More Xbox Series X Mini Fridge stock to come, Microsoft says

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Image
Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Image (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Preorders for the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge have gone live in some territories.
  • As with preorders for any anticipated item these days, they instantly sold out.
  • Microsoft is offering assurances that more stock is on the way.

Preorders for the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge already went live in multiple regions. Like with practically any highly-anticipated item, preorders in these regions sold out practically instantly, with many users unable to finish the checkout process or event seeing the fridge in stock. Microsoft PR were quick to address this situation, stating that more stock will be on the way.

"Remember!!! Launch in December will be a great way to snag one, it's not a one-and-done day," wrote Xbox social media manager Stein via Twitter. Xbox GM of marketing Aaron Greenberg added that "most units" would be sold on day one, meaning the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge units allocated for preorders at various retailers were the minority of units produced for the first wave.

Regular consoles continue to be hard to get as well, especially the Xbox Series X and PS5. The general electronic chip shortage means stock may not be readily available until late into 2022, if not early 2023.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled, as it's not technically impossible you'll find a unit available for preorder depending on if someone else cancels their order. The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge is available in 10 regions for Holiday 2021, while Microsoft is exploring bringing the fridge to more countries at some point in 2022.

Samuel Tolbert

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  • Choice of store like toynk for Europe is pretty bad. Prices are well over 99 euro for them. Preordering at target was trash as usual. Site went blank after I paid but after calling them for a almost a hour they confirmed that I'm getting one.
  • ebay has plenty for over $200 USD.
  • Figures, Target most likely didn't have any limits in place. Game UK had a limit of one per payment method, email and address. There could be fake listings as well and it's against ebay's tos to sell pre-order confirmations as it's not the actual product nor does the seller actually have the product. So, it won't be long until ebay pulls these listings.
  • as of right now there are 4 pages of listings and I don't think eBay is going to cull many. They do profit from the added price to any item they list and it seems greed usually wins in the corporate world (in my experience)
  • Greed is just part of it... the other part is idiots paying twice the price for a pre-order confirmation....
  • They should all be removed, you can't sell on ebay if you don't have the product, it's in the ToS, doubt ebay card though, they get their fees either way. Actually after doing some research it would appear this is no longer a restriction.
  • You're right, pre-orders can be sold... However, the caveat is that they must be posted within 30 days of purchase. Since the Mini Fridge launches in December. So some listings maybe removed? Considering there will be some folks paying twice the price for a pre-order within the first week or so.
  • 10 drinks is all it holds? Disappointing. Plus I had no idea it launched. Way to go again, MS.
  • This one is on Target, not Microsoft. The retailer failed to safeguard the purchase process.
  • Indeed, they said "one per customer". WTF happened?
  • Having worked at Target for many years, their "purchase limit" is very easily bypassed since it only looks at the current transaction and not things like purchase method, shipping address or even prior account purchases.
  • It was all over the gaming news sites for a week, turn off the Impractical Jokers and pay attention. 😜 This was also a pre order, not the release.
  • The Xbox fridge is region locked?