Misfit Windows Phone update adds linking and syncing to Misfit Flash

Misfit updated its app for Windows Phone, adding a way for those smartphones to link up and sync with the Misfit Flash fitness and sleep tracker for the first time. The app was originally released with support for the Misfit Shine.

Like the Shine, the Misfit Flash is a circular device about the size of a small wafer, but unlike the Shine, which is metallic, the Flash is made of plastic. While it can be strapped to a wrist with an optional band, the Flash, again like the Shine, can also be clasped to a piece or clothing, a key chain or anything designed to be placed near a body. Because of its plastic material, the Flash is much cheaper ($49.99) than the Shine ($99.99). but still comes in seven different colors.

The fact that the Misfit app can now support the cheaper Flash means that more Windows Phone users might want to get it for their fitness tracking needs.

Thanks to everyone for the tips!

Download Misfit from the Windows Phone Store (Free)

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John Callaham