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Minecraft's next update is going to be huge, taking the adventure underwater

Minecraft 'Super Duper Graphics Pack'
Minecraft 'Super Duper Graphics Pack' (Image credit: Mojang Studios)

Minecraft is a craft 'em up extravaganza taking place in a blocky, Lego-like world. Users can mine resources, build huge castles, and even craft complex machines using the game's circuit logic and other mechanisms.

The team at Microsoft has been hard at work on a new engine for the game, that allows it to run across Windows 10, iOS, Android, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch using the same codebase. Players on the "bedrock" editions of the game can all connect and play together on rentable dedicated servers known as Minecraft Realms.

What's next for Minecraft, you might be asking? Well, in a recent interview Microsoft spilled all the beans to us.

Update Aquatic

The most exciting thing on the horizon for Minecraft is the next update, dubbed "Update Aquatic." This will add boatloads of new features to the game's oceanic areas, including coral reefs, shipwrecks, new aquatic species, and more.

In the update, players will also be able to access new enchantments to help them traverse the depths, and a new weapon in the form of a Trident, allowing players greater efficiency when fighting mobs in the sea.

The update will include things like new tropical fish with randomly generated colors. You'll even be able to capture them in buckets and make your very own aquarium, too. The update will include puffer fish (complete with the ability to puff) and various other oceanic species, breathing new life into the game's mostly barren underwater locations.

Xbox One X update "imminent"

Update: We also heard that the awaited Xbox One X Super Duper graphics pack release will be "imminent," although it seems as though to Mojang, "imminent" means 2018. Previously the Microsoft Store listed a December launch date, but was since pulled.

The Super Duper Graphics Pack will add 4K resolution, new 3D objects and items for environments such as grass, reflective lighting on surfaces, and volumetric sunshine giving the game's world a new sense of depth and immersion. It also includes stunning new water effects and much bigger draw distances, giving Xbox One X owners an experience that is currently only available with mods on the Java PC version.

Minecraft is coming to Adventure Time

Following on from the Adventure Time skin pack, Cartoon Network and Mojang are teaming up for a special Minecraft episode of Adventure Time in the summer of 2018.

Awesome future for Minecraft fans

With the Bedrock Edition of the game shipped, the developers can turn their attention back to shipping large updates such as the Aquatic update, while bringing more polish to the cross-platform versions of the title.

Stay tuned to Windows Central for all the latest on Minecraft.

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  • Very surprised they didn't have any update about VR mode for Windows Mixed Reality.
  • It's already in beta.
  • I hope the let Windows 10 Edition users take advantage of the same enhancements as the Xbox One X.
  • "All players will have control of these mechanics, REGARDLESS of platform." You're welcome.
  • 'The pack will be released on Xbox One and Windows 10, performing best on high-end PCs and Project Scorpio.'
  • Funny how the Xbox One X is still referred to as Project Scorpio sometimes. Love it!
  • I want to know about Switch crossplay! My friends have been waiting for it so I can play with them via Xbox!
  • Isn't it already live?
  • The Super Duper graphics update is coming in 2018. The aquatic update is much needed, but they need to fix the buggy mess that is Bedrock currently. Also, they need to stop being dumb about taking away coordinates.
  • I play on Bedrock all the time and I haven't found any bugs on the Windows Central realm? Are they higher-level bugs with contraptions and stuff?
  • Did you transfer your world from Xbox One Edition to Bedrock? That's where most of the bigger bugs occur.
  • I played like 630-640 hours with Windows 10 Edition, and it's mostly bugfree. There were annoying ones, like villagers "escaping" from their chambers in iron farms on realms when you log out than back in, and all entities disappearing after a chunk is unloaded and then never showing up again, but those are fixed now. There's only one annoying bug in the current version that I discovered. If you are playing with a controller, sometimes the game stops detecting it, and no matter what you press, nothing happens. This mostly happens after traveling long distances in minecarts, so it's annoying when you have a massive transportation system with stations, subway and train lines and nether tunnels also filled with minecart rails :D But luckily, it doesn't happen often.
  • I am still not quite figuring out so I'm just asking here: will the update include the shaders for the normal Xbox one too? (without 4k?) I mean, why wouldn't it?
  • It won't. On pc shaders are killing performance on OC Asus strix gtx 1060(the most powerful nonref 1060) and i7 6700k. Base Xbox one won't handle it.
  • This type of shaders are optimized and written with c++, so they are simply better, also in the mojang site, they said that this super duper graphics pack is coming for pc xbox one and xbox one x
  • The 4k update for Xbox One X will come to the base version of the game also for free?
  • The update is free but it won't do 4k on original Xbox one
  • I wish they used a different host. Maybe it was just me but I thought he was being rude.
  • He really sounded disinterested and unengaged. Like he was just using a canned "I like it!" "That's so cool!" etc after every sentence.