Modern Combat 5: Blackout for Windows Phone is now free-to-play with Xbox Live support

Fans of Modern Combat 5: Blackout for Windows Phone can now play the modern-day military shooter for free from now on. Publisher Gameloft has turned the game into a free-to-play title with its latest update, which includes adding Xbox Live support.

Here's what else is new with this update:

  • SUPPORT CLASS REPORTING FOR DUTY! - Heal allies; Let your teammates respawn on the spot they died
  • WEAPONS APLENTY - Extra weapon tier; New Light Machine Gun
  • MULTIPLAYER BONANZA - Dominate enemies on two beloved Modern Combat maps: Scramble and Overtime; Vote for the next map you want to battle on; Get revenge in Squad Battles by asking for a rematch.; Climb the Solo and Squad multiplayer leagues.
  • ALL-NEW MULTIPLAYER MODE: ZONE CONTROL - Capture and defend areas to rack up score superiority
  • MORE CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION -- Weapon camos, masks, logos and kill signs

As of this writing, the Windows 8.1 version of Modern Combat 5 has not been updated to be a free-to-play game; it's still $3.99. We will update this post or create a new one when or if that happens.

Thanks to everyone for the tips!

Download Modern Combat 5: Blackout from the Windows Phone Store

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John Callaham
  • No 512mb :(
  • No way this game would play half as good even as it's meant to on a 512MB device.
  • Was it smooth in 830...? I want confirm before installing in my 1320
  • The game runs ok on both my 830 and 1320.
  • Same said with MC 4 and both 4 and 5 are on Windows phone hub in for 512 ram so....shooo!! 
  • Yet it plays smoothly on my iphone4s with 512 memory... how about that?
  • With less detailed graphics than the WP version on guessing. And obviously the iphone 4s version won't be in full hd, so that's why it can run on your iphone
  • 90% of Windows Phone's made don't run in "full HD."
  • I agree, and that's where i think Gameloft messed up with this one. They made it run as though it's in hd. It sucks on my 920 with 1gb ram. And I have to get through the first mission before i cab go to the menu and see if there are aby settings. I can't even get past the first mission because of fps drop and huge lag. A game which was made for the 1520 is not gonna run well on anything else. The iphone version was made for the iphone, which doesn't gave that much variation in specs. Wp decided do vary in specs. I think if they to re the graphics down slightly and made it not try to run in hd , it would probably run well on 1gb devices and run ok on 512mb devices. It also shows game lofts commitment to wp, they can't be bothered to fix it/ optimise it. Who knows, it might just be a straight port from another os with no optimisation, which might be why it's so slow on devices even with 1gb ram
  • ok, just to reiterate, it does NOT suck on my 920. i was playing it with windows 10 mobile, which is clearly not ready for games yet. i reverted back to wp8.1 and installed and played it, and it plays like a charm. but i can still see why it would struggle on 512mb wp devices. The reason being, that the iphone 4s has a decent processor, and gpu, even though it has 512 mb ram. The problem with wp lumia devices is that the 512 mb devices have rubbish cpus and gpus, so the fact that the game doesn't support 512mb wp devices may not be down to ram, but down to cpu power and gpu power. as for the 930, it has never been supported for some reason, maybe they have a game breaking bug, who knows?
  • why i can't download the chapter 3?
  • Someone said in one of the forms that this was going to happen, a month ago.
  • iPhone 4s! 512mb ram. iPad mini,iPod touch all have 512mb ram still can play this.
  • HTC desire 826 with 2GB Ram doesn't do as good as a Lumia with 1GB RAM...
    So , Windowsphone is not worst or best.... It is in its class
  • Yippee at last freee
  • Thank god I only paid 25% of the original price under red stripe deals
  • Has anyone tried the update yet, they haven't changed the play mechanics to energy based have they? I actually bought the game so will be mighty upset if this has been implemented.
  • Lumia 638? Did you mean 635? Just making sure there isn't a 638 out there. I've never heard of one.
  • There is
  • I have 638. Which is available in china and India. Same phone as 635 with 1 gb of ram.
  • Apparently you never heard of it because it's a China / India exclusive.
  • Is ok because for those previously bought it. We get exclusive content and some bonus stuff. And no, it has no energy to play.
  • No 512 Mb sick
  • Full HD shooting game, 512mb of ram won't be able run
  • Windows Phone hub in *kiss*
  • 512 MB optimized games use lower quality assets.
  • High end game. Probably struggles on some 1gb ram phones too.
  • Yep struggled on my 920
  • Age of Sparta has also been updated with XBOX :)
  • :)
  • Freee
  • I guess I should have waited instead of purchasing this game..
  • I exactly did wait for it when I found that it was already free on iOS and Android
  • Same thing happened to me with Asphalt 8. It just discourages me from buying when released.
  • I've bought this while ago sadly for me
  • Oh yeah
  • Shows unavailable for the 930.
  • It's never been officially available on the 930. Stupid excuses by Gameloft is beyond me. Sideloaded version works just as fine.
  • I second that.
  • How do you sideload it?
  • Second THAT ^. How do you sideload?
  • How did you side load it bro ? Help us out please.
  • Xbox live support, more games coming to windows store and windows 10 mobile having good features. So y such rumours there that Microsoft will give up on windows phone? Maybe in the later run they would create demand with windows 10 ecosystem for a surface phone or something else? And are android patents the reason Microsoft isn't much confident or does not want to promote windows phone?
  • I am worried with these rumors... These might be baseless rumour at this moment when W10 is on horizon, still keeping my fingers crossed.
  • Its media all the time spreading the rumours and breaking news. It makes me sick if Microsoft ever tried to sell it. But the rumours see true. I don't want Microsoft to give up with windows phone. I'm waiting to their flagship.
  • That rumor is so baseless, you might as well say "Microsoft will sell Xbox". No way in hell would they do all of the effort to unify their divisions. One OS across all platforms. Only to concede mobile. Microsoft is the only company standing in the way of Google making the world its BITCH!!!! Do you want a future of no innovation and completely devoid of competiton? Where Google tells you what to buy and what services to use!?!?
  • Microsoft is already in mobile, their apps are everywhere on all mobile platforms. Their hardware wont make much difference either way and is just money down the drain as it really offers no advantage. Eventually it will go, less than 3% marketshare is not sustainable, especially with Mr Frugal Nadella in charge.
  • BlackBerry has a .5% share, and they are still alive. I would rather go off the grid than go Android. Meaning they can take my WP out of my cold, dead hands.
  • Cannot install to my 930.
    "You can't get apps in this region. You can check the Windows Phone Store in your home region to see if the app is available there.
    Check my Windows Phone Store"
  • What's the problem with Lumia 930? The item isn't available
  • It has never been available for the 930.
  • It was available on the 930 when the game first came out but then it was removed a week later and never came back....
  • I don't have it in my Lumia 920. The app is unavailable in old store ( using Windows 10 mobile build 10149). Don't know why.
  • Awesome news! I bought a Lumia 638 to play high games a week ago. And this one of free. Yippee
  • If you are using Windows Phone 8.1 this game is not free.
  • No it is free. I am using Lumia cyan, old version. And its free on my 638
  • True that knowing gl they have added IAPs
  • I am using Windowsphone 8.1 Denim and its free Its also showing free in Windowsphone 8.1 Update 1 in my brother's 640XL
  • As of this writing, the Windows 8.1 version of Modern Combat 5 has not been updated to be a free-to-play game; it's still $3.99. We will updat e this post or create a new one when or if that happens.
    Someone may want to remove that from the article.
  • I think it will take time in your region.
  • Anyone knows why it isn't avilable for 930?
  • Some say it is not available for 930 from the start.
  • I assure you it wasn't ever available for the 930 to begin with. I did contact Gameloft for the same, they seem clueless for the first few mail exchanges after which I was told they'll work to fix the issue. Months, and nothing.
  • "Free".
  • Free trash. Premium gaming all the way.
  • Yes, of course, as well as every gameloft shit
  • Not really. It's not a freemium you're worried about; unless, of course, they plagued the game with IAPs with the update.
  • But still free to pls I think
  • I hate such online games
  • It's not in the store.
  • I uninstalled it from my surface because it requires an internet connection and I simply don't have one at all times. It was a major limitation that seems to be growing more and more popular. It's as though companies don't realize that not everyone has coverage. I stayed in some barracks this weekend where I barely saw 2G, anything requiring a connection simply didn't function. I would love to see a version of this where no connection is necessary.
  • Wooooooooo :)
  • 512MB ram device users don't worry. Now build 10149 unfortunately not working developer unlock to sideload apps but i hope next build work sideload apps and games downloaded by other site. So I mean after support developer unlock we can download 1GB ram games in windowsphonehub site and play morden combat 5 in our 512MB ram devices.
  • Not available for 1520...bafflled. 
  • Yeah wtf. It says 1gb ram is required. I am using Lumia 1520.3 with win 10
  • I have Lumia 730 and installed Win 10 10149. And it says this app isn't compatible with your phone because it requires 1 GB RAM or more
  • Windows 10 problem. Give a feedback to gab or via app.
  • Is that available for Lumia 930
  • Broken link? Edit: Nops, it's working, but why this is not available to 930?
  • "This app requires more than 1GB of RAM". I'm on a lumia 830. Wtf?! Must be a windows 10 bug...
  • Yaa same here...using L1320 W10 for Mobile
  • its happening #_#
  • Dude how good it works on Lumia 1320 (talking about win10)
  • Windows 10 is not final. Some apps won't work.
  • I can't download the game for my Lumia 930, someone knows what's happening?
  • It's not available for 930 from the beginning
  • Nice free :)
  • Another victory for #SaveXboxWP, details here.
  • I have a lumia 532 with 1G of ram but i cant download it, maby it is not available worldwide
  • Its free finally!!!
  • I bought this game!
  • Can anyone let me know if it is better in Brothers in Arms 3? Since I have brothers in arms installed and I will install this only if it is better than Brothers in Arms 3. Any help is appreciated :)
  • Better than brothers in arms, multiplayer, and better graphics. Brothers in arms which lacks
  • Better than that! I have been playing both since 3-4 months! I prefer this!
  • There isn't a comparison. This is a fps with console like game mechanics.
  • For those who already bought this game, just install it and it wont have any energy bars or stuff. Even they give free tokens.
  • Really? I have bought game before 2 months
  • And there goes my 4 bucks all the way to heaven
  • No longer available
  • Not supported in my lumia1520 running wp10 builds 10146,why?
  • I have it downloaded on mine
  • Can't install on 930 win 10 .. Unavailable
  • Yessssssss
  • Nice!
  • When will this offer expires?
  • It's not an offer , it's free forever
  • Reviews shows that this game is not working on lumia 640xl and lumia 535. Is that right?
  • I just posted about that. I've got it on my 640XL and it won't let me put in my age on start up to continue playing.
  • Moga controller support does not work.
  • Downloaded on 640XL and when it asks to input your age, the little white box for it won't let me click on it. Anyone else having this issue?
  • Yes i am have this prob too did solve it
  • It's pulled from th store now , can't download , w10
  • Not available to download,please fix
  • Modern Combat 5: Blackout is now free on Windows 8.1 Store. It comes with Xbox Live support.
  • I have bought it for Windows 8.1. Decent game, but poorly optimized. Now they turned it into F2P shit with energy bar.
  • This game lags like crazy on my Lumia Icon now.  I know the Icon is old hardware now, but this game was released around the same time of the Icon's release.  I just don't understand why Gameloft would even waste time releasing this game if they don't even optimize performance for it.  This is (one of) the highest end Windows Phone you can get and it can even handle games like this.  I'm really tired of getting either crappy app quality, old and decrepit hardware, or both at the same time on this platform.
  • Same here, I have the icon and it lags and there is delay when you move the crossbar.
  • Xbox live ? I wanted this one but, would not touch it because of No Xbox, downloading now...and free ? Sweet..
  • Upgrade to Windows 10 then you can use xbox on your phone easily.
  • This game is amazing on 1520, although the phone gets hot, it plays well.
  • This game is amazing on Lumia550.
    How to download load support data over metered connection?