Torch for Band

With the recent arrival of the Microsoft Band SDK, we get to see a steady rise in apps for the fitness wearable. A new one just arrived, and it is called Torch for Band. Brought to you by the same folks who have also made Pimp My Band, Torch for Band is a nifty and useful app.

The idea behind Torch for Band is simple: make the display on the Microsoft Band all white. Much like early flashlight apps on Windows Phone, this white screen gives just enough light in a pinch to make it useful.

Torch for Band works by installing a new Tile with a lightbulb icon right onto your Band. You just tap the bulb at any time to make the display entirely white.

Since current Microsoft Band apps cannot adjust screen brightness, you are better off leaving your Band on high for the display brightness or just deal with lower brightness when using Torch in the dark. Also, depending on how long you are using Torch, you may need to tap the screen to keep the display alive.

Overall, Torch for Band is a novel app for Microsoft Band owners. It won't change the world, but we like seeing clever things like this arrive the nascent Band. Best of all, Torch for Band is entirely free.

Download Torch for Band for Windows Phone 8.1 (Free)

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