Monument Valley update will bring 'Ida's Dream' expansion to all players for free on June 25

Wildly popular puzzle game Monument Valley is preparing for a pretty nice update this week. On June 25, players will get an update that includes the Ida's Dream expansion for free.

Ida's Dream was originally an in-app purchase expansion for Monument Valley, but the pack will become part of the base game for free on June 25. Those who already purchased the expansion aren't left out in the cold, howeve: Anyone who purchased the original pack will get access to the red version that was offered up with the Project (RED) campaign.

Unfortunately, this could be the last big update pushed to Monument Valley as well. Speaking with TechCrunch, ustwo's Neil McFarland noted that the developer is putting its focus on new games and that likely means the last major content update for Monument Valley will be Ida's Dream.

Source: TechCrunch Thanks for the tip, UberToast_XBL

Download Monument Valley from the Windows Phone Store ($3.99)

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  • Good. I was pretty irritated to buy this game, which is fantastic by the way, only to find out that it's way too short and had to pay again to get more levels. 
  • Yeah :/ very fantastic game but very short
  • Love this game, hope this update reach Windows Phone as well.
  • Woot....loving this game
  • Awesome. Can't wait.
  • One of the most visually stunning games. Just not sure how much more they could do with the concept.
  • This not being an Xbox Live title is a huge missed opportunity for Microsoft and Windows Phone. #SaveXboxWP
  • Yay, my tip got picked up! :) I bought the base game today just for this tomorrow.
  • Amazing that its on Windows Phone.
    Good game truth be told and that's tomorrow so yay! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Outstanding game..too short though.
    This should do it.
  • Sounds great. Too bad I can't download it. I paid for it but all it ever says is "can't contact the store" for the last week. Other stuff downloads ok so I don't know what its problem is.
  • How many levels in total including the expansion pack?
  • Love this game!
  • They need to release a deluxe edition where you can buy all the levels at once. 
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