predictive" about it on WM10.
  • No love for Swype? It does have the "ctrl" paste/cut/copy features. Same letters as you are used to in Windows. It has a fair number of gestures, and if you like swiping, I would recommend it.
  • Having spent a month with the S8+, for the life of me I cannot figure out how people thought Android is the superior OS. They have one clear victory and that is in actual apps. Not those crap 10 version behind in functionality apps that was available for WP. After that though the whole experience is crap. I now have two lock screens I have to swipe through and I have no idea why. Also I have multiple emai and calendar programs that I must use simultaniously as Outlook is not fully integrated into the phone for contacts and calendars. With WP, you logged in your accounts and everything just worked. With Droid I load up Outlook and use that for email and calendar. Go make a phone call or text and no contacts. Why? Because you have to also enter your accounts into Android as well to populate contacts. Same with calendars if you want appointments to show on the lock screen. The "glance" screen is useless for anything other than time and date. WP allowed you to pick which apps you wanted to appear with icons and numbers. Droid just gives you a bunch of useless icons that are meaningless. And what is the deal with only being able to tell if you have voicemail or missed calls by pulling down the notifications screen? The actual phone icon shows nothing for missed calls or voicemail. Oh and if you want to see if you have voicemail you have to open phone AND choose the dial pad. This whole thing is complete ****. I really hope that MS either creates a total experience to overlay Droid phones OR changes their mind and creates a surface phone. Android is a total joke. 
  • COMPLETELY AGREE WITH THIS ARTICLE... All keyboards on android are lag inducing accuracy nightmare's. I'm so happy it was posted (don't know why not on CrackBerry) ... moving from a windows phone, then to a blackberry, then to an android has been traumatic. The BlackBerry keyboard is by far the best touch keyboard ever. It has touch target learning and keys that just make sense.
  • Yall are idiots. SwiftKey is by far the best keyboard in Android. Microsoft bought them many years ago. When the 950xl came out, I moved from Android to windows phone. I loved that phone. I wished they brought SwiftKey to windows phone.. I recently went back to android because of the lack of apps for Windows phone (I still like my 950xl better). I am using SwiftKey right now.. If you think this is a bad keyboard then I submit you are technically challenged and need to learn how it works.. It is by far the best keyboard out there. Is you can't see it, spend some time and learn how to swipe.
  • Well this article lead me to install the keyboard and give it a try and so far I think it's fantastic. I mainly use the swipe/shape typing outside of passowrds or URLs and it is hands down the best thing I've used since WP8.1. It's so much more responsive and accurate than the Samsung keyboard on my S7.
  • Who the hell still has time to type out a text message these days? Please ignore this review and try SwiftKey yourself. It's an excellent input method.
  • When I switched to Android in January I tried to make my phone as Microsoft-centric as possible. I had Arrow Launcher, Swiftkey, Cortana, Bing, Groove... etc. Groove was terrible from the start. I couldn't download my music and the rights to things I had purchased were slowly disappearing. When I bought an Echo over the Summer I dropped Groove like a bad habit, seeing as how I couldn't use it with that device and everything I'd liked about it had died with Windows Phone. Arrow Launcher wasn't awful, but it wasn't notably better than the very clean and fast launcher in Oxygen OS and it highlighted the weaknesses of Bing when compared to Google. I didn't keep it for long, though I am currently trying it again. It feels more like a lateral step than an improvement over stock in any case. Bing is weirdly hobbled on Android. It's missing many features of the web version (which is already inferior to Google in most ways) and doesn't even allow you to search for News. Oh, and I know MSN News is a thing. But the Google app has proven much better for me. Cortana is a non-starter for me. I thought it was pretty good on Windows Phone, but not being tied to the OS makes it lose most of its usefulness and all of its convenience for me. And again, Google does just as well and offers more functionality. So then, SwiftKey. Let me say that I really loved WordFlow. It was clean, simple and worked great (at least before Windows 10 Mobile). Swiftkey is none of those things. It is slow, has poor prediction, is (subjectively) unnatractive and, most importantly for me, the Shape Writing simply is not nearly as accurate as GBoard. I don't care about having dozens of things to customize, I just want it to work well. SwiftKey does not. The only Microsoft app I still use is OneNote, and only sparingly. Even Office Lens is rarely useful to me anymore (though it works fine on Android)
  • SwiftKey has always been garbage. I was hoping that Microsoft would release the Windows Phone keyboard for Android but we got this instead.
  • Had a lot of lag using Swiftkey on my Alcatel Onetouch Idol 3.  I really haven't had any problems since upgrading to an LG V20. 
  • Shouldn't this be posted on AndroidCentral?
  • Runs fantastic on my HTC U11 might be related to the phone you use. I have tried many other keyboard and still prefer swift.
  • In a few days I will be in my first year on Android, and I really miss the keyboard of Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft should release that same keyboard for Android. I miss the "joystick".
  • Give Swype + dragon a try. It even has the Joystick (thought it took me a while to figure out it was there and how to use it) . This is an awesome keyboard, seriouslly.  I used Gboard after I got too frustradted with Swiftkey. Swype+dragon gives me the closest thing I have found to windows.  Maybe not as customizable,(appearance) , but does what I want it to and more. Definettly an overlooked but great app.
  • Havnt noticed any problems on my lg g6. Seems to works fine
  • I have no lag whatsoever on my Samsung note 8. SwiftKey is actually my goto keyboard (I'm using SwiftKey beta). Typing speed is really fast, word prediction is good, word flow is good and I love the fact that it allows me to make my own themes. I love the gif feature too. Install it, customize the settings to your liking allow it to learn your phrases and style and no problem. Not sure why it was lagging on your phone but I'm not having the same experience as had. SwiftKey is my number one recommended keyboard. If would have been great to show a video of what you'e rtalking about, that way others could see the issue clearly and not some bashing post because someone was triggered. 
  • There's a short video in the embedded tweet that showcases the lag SwiftKey suffers from when typing fast. It can't keep up with key popups unlike the Google keyboard or any other keyboard for that matter. Using OnePlus 5T with 8GB RAM and a Samsung S8.
  • I looked at the video and that's a weird thing to complain about to me at least the SwiftKey keyboard is showing a glimpse of what you're typing while it seems the Google keyboard is showing nothing. And actually if you should slow the down or pause the video through each key press in the video you would notice something pretty interesting.....and that is SwiftKey is actually more responsive. Now another thing, if you don't want th pop-ups then can easily go into the SwiftKey settings > keys, then unselect key pop-ups. It's that simple if they'e bothering you or if you feel that they'e not responsive enough even though it's done that way to serve as a visual cue. But If they're bothering you then turn it off. I leave mine on because how I type fast it gives me the ability to get a glimpse of what I'm typing. 
  • What? The Google keyboard is first in the video. I WANT the popups. SwiftKey is the second keyboard, the dark one, with popups enabled yet it only shows about 5 key popups total. The key popups lag and fail to display unlike the Google keyboard. It's seriously a joke.
  • Don't use MS products on Android....
  • Is that some sort of taboo or something, what do you mean? Is there wrong with One Note, Microsoft authenticator, Skype, SwiftKey, outlook, skydive, Microsoft office, Microsoft remote desktop, Xbox app.....i use those regularly on Android, what's wrong with using them on Android? 
  • There are more options on Android - why use something that does not work?  I would rather apps developed by Google for Android than MS.  In this case - the keyboard is not great.  Don't use it. If there is an MS app that works fine for you - USE IT! The post was supposed to be a little funny...but it gets lost in text.   You point - is well taken!   Thanks,
  • Interesting. I've always been using SwiftKey and love it. I've tried others but always came back to SwiftKey. Didn't even know it was made by Microsoft.
  • Yeah, it's a hot mess. I've tried it several times and gone back to GBoard after 10 minutes every time. Ugly, laggy and unintuitive.
  • Wow a lot of people here saying good things about Swiftkey. In my experience, it feels average... if I wasn't a Microsoft fan, I wouldnt be giving it a second chance and would ditch it for gboard right away..
  • so because you're a MS fan, you use whatever they have no matter if it's junk or not? LOL
  • What? I've been using Swiftkey since 2014. I absolutely love it! I wish they would add undo and a search for emojis but besides that it works perfectly, no one else comes close with predictions. 
  • That's why the Scribe can't come soon enough.
  • Wait... what?
  • Pardon! Microsoft is a sorry mess!
  • I actually couldn't stand SwiftKey on W10M, it was incredible on WP8.1 but it just never worked anywhere near as well on the newer OS. I haven't bothered trying it on Android, I just use GBoard.
  • The article seems like either clickbait or like "Give us money or we will bash you on one of the biggest Windows/Microsoft Fan blog". Or may be a mispublished article from Android Central. I'm using this keyboard from last 2 years before any relation with Microsoft and Swiftkey. 1st year in android along with W10M Keyboard and last year only in andoid(as finally moved to android). But since then I'm in love with this Keyboard. Initially flow writing was not so good. But it gets better with use, and now it has AI implementation. I bet any keyboard to come close with it in prediction. 
  • I tried a lot keyboard and SwiftKey is far the best keyboard for Android for me. Also much better than the Microsoft keyboard on Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Swiftkey feels great to me on the Redmi note 3. Installed it after this article just to check it out and it feels great. No problems here.
  • No problems on the LG v30
  • Why on earth do you excuse yourself everytime, for bashing a mediocre product from MS??? If it's bad, it's bad! No need to excuse yourself jeeezz...Yes, swiftkey is a hot mess and it's even more of a mess, how MS was so incompetent in failing to bring the WP8.1 keyboard to Android!
  • I have used Swiftkey on iOS, and it thought that it was terrible. It would just keep mixing the only two languages that allows at the same time. However, I think there was no lag on iOS. I just downloaded a keyboard that could allow you to keep two or more SEPARATE languages, with an option to switch quickly among them. I chose the not so known TouchPal, and it works very well.
  • Nasty keyboard!
  • Just switched from Lumia 950 to Nokia 5. I was really worried that the keyboard would be horrible, but Swiftkey works just fine!
  • I completely disagree - SwiftKey has been running without any issues on my (definitely not high-end but more or less pure) Google One Xiami Mi A1. The problems you have might have something to do with customizations that manufacturers (especially Samsusng is notorius here) make to Android.    Sop far, SwiftKey has been running flowlessly, and I really like that it can mix and guess words from different languages (I miss that on my Lumia 950XL where I have to switch between languages to type a word in the other one). Swiping is also quick and not laggy at all (mind you it's Snapdragon 625, not the high-end 835 you have). And over time, it getsa faster and faster as well (just as it is with W10M keyboard). The one thing SwiftKey does better than W10M keyboard is when not using swiping but typing instead - somehow it (almost) always taps on the right character, unlike on L950 where it misses a lot of the correct ones for me. 
  • Blackberry had allways the best keyboards ... when you write in english it just so marvellous since the Z10. But then you write German (I'm a German, so approx. 50% of my texts are written in German), or Romanian, it gets terrible messy with wrong words, it even corrects correct words with missspelled ones. I tried a lot of different keyboards on Android, and for me swiftkey is clearly the best "compromise" after coming from the awesome win10 keyboard.
  • No problem on my phone, much better than the standard Android Keyboard.
  • Text prediction is awful compared to wm10 which was awful compared to wp8.1, I think this is what happens when a is based on bag input, aka the (indicated Mars) uneducated masses,
  • I've been using SwiftKey since the beginning. I agree while on Windows Phone it started great, went through a terrible phase during the windows 10 transition where all prediction and stored learning were lost and then got solid again. I used it on my last windows phone, an HP Elite x3. It worked well. I am now on a galaxy s8+ using Microsoft Launcher and using SwiftKey. I've given it permission to learn my word usage. It has worked fine for me. Very little correction by me and word suggestion is great. There will always be some tradeoffs in different keyboards used but to say it's some sort of abomination makes me wonder where the author's original intent came from.
    Oh, the above was written at a fast pace using SwiftKey with only a couple words needing correction.
  • You do know that Swiftkey was bought by Microsoft?  I didnt see this in the article, but I might have missed it, so they didn't develop it from the ground up and I'm betting that Google has changed some underlying android programming that is causing issues with swiftkey in their quest to make things more friendly for windows in android and mult-tasking.  I'm willing to bet it all gets sorted out in the end.
  • Little bit hyperbolic, but on the whole I agree. Microsoft's keyboard efforts outside of Windows are baffling.
  • What I miss the most on a non-W10M keyboard is the blue dot, the little dot between the Z and X keys at the bottom to use for cursor movement... much better than taping with the finger in the textbox trying to position the cursor.
  • Try GBoard's space key gesture (needs to be enabled in settings)
  • Maybe that was your personal experience. I don't face any problems with SwiftKey. I have been using it for the last 18 months and I faced zero issues.
  • SwiftKey works just fine on my Note 8. Granted, the cursor button and double tap to end a sentence are missing, but the overall performance of SwiftKey has been pretty good for me.
  • I used Swiftkey(it's the stock keyboard on Sony phones) for about a month before switching to Gboard. I found it's multilingual typing and gestures(type, cursor control, delete) much faster and more accurate. It's been 9 months now and I never looked back.
  • You're nuts!! I hated the stock Android keyboard on my Note 8, switched to SwiftKey, and LOVE it. It's WAY better than the stock keyboard. And no, I won't install some third-party junk just to get a keyboard. 
  • swiftkey is 3rd party.
  • On some Companies like Huawei, SwiftKey is preinstalled.
  • Do you know of any other OEMs that preinstall SwiftKey? 
  • When Microsoft bought Swiftkey it was one of the leading Android keyboards along with Swype. Since then, Gboard et al have come along and Swiftkey has hardly moved. But none of that matters. The main problem is - why doesn't Windows 10 have shape writing on the onscreen keyboard yet? Drives me mad! I was hoping it would be integrated shortly after the purchase, but no.
  • Windows 10 does offer shape writing on the on-screen keyboard with the Fall Creators Update. Where have you been?
  • The information at the link to the Blackberry Manager says that you have to install ALL the Blackberry apps in order for the keyboard to "learn" properly. How does installing all the other apps affect the running of Android 8.x on a Pixel2? (Sorry, I'm a recent Windows Phone user, too, and I don't know yet all the ins and outs of Android)
  • I have never had an issue. SwiftKey has been my go to keyboard on Android forever. Love it. I am using it now on the Samsung Note 8.
  • This is hilarious!! Great read Zac! first you bash a keyboard that is a carryover from another platform, and then you reccomend the BLACKBERRY keyboard?!?!?! OMG that's damn genius....
  • The complete opposite for me. All the others I've tried were complete trash compared to swift key, though swift key is far from perfect and can be quite bad still if you mix 2 or more languages together.
  • I tried them all but I'll stick with SwiftKey
  • Zac is right, IMO.  SwiftKey is downright bad.  I don't notice the lag so much, but that's not the issue for me.  My biggest aggravations are twofold, both regarding word flow typing (or swipe or shape typing if that's what you prefer to call it).  First, if the keyboard selects the wrong word based on my swipe, you have to backspace out the entire word.  The excellent Win10 keyboard, like the Blackberry one, requires that you only backspace over the last character, and it removes the entire word.  Secondly, it's terrible at interpreting my swipes.  I never had this problem with Win10's keyboard and, having just tried out the Blackberry offering, I see much greater accuracy there as well.  Until SwiftKey ups its game, I'm done with it.
  • Tried it, I had the reverse experience. SwiftKey is much better!
  • I really thought SwiftKey seemed to be getting worse although I did stick with it.  Thanks for the recommendation of the Blackberry keyboard.  My wife and I switched to it, and it is a much better implementation.  Microsoft should take notes.
  • SwiftKey was one of the best Android keyboards for years. Then MIcrosoft bought it and the quality has gone down lately. I've switched GBoard a few months ago...
  • Give Swype+Dragon a try. very close to swift key when it was still good. Better than Gboard. 
  • SwiftKey is the best keyboard out there. I have been using it for many years. Before it was bought by Microsoft it used to host analytical end on Amazon AWS so it is quite possible MS converted it to much slower Azure based servers if some people experience slow respond.It is fast it is snappy even with flow typing it works like a charm on my S7 Edge and LG G5. It comes with bags of extras like number row, arrows row, clipboard shortcuts, cloud based email & SMS analyser - leaner - personificator tailoring your typing just for you. I am typing in 3 different languages and it tailors it for each one. None of the other keyboard capable of doing this so far.   I have installed Blackberry keyboard now and it has not got spelling for multiple languages, arrows key are on a seperate tab which is an extra touch in comparision to SwiftKey and worse than everything it is heavy and slowed down my phone HUGLY! You can not go to settings of the keyboard straight from the keyboard (you have to open the app to configure it), it has not got clipboard shortcuts etc. You can not even switch among languages on Blackberry keyboard!!! Utter rubbish keyboard. Uninstalling. . Looks like unfair and biased article. I will leave it here.
  • Switftkey is worthless.. Horrible at suggestng words or even figuring out what you are trying to swipe. The only advantageit has over anyother keyboard I haven used is the arrow keys always on the keyboard with ouy having to make an extra click to access them and many more choices for themes (if that important to you)  other than that its a waste of system memory. 
  • SwiftKey was so bad for me, I had to uninstall it.  Terrible experience compared to stock Android keyboard.
  • Hello Zac. So am using a Galaxy Note Edge, just installed the Blackberry keyboard you recommended but can't get the shape writing to work. What do you think could be wrong?
  • This is a timely and appropriately placed article for me.   Like Zac, I have been increasingly frustrated by SwiftKey on my Android device (Galaxy Note 8) after being initially very happy with it.   Maybe it's just misplaced frustration over Windows Mobile generally being directed at Zac, but the gratuitous vitriol is regoddmamdiculous.  IMHO.  He has made observations about SwiftKey and has also formed and conveyed an opinion, which many share.  If you do not, fine, let's hear why and where he's wrong and what might be a better alternative.  Unless I'm missing something, it is hard to divine someone's ulterior motives from a simple keyboard preference. For some reason, I have not been able to install either BlackBerry Manager or the BlackBerry Keyboard.  
  • Someone got a new roll of word of the day toilet paper....
  • I finally got way to frustrated with Swift key. I'm now conviced this is the same crappy keyboard that was on Windows Phone 8.1 and windows mobile. After a short grudging time with GBoard (so google can spy on you even closer) I found swype+dragon. A very nice key board. I still have some issues, but have worked through the vast majority, Very easy and intuituve to use. Highly reccomeded. 
  • SwiftKey was slowing my whole system down. I've switched to Gboard, and everything works much better. It's sad, because I liked SwiftKey.
  • @Zac:
    Sometimes I think you should try a different job! First off, all those Keyboards are language dependent. So your rant is kinda really unnecessary. Secondly, SwiftKey has the benefit of having 2 language predictions at the same time. That is a really big benefit for spanglish, denglisch, ... Also, your key-popup argument seems invalid for fast typers (even on your video). You yourself just look at the word you type not on the keypopups.  Lastly I have to say, that I have never had a worse keyboard than on my Windows Phone. Slow as ****, could hardly autocorrect correctly and swyping was even worse (German seems like a different story bro). 
  • Zac, I completely agree with you. I switched to Android (Google Pixel 2) about two months ago and I have tried a few keyboards. SwiftKey and GBoard are the best two that I've tried, but the both pale in comparison to the Windows 10 Mobile keyboard. It is incredible how many words it types wrong on these keyboards! There have also been several times where SwiftKey just types the first letter I touch when using swipe to type. I appreciate the recommendation and I am downloading the BlackBerry keyboard to give it a try now. I hope it comes close to the Windows Phone keyboard.