Minecraft: Java Edition releases another snapshot with further additions for 'the Nether Update'

A magma slime in the Nether
A magma slime in the Nether (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Minecraft is releasing a new snapshot to the Java Edition that's available now.
  • The Java Edition of Minecraft is the oldest and biggest version of Minecraft.
  • It gets updated regularly, and experiments with new features all the time.
  • The new snapshot introduces more changes to the Nether as part of 'the Nether Update.'

Mojang is hot on the heels of their last Java Edition snapshot that features even more updates and changes that are expecting in the upcoming release, 'the Nether Update.' This update is the first time any significant alterations will be made to the Nether, which is the closest thing Minecraft has to Hell. Mojang seems to be pretty aggressive about testing new features and additions before the games eventual release later this year.

The newest snapshot also features an extensive changelog, focusing almost entirely on improving upon the last release. Changes include adding a brand-new mob, adding further functionality to another slightly-less-new mob, and making tweaks to a few other things. The snapshot also includes of ton of new fixes and optimizations.

Some of the highlights of the new snapshot include:

  • Endermen now interact with some of the new blocks in the Nether: Before, endermen pretty much pretended the new nether blocks didn't exist. Now, endermen can pick most of them up. Endermen also now don't mess with netherrack.
  • The wither can also be summoned with soul soil as well as soul sand: If you really wanted to fight the big guy, you can summon him with soul soil.
  • Netherite can now be used with beacons: This includes using netherite blocks to build the base, or using netherite ingots as fuel.
  • Hoglins now actually do stuff: Before, hoglins kind of sat around and didn't do much. Now, hoglins have a personality. These are very aggressive beasts that can drop pork and leather if you beat one. They love crimson fungi, but hate warped fungi. Piglins try and hunt these guys, with mixed results.
  • Piglins have been added: The greatly anticipated new mob is here. Piglins are a lot like villagers in the fact that they are their own civilization, and even have an economy revolving around gold. These mobs are very aggressive to anyone who isn't wearing a full suit of gold armor, and will attack players if they notice anyone mining gold or opening chests. If you meet their criteria, you can trade with them by throwing gold ingots on the ground in front of them.

There are a ton of smaller changes and additions that have made their way into this update as well. If you're interested, you can check out Minecraft's blog here.

The more information we get about 'the Nether Update' for Minecraft, the more excited we get. It's increasingly obvious that Mojang is prepping one chonky boi of an update, if you'll forgive my French. Those of you who want to take this new snapshot out for a whirl, learn everything you need to know about snapshots before you do so.

What do you think about 'the Nether Update?' Are there any other changes you want to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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