More Treo 800w Details Surface?

Folks looking to win in our Rumortastic Treo 800w giveaway have some more fodder to work with trying to guess the date and win that Treo. A new user in our forums, the mysterious anonuser, has two posts to his or her name, but they're interesting and sound pretty darn legit. Anon claims to have seen an internal document that fills us in on some new deets.

The first gives us plenty of reasons to be excited, as it confirms some previous rumors and gives us hope that Palm has finally seen the light and is dropping their horrendous “Athena” connector:

The Treo 800w (from Sprint) will have a mini-USB plug on the bottom of the device. It's about as thin as a Centro, and actually feels quite nice in the hand. It will ship with WinMo 6, and will be compatible with WinMo 6.1 once an update is released. Not a whole lot of feature upgrades, but does make it compatible with Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008. Along with the classic on/off switch for the ringer, there is a convenient WiFi on/off button. I tried the camera out, and at 2.0mp, it took decent pictures, though I didn't have a chance to upload them to my PC to look over. It also comes standard with an EvDO Rev. A radio, bluetooth 2.0 +EDR, and 802.11g WiFi. [...] This device is slated to be released in April of this year.

Nice, eh? The second post confirms that we will indeed get aGPS on this baby plus adds some specification goodness:

The Treo 800W has MicroSD and 256MB memory. I believe there is another 128MB for something else, but I can't remember what the document said. [...]Oh, and there's no more headphone jack on the device, you'll have to utilize the mini-usb plug with an adapter, or use bluetooth wireless.

We don't know anonuser (he or she is, after all, anonymous, but we will say that the info has the ring of truth to it. April is quite a bit later than we'd hoped for, but for a thin, touchscreen, GPS, WiFi, 320x320 power-device like this, we're willing to wait!

...just might be time for you to change your guess in the Treo 800w contest, eh? (remember, kids, the date has to be two weeks out from the day you guess)

WC Staff