Missing Sync 4 out of Beta, Adds WM6 support

I think it's safe to say this: with The Missing Sync, Version 4, Windows Mobile has better Mac syncing than it does with either XP or Vista. ...There's a caveat with that, of course, in that the Missing Sync is forced to use Apple's horrendous Sync Services (so there's some weird bugs sometimes) and device support is sometimes a little tricky since Microsoft and their many manufactures don't exactly document all their custom changes. Mark/Space does a great job overcoming those hurdles, though, and I've been pretty happy with the Missing Sync overall.

I mean, really, look at some of the new features:

  • Support for devices running Windows Mobile 6
  • Sort, search, annotate, export call log history on the Mac
  • View/search SMS message history on the Mac
  • Address Book integration for call log and SMS data
  • Encodes and downloads video for mobile viewing
  • Imports video from device separately from photos
  • SyncMinder™ device management
  • Interface improvements

That's in addition to the standard PIM data sync and the already good iTunes and iPhoto integration. The Text message support is really neat, but Treo users, who have their own fancypants threaded text, should note that Missing Sync can't grab those.

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WC Staff