New beast-themed Glide maps soar into Minecraft Console Edition

A trio of beast-themed maps is now available as DLC for Minecraft's Glide mini-game on consoles. Fittingly called the Beast Track Pack lets you glide around gigantic, mythical beasts as you compete against for the best score on each map.

Each map is named and themed after one of the three monsters that it features: Kraken, Yeti, and Dragon. In the Kraken map, for example, you'll soar around a gigantic Kraken, flanked by a massive ship with water below. The Yeti map features a massive version of the furry creature in an icy wonderland, while the Dragon map includes a Chinese dragon surrounded by a set based on the Chinese Mythology texture pack.

The new Glide mini-game launched on consoles in March, shipping with only one map. In Glide, you can compete with up to 16 other players to either net the fastest time in Time Attack mode, or score the most points in Score Attack by gliding through hoops. Along the way, you can keep an eye out for and leverage speed boosts and thermal drafts to give you an advantage.

If you've been enjoying Glide since its launch in March, you can add a bit of extra flavor to your map selection with the Beast Track Pack now.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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