Modern UI-based Windows Apportals for Windows 8.1 business users launched

Microsoft has just announced a new feature for businesses that use Windows 8.1 devices called Windows Apportals, which allows companies to create custom Modern UI-based menus for their corporate PC business.

Microsoft stated:

Windows Apportals address a long-missed insight in enterprise sales: customers use software from many vendors. Windows Apportals were built in response to numerous requests to create an "on-the-glass" integration for the wide variety of heterogeneous LOB (Line of Business) apps that exist in organizations today, including legacy Windows 7 Desktop Applications; newer Modern Windows 8 apps; and Web Applications.

The groupings in each Windows Apportal menu are made up of what Microsoft calls Grid Tiles. They are similar to the Live Tiles in the Start sceens of both Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 in that they can display streaming information. Unlike Live Tiles, the ordering of the Grid Tiles cannot be changed by the individual user. but are under the control of the company's IT manager. However, the admin can customize each Grid Tile for each employee.

Microsoft says:

As a result, a single Windows Apportal app can filter, share, and display data and functionality based on job role, organization, industry, and even geography – thereby enabling users to stay focused on the specific tools and information they need to do their job.

Companies are free to create their own Windows Apportals for their PCs, or they can contact Microsoft or a third party to help them with that process. What do you think of this new Windows Apportal idea and will it help to get more businesses interested in using Windows 8.1?

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham