Torch for Band adds a mini flashlight to your Microsoft Band

With the recent arrival of the Microsoft Band SDK, we get to see a steady rise in apps for the fitness wearable. A new one just arrived, and it is called Torch for Band. Brought to you by the same folks who have also made Pimp My Band, Torch for Band is a nifty and useful app.

The idea behind Torch for Band is simple: make the display on the Microsoft Band all white. Much like early flashlight apps on Windows Phone, this white screen gives just enough light in a pinch to make it useful.

Torch for Band works by installing a new Tile with a lightbulb icon right onto your Band. You just tap the bulb at any time to make the display entirely white.

Since current Microsoft Band apps cannot adjust screen brightness, you are better off leaving your Band on high for the display brightness or just deal with lower brightness when using Torch in the dark. Also, depending on how long you are using Torch, you may need to tap the screen to keep the display alive.

Overall, Torch for Band is a novel app for Microsoft Band owners. It won't change the world, but we like seeing clever things like this arrive the nascent Band. Best of all, Torch for Band is entirely free.

Download Torch for Band for Windows Phone 8.1 (Free)

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Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Great to see all the new apps but MS should definitely increase the number of tiles on the band.
  • I'm pretty sure the band has like megabytes of onboard storage, so this may be the max in v1. Its one of the reasons I'm waiting on Band 2.
  • I'm sure most of these apps are super tiny in size.  They could add a tile or two.  They could also slip "sleep" into the clock menu and put bike, running, and guided workouts under the workout menu. That would save me a few tiles that I could use for other things.
  • Yeah, Exercise, Bike, Run, Workout could all be under 1 tile or 2 tiles.  If 2 - Exercise/Workout, Run/Bike
  • This.
  • I guess band v1 is their trial. With band two... Ish will be crazy
  • Would explain why they're reluctant to release it outside the US. America is their beta test sample.
  • Speedy Daniel! Great work Fela! Terrific Dev. He found a way when it wasn't originally possible.
  • Brings adds
  • yeah, a good app! great job Fela!
  • Rubino loves me :3
  • :)
  • I just like your Lenses.
  • Really simple app, created it because I needed it :)
  • Lol. Thanks for sharing then.
  • Microsoft needs to be Authenticator to the Band.
  • This is a clever idea.
  • Indeed.
  • I'd buy a Band just for this, to be honest. It'd also be so cool if V2.0 had NFC built in for mobile payments. :P
  • This is pretty awesome. I'm gonna have a cool ecosystem to tap into when I get my Band 2 or Band 3.
  • Just like waiting for a flagship.
  • yep, they will always be waiting
  • Microsoft should build the next band with LED flash.
  • And a pull out keyboard
  • 4" display too.
  • And maybe even a way to make calls and call it a "smartphone"..wait..
  • And a camera, lol
  • Don't forget the BoomSound speaker!
  • At least 41 megapixels
  • Actually, galaxy gear has a really cool camera attached to either the band, or the watch itself... I've seen it in action, and it works really nice..
    Need camera & flash on the MSB2.
  • Disagree on the camera in the Galaxy Gear. I tried it out at Best Buy and it was just bad. The pictures were bad and unless there's some type of Twitter integration, its also much harder to share. I'd honestly rather just use my phone.
  • Lol.. I see, but when are you guys gonna learn... If the concept is nice on Android, but does play well with others, that doesn't mean that MS can't make it better...
    It has its uses, especially if implemented right...
  • And a Wacom pen!
  • Gotta be able to take notes on it.
  • Miracast please. My band needs to be broadcast on my 4k TV
  • I need to be able to stream my Xbox One games to it
  • With connectable Xbox controllers
  • With bit torrent client.
  • Don't forget an interface to turn the dishwasher on
  • ...and a projector!
  • Love it
  • In you face iwatch!!!
  • I'm sure they are crying themselves to sleep over this....
  • Yeah no doubt
  • Lol.
  • This is an awesome app. Love it. Solves several problems for me.
  • Thank you for this useful app. Add the possibility to have a red flashlight (for night vision/reading maps) and it will be perfect.
  • Working on it :)
  • Pip-boy light :D
  • Too many different apps for basic functionally
  • I know right?! It's like, "Hello, what watch DOESN'T have a built in flash light?! Wait, most of them, oooohhhhh.... Nevermind..."
  • I remember I asked for this in the forums and my prayers were answered. Good job Devs!
  • I read some idiots wrote that you couldn't make apps for the band, what a bunch of wanna be one can even TOUCH Windows Central. =P
  • Micro SD added to band 2 ftw
  • Hell yes❗❗❗ Terrific idea.... MS has too be bold enough to go all out, or nobody will ever take notice......
    Lesson need to be finally learned...
  • Would that even fit? And what purpose would that serve? Considering its tied to a phone anyway.
  • Leave phone at home yet stream music via Bluetooth
  • Was waiting to see when the first flashlight app for the Band would arrive! I have something up my sleeve for the Band, can't wait to show it around
  • I just have my band up my sleeve
  • Lol, good one.
  • Not bad
  • I kinda wish it was named "Torch My Band"
  • Lol yea
  • LOL.
  • It would be great to see these articles tagged with "Microsoft Band Apps" - as more and more apps come out, it would be helpful to find them just by going through that tag, instead of all articles about MSFT band
  • When will we get it here in England? Bands are all the craze here at the mo' but no sign of the Microsoft Band! Again if Microsoft get their shit together this would be a market winner and even boost Windows Phone.
  • i'm developer after build conference we will see more app for  windows 10 and sure for BAND! we are working on one EPG app either...