Mojang shows off the new model for zombie pigmen in Minecraft

A zombie pigman
A zombie pigman (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Minecraft is a huge open-world creative sandbox developed by Microsoft.
  • Minecraft is prepping a much needed update for their hell-like dimension: the Nether.
  • Today on Twitter, Mojang showed off a new model for one of the game's mobs.

Mojang, the developers of Minecraft, have taken to Twitter to announce what is quite possibly the single most important piece of news you'll read today. The zombie pigmen are getting a makeover, complete with a new name! The update is relatively small, but brings the iconic mob into the present with an updated design that more closely matches other Minecraft mobs, as well as prepares it for the upcoming update to the Nether.

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When the Nether Update is released later this year the zombie pigman will be no more. Instead, it is being renamed to the zombified piglin, to bring it in-line with the new mob, the piglins, that will be added. More importantly, the "new" mob is getting flappy ears to complete its look, making it my new favorite hostile mob. Besides the new name and appearance, the zombified piglin should behave the exact same as the old zombie pigmen.

Is the zombified piglin worth some excitement, or are you feeling "meh" about it? Let us know in the comments below!



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