Mixer's Direct Purchase lets streamers recommend games and earn a little cash

Microsoft previously announced that it is working on new ways for Mixer streamers to monetize their channels, and now the first new feature to come out of that effort is rolling out. Called Direct Purchase, streamers can use the feature to allow viewers to buy games and DLC they recommend right from their stream page.

While that's a small convenience for viewers, it's also a way for broadcasters to monetize their channels: streamers earn a 5 percent payout from every purchase.

According to Microsoft, streamers will have fairly granular control over what's promoted on their channel. All Xbox and Windows 10 games and DLC in the Microsoft Store will be available, and streamers can even pick specific editions to promote. For viewers, they can make purchases without leaving the stream page and games will automatically show up in their Xbox and Windows game libraries. All of the controls for game promotion can be found in the "Manage Channel" section of your account settings.

Mixer Direct Purchase

Direct Purchase is a novel way for Microsoft to leverage its ownership of Mixer to drive more purchases to its own storefront while giving full-time streamers a new way to earn some cash. According to Microsoft, Mixer partners should start to see Direct Purchase roll out in the coming days. The feature is expected to roll out widely in the coming months.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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