Microsoft's Tellme app demoed on the Sprint Intrepid

We're still not entirely sold on the whole voice command thing when it comes to mobile phones (though admittedly it's very helpful while driving). But you've gotta admit Microsoft's Tellme service (whose purchase allowed Windows Mobile to put the old Voice Command out to pasture) looks pretty compelling. Sure, it's a few extra steps to do basic functions, so it's probably not something we'd use while walking down the street. But it absolutely would be handy in a car, and you have to admit the speech-to-text is pretty cool.

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Phil Nickinson

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  • one question....WHERE THE HELL IS THE TELLME APP!!!??
    it was supposed to be released with market place.
  • I like that the app works well in decoding what you say. My friend has a Samsung Rogue and it has a feature where you can dictate a text message rate.. well the success rate on that seems to be 20%. I mean it gets everything wrong and you have to say things very slowly. Well this TELLME app seems to work quite well. The guy just spoke normally and it new what he said. Pretty Cool.
  • They should have made the button on the side where it would have a more natural feel as opposed to on the front. I would use that app for everything
  • Seems compelling indeed. In line with MrRisto's comment, I think it needs a more accessible button.
  • did you see how fast the website loaded? The internet is quick on that thing. Good sprint network
  • When Tellme first came out, I developed a few VXML apps on it and was quite impressed. Their showcase apps were also very good and even now I hear the familiar Tellme jingle when I call some service numbers. I am excited about it. Where is the cab?