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MOGA SDK available, SNES and Gameboy Advance emulators to support Pro controller

A lot of you love mobile games. And Windows Phone doesn't exactly have a shortage of great games to keep you occupied for hours and hours. Mobile gaming on a phone hasn't always been this awesome, touchscreens really took it to another level. They aren't without their faults though and some games work best with tactile controls, something like a gamepad. Is there one for Windows Phone? Yes, MOGA.

The MOGA Mobile Gaming System is ready for Windows Phone. What's MOGA? It's a system of gamepads  designed to integrate into any smartphone or tablet and allow for physical controls. It's like an Xbox controller rebelled against his parents, left the confines of the living room and wanted to live life on the mobile road. A picture is worth a thousand words, so check out what it looks like above and below. Or check out our hands on

MOGA Schematics

There is now an SDK out for the MOGA system and one of your favorite developers is already planning on supporting it. Windows Phone Central reported a few days ago that M.k (the mad man behind Snes8x and VGBC8) was planning on supporting MOGA. He confirmed it again via an email to a user who shared it on Reddit earlier.  

If you want to add MOGA support for your Windows Phone game you can start now with the SDK. You'll want to contact the development team to get started with the SDK. 

There is one game that currently supports it, Drift Mania Championship 2. You can see our hands on with the device and game below. 

Any developers out there interested in adding MOGA support to their game? Any readers want to sound off on which games they'd love to see support the MOGA Pro controller? It's not a bad device for about $50, especially if you're heavily into mobile gaming. 

Source: RedditTwitter

  • Its morning here and you just made my day. :D
  • Good morning!
  • It's time to go to bed here. Good night.
  • Its lunch time here, good day sir, what say you
  • I've been trying buy one and figure out if you just get the pro and its an software upgrade or if you need a specific one. I was told this: Hello xxxxx, Thanks for writing to us. Unfortunately, the MOGA Controller does not work with Windows phones, it only works with Android devices at this time. Should this ever change, we will make announcements on our website and social media outlets. Please stay tuned to them for future MOGA news. Sincerely,
    PowerA They have no clue.
  • I know right? Just look at the video above! Classic example of when PR isn't on the same page as the developers. 
  • How do you pronounce your name?
  • Hopefully Xbox Live games will support this.
  • All games supporting it... That's what I want :-). Dream big right?!
  • Modern combat 4 would be great with this controller
  • This is what I'm hoping for as well. They already support MOGA on Android. I'm hoping porting that support to WP isn't too difficult. Modern Combat is fun, but the touch screen controls are seriously getting to me.
  • Yes, I agree.
  • Is it just me, or did there appear to be some lag between the controller input and the phone registering a command?
    The concept is fantastic though, it will be interesting to see how well this is adopted
  • I detected no such lag when I tried it myself.
  • Need modern combat to support this!!!!
  • Does anyone else Lumia 920 get super hot when playing modern combat? Like to the point that the touch screen is even too hot to touch?
  • Me too, its normal i guess (its too damn hot in my case) nokia needs to fix this, just so you know youre not alone :)
  • I looked all day and couldn't find the moga pro, have any of y'all got ahold of one? If so, where?
  • Get it here.
  • Thanks, its on the way.... In 7-10 business days...
  • I wouldn't order it yet... im not so sure if that model supports Windows Phone. Hopefully it can be updated through software to support Windows Phone in your case.
  • I'll let y'all know when it gets here. Lets hope for the best.
  • I'd ask Paul on Twitter.
  • Was thinking the same thing. But, that's a Windows phone in the articles video. Must be a software more than hardware update to work. But yeah, I'm also gonna wait until I know for sure that it is or not a whole different controller.
  • I would buy one in a heart beat if it supported Modern Combat 4!!
  • Looks like it's been held back or over sold preorder's Amazon now says 3-4 weeks out when it said shipping this morning. Also bestbuy has pulled there page for it. Anyone know why this happened today? Or what the reason for the new delays are?
    I checked my Amazon preorder & it has not shipped & now says mine will be arriving on the 22nd??
  • Windows phone members buying all da controllers!!
  • All games should support Moga Pro controller and help the mobile gaming market get better. Also the price isn't bad either! I definitely plan to get one and hope all game developers get behind this product!!!!
  • Only way to make this better is if it was an xbox controller with the dock. I will def settle for this!
  • So how much does this controller cost?
  • It says $50 at the end of the article
  • I want the moga but I actually want the smaller one..would that one work with windows phone?
  • It should work if all we need is the moga pivot app to play. Go with the pro, its far better then the smaller one,
  • No, the smaller version doesn't support the Bluetooth frequency that WP8 uses.
  • Mc4 did lag with moga controller on android last time I played. I'll still pick up tho for wp8.
  • This is wonderful. I can't wait to play Mario properly.
  • I will buy a controller soon as a WP developer supports it. Day one.
  • I am picking up a controller once it becomes available. Hope it supports Asphalt 7
  • The way I understand it, MOGO doesn't support any games. They have asked the developers to support MOGA. It is dependant upon the individual developers to add MOGA support and update the game through the store. According to the article, only Drift Mania Championship 2 currently does, and the dev for the SNES and Gameboy emulators has stated he will.
  • Gameloft has Modern Combat support for Android so should be coming for Winphone.
  • Once a few good Xbox Live games support this, I'm in for sure. I believe Sonic 4 Ep 2 on Android supports it. *crosses fingers*
  • As soon as Snes8x supports it I am pulling the trigger. I am certain it will cause jealousy to rise in the hearts of my friends and enemies.
  • Same
  • Microsoft should just make a hybrid Xbox controller that uses different trays for different cases/phones like the iPod did with the docking stations and speakers.
  • +1 Or they can do what Sony has with their Xperia range and make their console controller work wirelessly with WPs. Since MS holds the patent to the wireless tech used in the xbox360 controller, they should be able to modify it into a BT variant or even thru WiFi to connect and be used with these phones. Maybe the phones don't have the correct comms module but im sure this should be possible.
  • +1 it's great that MOGA is supporting WP, butMicrosoft needs to develop a standard for this that isn't manufacturer specific and bake support into EVERY game
  • Modern combat 4! C'mon gameloft :D
  • Woot
  • That's nice
  • Anyone know on UK availability pricing? Couldn't see it on the usual sites.
  • To me it looks like a Lumia 920 wouldn't be able to fit in it properly, as the power button is in the way. Does anyone know if it comes with different attachments for each phone model?
  • put the 920 in off centered so that the holding tabs go between the power and camera buttons
  • Have you felt the weight of a 920 ha ha. I don't think I could handle having the screen not centered while playing a game.
  • You can probably get it pretty snug without pressing the button.
  • Hey Moga - take my money!
  • Good, there's a jump I can't make in Mario rpg and I can't progress anymore thanks to virtual controller
  • Wow.  This looks cool.  Thanks for the great news.
  • Sam, thanks for covering this. Windows Phone really, really needs more gaming support.
    If Halo was on Windows Phone already, with a Moga controller - the market share for Windows Phone users would double.
    I have ordered one of these as a leap of faith, now the developers and Microsoft need to follow through and really make this platform what it could be for gamers.
  • Mobile Halo? I'm weak at the knees just thinking about it. 
  • For everything Microsoft does right, they do two things wrong.  Exclusive games could show the power of WP8 and make the platform more desirable.  Why hasn't Microsoft leveraged proven franchises like Halo, Gears of War and Forza? 
    A Halo or Gears game could be done with simplified controls taylored to a touchscreen much like the Dead Space and Mass Effect games on the iPhone.  Forza would control with tilt steering. 
    Everyone is always worried about getting sloppy ports of crap games like Temple Run, when the real draw for gamers to come to WP8 could be Microsoft using their very own IPs.  What about a Halo Wars title? 
    I'm super stoked to see all the support & love WP8 has been getting, but we have a way to go and Microsoft's stalling on putting out a Halo or Gears title ranks a 10+ on the stupid-scale right up there with Square-Enix refusing to release a remake of Final Fantasy VII.  In other words, just plain stupid!
  • $50 to sent it to the Netherlands. No thank you.