Minecraft Nether Update Beta Bastion RemnantSource: Windows Central

What you need to know

  • Mojang Studios is busy finalizing the Nether Update, so that everyone can join in on the fiery fun.
  • Minecraft: Java Edition is currently in Pre-Release, so new builds are almost entirely bug fixes.
  • Pre-Release 7 is a very minor update on top of Pre-Release 6 released June 15, 2020, with some minor fixes to go along with it.

Not even 24 hours after the launch of Pre-Release 6 for Minecraft: Java Edition, we're already getting what could be the smallest Pre-Release build so far, with a tiny number of gentle improvements and issue resolving on top of what we recieved yesterday. Pre-Release 7 doesn't have a long changelog, and was actually rolled into the changelog for Pre-Release 6, highlighting just how iterative these updates are this far into the devolopment cycle.

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If you're invested in helping Mojang Studios finalize the Nether Update for its release in a few weeks time, be sure to jump in on this to report any lingering bugs Mojang Studios needs to squash. If you need some help, you can check out our guide on joining the beta for the Java Edition.

Otherwise, you can check out the full changelog for both Pre-Release 6 and 7 here.

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