Minecraft is headed to the Apple TV


Microsoft has worked to bring Minecraft to practically any platform you can think of, and now you can add another to that list: Apple TV. Apple revealed on stage at its fall Mac event that the game will soon be available on its set-top box.

No timeframe was given for launch, but it looks like Minecraft is certainly determined to inhabit anything that can play games. Given that Minecraft is already available for iOS with its Pocket Edition, it's likely that the Apple TV version will be very similar. However, it looks like we'll have to wait a bit longer to find out.

While some Microsoft faithful might jeer at the thought of another Microsoft-owned property heading to an Apple platform, it's hard to argue with Minecraft's multi-platform success so far.

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  • Yess!! From today i can play this in my imaginary apple tv!!
  • Minecraft coming to Apple TV is a bigger win for Microsoft than it is Apple. That being said, I doubt it'll be that popular on Apple TV.
  • Yes. What you said it exactly right.... Why would anyone down vote this? It's most likely true.
  • For the second year in a row, the most exciting announcements coming out of an Apple event are Microsoft products. Poor Apple fans. Anyway, what OS does Apple TV use? It's own? Or it runs iOS apps? I worry about Mojang spreading themselves too thin having to constantly update 489 different versions of Minecraft.
  • Apple TV Gen 4 runs Apple's tvOS. Gen 1 ran Apple TV software based on MacOS X, and Gens 2/3 ran Apple TV software based on iOS.
  • Yikes. Sounds like they're rebooting Apple TV as often as Microsoft rebooted Windows Phone!
  • Once?
  • Oh, yes. Poor Apple fans.. Lol. Right.
  • Apple is very stubborn , they should develop their official stock app for Windows Mobile.
    Poor apple!
  • I like adding "poor Apple" to these comments. Is that a new thing here now? Are we past, "wen in India", "seems faster", etc.
  • I wont be happy until Minecraft is on AppleWatch!
  • Why shouldnt you be able to view the map or your inventory on your watch? ;)
  • I renew my prediction Minecraft will be a Nintendo Switch launch title.
  • Tbh it's pretty much guaranteed to hit Switch sooner or later. MS wants their services on as many products as possible and Minecraft seems to be the prime example.
  • welp.
  • Let the whining commence....
  • I've never seen an apple TV box. No one I know has one. Everyone either uses their Xbox one, virgin box or sky box. Personally I just got rid of Virgin TV. And use Nowtv on Xbox One, with Netflix and TV Chanell apps. Save myself £40 a month and have access to the same stuff I had before. Bit no need to record as I can access all boxsets anytime.
  • Minecraft on Apple TV was the biggest announcement from Apple today, everything else was so boring and uninteresting comparing with yesterday's ms event and Surface studio
  • Yeah
  • Signs of the apocalypse: 1: Cubs v Indians 2: Apple event upstaged by MS day before.
  • What the heck is Apple TV? Is it like banana TV or raspberry TV? ??
  • Yes, but much much blander
  • Bad Joke is Bad Joke.
  • Minecraft on Apple TV was one of the highlights of the event. Poor Apple! It looks like they've been relegated to the role of follower now that Microsoft is back in the game.
  • Nadella is an iDiot
  • Nothing to see here, keep it moving..