Minecraft: Story Mode's first episode is now free on Windows 10 and Xbox One

Minecraft has always been about adventuring your way, and the gradual progression you make from a fledgling crafter to a seemingly invincible wizard of ores. Minecraft: Story Mode takes you on a journey featuring a hero named Jesse and their friends, in a Minecraft world full of adventures, perils and most importantly, good times - and now, its first episode is free.

In Minecraft: Story Mode, you'll traverse the Overworld, go through the Nether and even find yourself at The End. You and your friends look up to the slayers of the Ender Dragon, The Order of the Stone. When the opportunity to meet an Order member at Endercon arises, something goes terribly wrong, and Jesse and pals are on a quest to find the Order and save the world.

This episodic game from Telltale is one of their many crowning achievements, with other successful games such as The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead already holding a firm and favorite place in many people's gaming collection.

With Minecraft: Story Mode Season One all wrapped up, Telltale are now offering the first episode - The Order of Stone, for free. But wait, there's more!

Prices for the Season Pass, Adventure Pass, Season Pass Deluxe and Complete Adventure Pass have also been discounted to reflect the first episode now being free. The Minecraft: Story Mode Complete Adventure retail disc has also be repriced accordingly.

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Lauren Relph

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