Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Walks game is coming to Windows Phone

The Ministry of Silly Walks is humorous game for iOS and Android, based on the hilarious Monty Python sketch bearing the same name. Why is this interesting for Windows Phone consumers? Only because John Cleese himself has shared with Twitter that a version for Microsoft's mobile platform is well on the way, thanks to "silly demand".

There's nothing new about the gameplay that hasn't been done already, but it's hilarious to play regardless. Once installed players are tasked with taking John Cleese and silly walking as far as possible, while collecting coins and avoiding obstacles. If you're a massive fan of the series, you'll definitely want to keep an eye out for when this title is released for Windows Phone.

Are you ready for a spiffing time?

Source: John Cleese(Twitter)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • That orange 630!!!! Its damn beautiful...
  • Wish i knew more about the game though....ah something is better than nothing...Good news hope others will follow...(devs specially game devs....)
  • Well about beauty of phone i like the cutting edges on Lumia like on my 720
  • This is a new found fondness for this phone's design just because of that color!!
  • Yep agreed. The color is even better than the one of 940. If 940 had more color on the phone, except than only on the back lid, that would be awesome
  • This makes me so happy, I love Monty Python!
  • I can hear the bottom of barrels being scraped now...
  • Yes, these barrels frequently turn out to be surprisingly deep...
  • Have a look at the comments for this app on Google Play. Hardly glowing...
  • Keep them coming :D
  • I never knew about this one. Seems like a fantastic time killer :D
  • I may have misread the tweet but "Apparently only 11 people have a windows phone so unless sufficient comments are presented  app may not be released." Unless he's just goofing around.
  • Yeah, I'm hoping the first tweet sticks and the second was just poking the troll. In any case, retweet and reply to Cleese an mass to show him we support Windows Phone!   The tweets:
  • Eventually devs are porting popular games for windows phones like temple run and subway surfers. Still waiting for the tym we will see CLASH OF CLANS on WP too. :(
  • My friends have already stopped playing CoC .. No use now.
  • Yup, by the time we get it, nobody will be playing it and will be on to the next popular game that we won't get until everyone is done playing it...
  • Oh noes! How will we ever stay popular?!
  • I WANT THIS NOW!!!!!
  • Well, I guess we can finally say it: "And now for something completely different...".
  • Speaking of monty python I just read a Gizmodo article about how they did animation back in the day
  • Terry Gilliam of the US was their animation specialist and he did animation for the series between segments and for the movies. At the time his animation was revolutionary. Here is to hoping they make a game for "parrot Sketch not included"
  • Bless him, that funny funny man... =]
  • You should go read John Cleese' twitter page again. He just posted "Apparently only 11 people have Windows Phone."
  • Lol. Such a troll he probably is, lol :D
  • hahah that's genius!
  • Looks like were at risk of loosing the game
  • It looks funny. xD
  • Your preview on the startpage says "John Cheese" instead of Cleese ;)