Microsoft's Xbox Adaptive Controller on display at London's V&A museum

Microsoft's Xbox Adaptive Controller is one of the company's most important products in recent times, allowing gamers with a wide variety of disabilities to play their favorite titles with ease.

And now, coinciding with its launch, the London V&A museum has added the controller to its gallery dedicated to groundbreaking moments in design.

"The Xbox Adaptive Controller was an object that we thought very much captured a specific moment within the field of videogames but also more broadly about social and inclusive design. It's a real opportunity to bring an object into the collection that addresses the question of inclusive design head on. It's an important and attractive acquisition for us here at the V&A."

It lies in the Rapid Response Collecting area of the museum and will have a permanent place here. It joins Microsoft's previously added Minecraft related items which reside in the Museum of Childhood area.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller should be available to order in the UK from September 4 for a local price of £74.99 with a shipping date of September 30.

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Richard Devine
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