Windows Phone Mango Friends and Family Update

Everyone is anticipating that the Windows Phone Mango update will begin rolling out this week. We are now seeing yet another indicator to support that thought, the Mango Friends and Family Bundle: Pre-Clean update.

The update appears to be a two step process that will clean up any phones running the Mango Beta. According to the screen description,

This is the first of two updates which will clean up any Beta update provisioning on your phone so that it can begin receiving updates from production Microsoft Update servers.

It is believed that these updates will negate the need to roll those devices running the Mango Beta back to Nodo before they can receive the official Mango update. If this is true, that will be a good news for those running the Beta. We aren't sure who is seeing this update but if you are, let us know in the comments.

As we learn more on this Mango Friends and Family Bundle, we'll pass it on.

via: Neowin

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  • no update in here....
  • what is Mango Friends and Family Bundle: Pre-Clean update?? I dont see that on my Zune.
  • Should be only to those with Mango Beta installed... I assume.
  • What version is Mango Beta? 7712 or 7720?
  • No update here...Everywhere on the net they talk about new Mango apps, Mango this and Mango that, but Mango is nowhere!!!
  • mango is coming this week and next week, stop being so impatient
  • I'm impatient because for the past 3 months every site talks about Mango features and goods, they did a big advertisement, but the people who read all this info, simply, don't have Mango. Maybe media were impatient with Mango...not consumers...!
  • there's a mango beta out there that's very easy to install and with this method now there's no need to roll back so u could've just installed that and kept the redic comments to urself.
  • ...a beta version is not a proper update and I don't think that Microsoft approves its widespread use.
  • But it was worth installing, rock solid and tons of features that worked perfect. You missed out but, you'll get the final in a few days.
  • I agree muvolt, 100% agree.
  • I disagree with him. 1) If he dont like it, dont read it. 2) MS said fall, its his own fault for thinking it was coming out sooner.
  • I'm on 7712 (was on 7720 leaked but rolled back to 7712 because I didn't think MS would release updates for that). Haven't got an update yet on 7712, On Telstra, Australia.
  • Can we assume this will not apply to those that installed leaked ROM's on their phones?
  • It would be in Microsoft's best interest to apply this to anyone with any ROM, regardless of how it got on there. It would assure that everyone gets back to the same spot. If they will or not, is to be seen.
  • I don't see why MS need to cater to people who put leaked ROM on their phone. It should be up to the user to remove the leaked ROM on their own. Figured if you are smart enough to installed it, should be smart enough to revert it.
  • I (nor anyone else) ever said we weren't smart enough to remove it. It would just be convenient if an update took care of this for us. It would mean we wouldn't lose everything we added to our phones since we updated to the leaked ROM. Besides, those of us running the leaked ROM's were essentially an expanded group of Beta testers able to provide additional feedback to MS to help iron out any glitches we may have come across. So just because you weren't interested in doing this, doesn't mean it shouldn't have been done and that MS shouldn't lend a helping hand for us to move forward when the time comes. *Stepping down from soapbox now*
  • When 10-20% of your users would be inconvenienced by not doing it, it only makes business sense to do it. Nothing about being smart or not, just nice for your users.Not sure why I'm voted down to state common sense.
  • No update over here in Germany for my HD7 either. But I gotta say I'm on 7720.68, the leaked HTC ROM. So I seriously doubt I will ever recieve it. If I want to get the official Mango, I suppose I will have to roll back to NoDo.
  • According to some figures there are over 20% of people on a version of Mango (pre-release) already so it would be smart of Microsoft to provide an upgrade path to the official release.
  • I'm a registered developer, my phone is registered, and I'm using the 7.1 (7712) Mango developer build. I have not received any new update yet. Tried over the air and through Zune.
  • I have a Dev account and Mango Beta 2 installed on my Arrive. As a Geek I had choices. Install the 'leaked' RTM build. Install leaked BETA Builds. Pay for a Dev account and install a true MS released Beta build. Wait for the official release. I chose to pay the $99 Dev fee for a legit Beta build (that and I wanted to work on programming for the phone). I followed directions. Made backups. Did not expect them to do this. Remember what happened with Chevron updated phones and the 'mess' it caused with updates? Microsoft doesn't owe it to anyone to fix a device that wasn't updated through proper supported update methods. So anyone saying "I hope the support my install of a leaked RTM", I wouldn't hold my breath. Like some people have said, hopefully you made and saved a backup.
  • I imagine some legitimate developers did not keep/lost their backups, whether it was their fault or not. Microsoft's only recourse at that point is to either say "you're out of luck" or "here's a patch that will transition you back onto the mainstream update channel." It seems they opted for the high road, rather than turn their back on the developers that support this platform. I'm glad to see they're making sure developers don't get locked out of future updates as a consequence of being at the forefront in app development for the new release.
  • Totally agree and understand and, believe me, I made a backup of my backup. Lame, I know. LOL. I probably came off harsh and all, but I just see people who use truly unsupport update methods complain that they are broken or not working properly and turn around to blame the company who created the OS (be it WP, iOS, Android) or 'HOPE' that MS will bring them in to the 'support string of things'.I commend MS for the attention they are paying to its user community. I really want this platform to succeed!
  • I guess we'll see. Tomorrow is the scheduled for a lot of people and Verizon is on the list.The directions for it shows it as a upgrade. So maybe.I'm on 7720.68 RTM (v7.1 7720 according to Zune), Nothing showing yet for a Verizon Trophy.I'll be on at Midnight checking out out tho...
  • My guess would be that RTM is not beta and will not receive this clean up, but I think would still be in the Mango update path. This is what they released to manufacturers, so this is what manufacturers updated to from NoDo. They just then added a few tweaks here and there.
  • Yeah and my guess is that all of Microsoft's employees didn't stay on Beta 2 when RTM was released, the exact same RTM were running (or at least I am anyway) so just because RTM isn't beta means there's no correction for the update path? I don't believe that.
  • I don't think there is, considering that when I was updating my phone to the RTM release, there was a small cab file named, which I would believe means remove provisioning.What I am thinking is that this update basically runs that above .cab, so now all versions, not just RTM are on the correct update path.
  • What about those running the RTM? Let's hope they have pitty on us too!
  • Nothing here in Slovenia with HTC Trophy, imported from Germany and branded under Vodafone. Hoping for anything... Will be online at midnight to watch the scene.
  • My HTC HD7 with RTM 7720 is updating now as we speak! Yeehaaw!
  • My AT&T Samsung Focus 1.3 with RTM 7720 is updating now.... :)
  • Holy **** my Samsung Focus 1.3 running 7720.68 is updating ....