Minecraft on consoles expands its Battle arenas, brings in the Redstone Specialists

Mojang has announced two new DLC packs that are dropping for Minecraft on consoles. First is Battle Map Pack 2, which offers new maps for Minecraft's Battle mini-game and the Redstone Specialists pack.

From Mojang on Battle Map Pack 2:

First up, there's Battle Map Pack 2. This competitive bundle includes three maps created exclusively for the Battle mini-game - Atlantis, Ruin and Siege. The pack costs $2.99 USD or equivalent, and comes with guaranteed good times. You can see some hot Battle action taking place in the screenshot below.

The developer also had this to say about the Redstone Specialists character pack:

We're also adding the Redstone Specialists skin pack to all console editions. Pocket/Windows 10 players might already be familiar with these hot looks. If you've been yearning for way to express your love of Redstone or just like the quirky styling of these technical wizards, pick up the pack for $2.99 USD or equivalent. As always, everyone gets a few of these skins for free.

You'll be able to grab these add-ons from the Xbox Store soon.

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Joseph Keller