MonWindowsPhone interviews Olivier Lagréou from Nokia FR

MonWindowsPhone has interviewed Olivier Lagréou, Product Marketing Manager at Nokia France, for some insightful answers into how the company is performing with their newly adopted platform - Windows Phone. Questions included why the Finnish manufacturer went with Microsoft's OS as opposed to the more established (and dominating) Android. Lagréou goes into explain that Android would have been almost suicidal for Nokia, who needs to push forward the brand and not be lost at sea in an ocean of OEMs and handsets. Windows Phone was the perfect match for the DNA of the manufacturer with simplicity among other strong features.

As well as talking about the company and its partnership with Microsoft, Lagréou also provided some details for when we can expect to see the magenta flavour of the Lumia 800. 

"We should be able to provide Lumia 800 in magenta (pink) for Christmas. The color is also expected soon from Orange, available online only. As for the color cyan (blue), you can already find at The Phone House."

Good news for those who are excited to match the pink handset with other valuables and accessories from your dress code. We might not be stuck with just three colours, though. The Nokia employee went on to explain that should demand and projected sale figures for more colours be strong, the company will look to produce more accents. He mentioned yellow, green, and white as examples (check the above image for more "potential" colours). Should any new colours be decided on, 2012 will be the year where the Lumia 800 gets a nice refresh.

The big question is, as always, how is the handset selling?

"It is known that the first week sales are promising [...] The big marketing push is also excellent for Windows Phone and allows to make it better known. This system is the cornerstone of Microsoft and the future of Nokia. For Nokia, sales and positive word of mouth works very well, we can even say that a snowball effect is being created right now."

While no sales figures have been provided, "first week sales are promising" should be considered somewhat true with the massive marketing frenzy the manufacturer has embarked on. Let's not forget the French developer who noticed a sudden increase in Lumia 800s using his app. With the big Windows Phone construct being present in Paris as we speak, accompanied by a number of demo handsets, the brand of Windows Phone is growing along with the recovery of Nokia. 

"For mobile the most low-end, it will at least take into account the prerequisites listed in the specifications of Microsoft Windows Phone. The extension of the range will depend on the time of production and sales volumes estimated for a given model. At present, the Lumia 800 is the flagship of Nokia and will remain so for some time."

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Source: MonWindowsPhone

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