Minecraft Dungeons has a major secret Diablo fans will love (spoilers)

Minecraft Dungeons Secret
Minecraft Dungeons Secret (Image credit: Windows Central)

Minecraft Dungeons launches on May 26 as part of Xbox Game Pass and on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. It takes an old-school approach to action RPG gameplay, focusing entirely on the gear grind as you ascend increasingly difficult tiers filled with swarms of gradually more powerful mobs.

As we get deeper and deeper into the endgame, not only are we discovering some insane weapons and armor with cool intersecting effects, but we're finding more and more hidden levels and secrets. Initially, we thought the game only had two hidden levels, but as of writing we have now found four, and our friends at Lords of Gaming have now found a fifth, and it's one level Diablo fans will love.

Warning: Don't read if you want to avoid spoilers!

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Minecraft Dungeons' is tied together with a central Camp, where you can trade Emeralds for random loot with villagers, and sort out your gear, and select which missions to undertake with your pals. The Camp area is suspiciously big. Indeed, searching around the area, you can find a few hidden chests and things like that.

As we get deeper into the game, we've started uncovering all sorts of crazy secrets that are truly, truly hidden, without any hints or waypoints. Every now and then, I've been able to find secret doors and hidden switches by searching around. Some require rolling off ledges that look as though they will kill you, but sometimes fortune favors the brave.

After some crazy parkour skills in the Camp, you can access a hall which features pixel-style artwork of the Minecraft Dungeons' dev team. However, there's also a painting you can interact with, giving you hints to a collection of runes you can find that grant access to a special Diablo 2-tribute level. Yes. It is the cow level.

Minecraft Dungeons Cow Level (Image credit: Lords of Gaming)

Minecraft Dungeons Cow Level (Image credit: Lords of Gaming)

Source: Lords of Gaming

Simply titled "Moo?" the level is populated by lovable Mooshroom cows, which spawn in Minecraft's famed Mushroom Fields biome. The level is a tribute to the infamous Cow level from Diablo II. Awesome.

We're still working out the full list of steps to access the Cow level for ourselves, but a big shoutout to Lords of Gaming for finding it first. See the video below for more details on how to access it for yourself!

Minecraft Dungeons is a far larger game than some reviews might have you believe, with piles of secrets and a rewarding loot-oriented gameplay loop that fans of classic ARPGs should enjoy. And if you'll excuse me, I have loot to go and grind.

We reviewed Minecraft Dungeons using a copy provided by Microsoft, on a Windows 10 PC.

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