Mobile Learning Week 2013 kicks off, Nokia lending a helping hand

Mobile Learning Week 2013 is kicking off today. The initiative is organised by UNESCO, supported by Nokia and actively explores how mobile devices can contribute to literacy and education as a whole. Mobile learning is taking over desktop computers with more people accessing the Internet from a mobile device, and the potential is being tapped into by Mobile Learning Week to empower individuals.

The initiative plays a vital role towards achieving UNESCO's Education for All (EFA) goals by 2015. Three goals that are related to the Mobile Learning Week are:

  • Improving levels of adult and youth literacy: how mobile technologies can support literacy development and increase reading opportunities
  • Improving the quality of education: how mobile technologies can support teachers and their professional development
  • Achieving gender parity and equality in education: how mobile technologies can support equal access to and achievement in basic education of good quality for all, in particular for women and girls

Nokia has been working with UNESCO (UN's Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) since 2010 on the EFA goals and has been a significant partner in helping to promote mobile learning. It makes sense for Nokia to be included in the initiatives as the company has both the technology and services in place to support such projects.

Nokia will be presenting a keynote speech on Nokia Life at UNESCO's Mobile Learning Week symposium in Paris this week. Nokia Life is a suite of education and life services that has reportedly benefited more than 90 million mobile phone owners in countries such as India, China and Nigeria. The Finnish manufacturer will also be demonstrating two tools that have been developed to aid learning:

  • Mobile Mathematics, or MoMaths, has already been used by 50,000 students in South Africa across 200 schools and is now being expanded as a global service.
  • Nokia Flashcards, created in partnership with the NGO Plan, is a mobile game that supports literacy and language learning.

Professor Francesc Pedró is leading UNESCO'swork in education and technology. Nokia Conversations managed to book a few minutes of time to interview him on mobile learning, the part that Nokia has played so far and why it can benefit teachers, pupils and families. It's well worth reading through, should you have a few minutes to spare.

No one can deny that Nokia goes the extra mile.

Source: Nokia Conversations

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