More on the Mango Friends and Family Pre-Cleanup

We reported sitings of a new update that has surfaced that is designed to clean up Windows Phones running the Mango Beta so that such devices can recieve updates from Micrsoft. There was speculation that this update will negate the need for such Windows Phone from having to roll back to Nodo before moving forward with Mango.

Brandon Watson has confirmed this belief over on Twitter that puts it out there short and sweet. Those running Mango Beta will not have to roll back to Nodo.

In reading the comments from earlier posts, it doesn't look like the Friends and Family Pre-Cleanup is being circulated just yet.  It may be a case that those of us running Mango Beta will see these updates first before hitting the regular RTM update.

This is really good news for those running the Mango Beta, especially if you are amongst the many of us who forgot where that pesky back-up file is.

Source: @BrandonWatson

Update: Watson was asked just a few minutes ago "what about those running leaked RTM versions of Mango?".  His response, "It's unsupported and I don't want to make any claims/statements about what will happen."

George Ponder

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