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Minecraft: Java Edition fixes a few critical issues with 1.17.1 Release Candidate 2

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update Image
Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update Image (Image credit: Mojang Studios | Twitter)

What you need to know

  • Minecraft: Java Edition is currently testing the 1.17.1 patch update for 1.17 'Caves and Cliffs Update' Part One.
  • Mojang Studios apparently found some additional issues with the first 1.17.1 Release Candidate, and has now fixed them.
  • 1.17.1 Release Candidate 2 is now available to testers, with no new changes or fixes listed in the changelog.
  • As long as nothing else comes up, this is the build that will be released to all Minecraft: Java Edition players in the near future.

Before departing for the weekend, Mojang Studios released Minecraft: Java Edition 1.17.1 Release Candidate 1 to testers on PC, which stood a good chance at becoming the public build that would be released in the near future. Now, Mojang has revealed that they discovered and patched a handful of critical issues with the initial release candidate, and those fixes are now available to testers. Minecraft: Java Edition 1.17.1 Release Candidate 2 is here.

The changes in this snapshot aren't listed in an official changelog, but Mojang does mention that a few critical issues were resolved. As long as testers don't run into any other lingering problems, the 1.17.1 patch update for Minecraft and its Caves and Cliffs Update should arrive very soon (likely within the next week).

This update won't include any significant new features or changes for Minecraft players, and instead focuses on polishing the recently released 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update Part One with a ton of bug fixes and improvements. Mojang Studios will want to ensure the current public update is as stable as possible before they begin active testing on 1.18 Part Two, expected to release in Winter 2021.

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Zachary Boddy
Zachary Boddy

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