Ah, Super Nintendo. 1991 was a good time because video games were really just starting to get big and the SNES system was leading the pack for 16-bit gaming. The console is still revered by many to this day.

Now combine it with the power of Windows Phone 8’s dual core CPUs, extra RAM and high resolution display and you have an ideal gaming platform—assuming the developer gets it right. Luckily for us, developer m.k. nails with his free Snes8x app for Windows Phone.

The app comes with one free demo ROM but the real fun is loading up your collection via SkyDrive. There’s no URL direct import and it doesn’t uncompress ZIP files, so you will need to upload them in full to a SkyDrive folder but that’s a trivial thing.

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So far, Snes8x has played every ROM we’ve thrown at it with no errors. Quite remarkable, really. Sound is tight, frame-rate is high and the ability for Save-states to restore later is fantastic. Did we mention it’s completely free with no ads?

There’s nothing to not like about this emulator. It’s a little plain but once again, that’s nitpicking. It plays SNES ROMs just perfectly and is just pure awesome on Windows Phone 8.

Pick up Snes8x here in the Store. Windows Phone 8 only.

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