For those who go back to the Nokia and Windows Phone days MixRadio was one of the go-to apps on new Lumias. At the time, it was available in more regions than Microsoft's Xbox Music (now Groove) and offered a wider range of artists. Plus, it has a rather neat radio function for streaming music on and offline.

The status of MixRadio was never really in question as the last time we reported they were still very committed to Windows Phone. The question for many is whether or not we would see a universal app from them, after all their Windows 8 Store app was simply gorgeous.

Luckily we can report that it does look like one is on the way, but it still has some to gestate. In a Tweet response to a teaser they posted, MixRadio said that the Windows 10 version is being worked on:

"not yet. but we've locked the devs in the office, and they're not getting any more pizza until it's finished."

Although hardly a slam dunk and being said in jest, we sure hope they are not kidding. MixRadio is not only a great service for many outside the U.S. but they tend to have great design principles too. We look forward to tracking this story for further updates.

Will you be using MixRadio for Windows 10 or have you moved on to another service?

Source: Twitter; via; Thanks, Maurice, for the tip!