More information and images leaked for HP's upcoming Envy 8 5000 Windows 10 tablet

More information, along with a set of images, for HP's currently-unannounced Envy 8 5000 tablet have now been leaked on the Internet. The Windows 10 tablet was briefly shown off at Microsoft's Computex keynote address in Taiwan in June.

HP Envy 8

This new info leak comes from German-based, which says that the 8-inch tablet is made almost completed of aluminum. Inside, the report says it has an Intel Atom Z8300 "Cherry Trail" quad-core processor with a clock speed of 1.44 GHz. It also is supposed to have 2GB of RAM, with support for either 32GB or 64GB of internal storage, with a microSD card slot for more storage. The report also says it has a 3950mAh battery that allows the tablet to run for up to seven hours.

HP Envy 8 Keyboard

The tablet will come with a 10-inch detachable keyboard and a stylus made by Wacom, according to the report. The stylus will reportedly work with an app on the Envy 8 5000 that will give users quick access to a number of features via round drop-down menus. WinFuture claims this "mini-Surface" tablet will officially be revealed by HP in the next few weeks and will have a price tag of around 600 euros. It's important to keep in mind that HP has yet to confirm any of this information, so take all of this with a certain degree of skepticism.


  • "Envy 8 5000"... when 1 number just won't do.
  • "TouchPad" brings up too many sad memories... :(
  • I still love my TouchPad and HP Touchstone Charging Dock! I wish surface had Touchstone Charging Dock or IQ charging!
  • I still have one lying around, took forever for my wife to stop using it in favour of surface RT back then :)  Not sure what to do with it now though :D
  • Yeah and they wonder why it wont sell as much as they would like it to. Keeping the name of gadget as simple as possible sells, iPad, iphone, surface line, galaxy line. Nobody wants to buy the Destructo 3000c xp priv 4. Keep it simple
  • Actually I kinda like that nane destructo 3000c xp pivo 4 has a ring to it
  • Got the Destructo 3000 part from a Dexter's lab episode. Ahhh childhood memories
  • look, just because you don't like the Destructo 3000c xp priv 4, doesn't mean you have to bad mouth it. It's had a tough time getting started, and that whole ram issue didn't help. as soon as dev's start closing the app gap for it, it's going to take off. you just wait and see!
  • Lol xD
  • Should I get the Destructo 3000, 5000, or 7000?
  • Its not the number that matters most its the xp priv 4 that matters. You dont want the xp priv 3 or the old and slow xp prin ones...
  • I happen to prefer the Destructo 2000 XP Vista 98. The Priv line isn't classy enough.
  • Dang, 5000? Really???
  • What is alimiums? New alloy?
  • It's kind of like Unobtainuim
  • Wish they used admantum to make it more sturdy and resitant to falls, bullets and misiles etc.
  • Nice tablet
  • Remember when Voodoo Computer's Envy was a really awesome (and $$$) computer? Then HP bought them out and now this....:(
  • A combined SIM/SD card tray?! That's a terrible idea. What if someone decides to use both of them?
  • It goes like this |(Tray|{[SD Card]|[Sim])} |(Device)| Hard to draw a picture in comments... =s
  • I'm sooo waiting for a beautiful 8' tablet design (this one seems to be good). If its thin enough I could finally get something Ipad Mini-like...
    But 1-where's the start button? Can the Wacon pen work normally in the OS or some HP app needs to be used? Intel Atom Z8300 "Cherry Trail" with 7 hs (probably less)? No good... :-(
  • I still don't really get it.   Did he have it in backwards at Computex?  I can kinda see it if you've got the tablet on the outside and just pull it out to turn it into a "laptop," but if you've got to pull it out of the keyboard to use it as a tablet too that seems too cumbersome.
  • I'm hoping to get a 12-14" 2-in-1 tablet/ convertible for under £300. Possible?
  • Hp pavilion x2
  • An 8 inch tablet with a 10 inch keyboard..??
  • Seems bezellier.
  • Seems like Windows Central is deliberately avoiding the recent Lumia leaks. NDA?
  • Which leaks?
  • textured cad drawings/video
  • Run over to WMPoweruser. It is plastered all over the place.
  • Maybe. All I know is that they look awesome.
  • I think so too...
  • If this device does well enough, do you think they could possibly make a companion budget phone that is a smaller version of this..? For Windows 10 Mobile, you know... =p
  • HP = The poor man's dell. It's almost as good, but just almost.
  • Except they're more expensive... So it's the stupid man's Dell.
  • interesting two microphone I wonder how will voice command will work with this tablet.
  • Do you know the price range
  • i am waiting for an 8 inch Win 10btablet to replace my Lumia 2520 a hoped this would be that device but can someone tell me why it has a wide screen? is it just for watching movies on? surely the more comfortable 4x3 format is preferable??? An actual Surface mini please Microsoft.
  • Iffen it don't hook up to an external keyboard and mouse it's crap. Thread closed. Next useless item for discussion please.
  • They lost me at 7 hours battery.
  • Ditto
  • Just keep wishing Dell can come up with something in their venue line running windows 10 like venue 7.
  • Microsoft OEM's Put  Full Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile smart phone OS in a dual OS form so a Person can make a phone call on a 7 0r 8 inch Tablet. the time has come for one to appear on the seen.