Mike Ybarra: New Xbox Avatars delayed until 2018

At E3 2017 the company even said that they would launch in Fall 2017. Not only would the new Avatars feature a completely new look, but they would also be more customizable for individuals with disabilities. Since then we haven't heard much about a concrete release date or other updates on their progress.

Unfortunately, according to Corporate Vice President of Xbox and Windows Gaming Mika Ybarra, the feature should launch in 2018. This is definitely disheartening news but it's understandable given the fact that they're revamping a lot of content. However, many gamers will be upset about this because this is the latest delay in a long list of them which include games like Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves, and State of Decay 2.

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The old Xbox Avatars have been around for years and they don't cater to everyone. A revamp was long overdue and it's surprising that it didn't happen sooner. One of the major exclusions numerous gamers continuously asked Microsoft to implement was the ability to add wheelchairs and prosthetics to their characters.

If you use a wheelchair or any other prosthetic, these new Avatars include ways you can tailor them to fit your needs. It's unclear why they weren't included in the first place as it's a rather significant oversight. Organizations like Special Effect increasing their collaboration with gaming companies like Microsoft may have led to this change. Here's hoping we won't have to wait too long for the new Avatars to drop next year.

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Asher Madan

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  • I just hope for new Avatar games. Joy Ride Turbo needs a successor. Fantastic game.
  • Yeah they need more family games using them imo
  • I hope they have enough facial hair choices and colour combinations and texture for hair.
  • Hope they make some cool games to use them in.
  • I'm not anti-Avatar but I can find more use for Kinect than I can for Avatars. 
  • The Xbox 360 had better integration like in some racing games. I hear you.
  • Why not both?
  • I'm all for having both if Microsoft would just explain what they're being used for.  My only guess is Avatars will be used in Mixed Reality as your digital representation.
  • Yep. I can't see it being as big as it got on 360 for that brief period.
  • Coming Soon - 2018
  • Over budget and behind schedule! Honestly, they should just announce everything with a "Delay Date," rather than a release date. Still waiting on that new wireless receiver they announced for August, only to literally announce the 6-month delay on its release date.  
  • Lol, now Microsoft can't even get freaking avatars released on time; the whole ship is just going down the ******* under Nadella;    
  • It would be great if I were able to use my avatar in "The Sims 4"
  • I'm not too disappointed that the new Xbox Avatar it's being delayed until 2018. My hopes are for this Spring 2018 with release of Xbox Exclusive title games that will use the new Xbox Avatars. The Xbox One needs more family friendly titles parents can play with thier kids. That and I do miss Poker on my Xbox.
  • Ahhhhh... Nutella found out about the new avatars.
  • He's massively in support of them. His own son has a wheelchair.
  • As long as I can keep my Deathstroke Costume from Arkham Origins...