moTweets 2.2 headed to the Marketplace

We’re fans of moTweets ‘round these parts, the features and UI make it one of the top Twitter clients for Windows Phone 7 at this point. Looking at the features that are coming in version 2.2 we can’t help but get excited. In addition to fixes to GPS retrieval and some other bugs; Panoramic is adding themes, Facebook integration, and support for tools like Twitlonger and Plixi/TweetPhoto.

Keep an eye out for both the free and $0.99 versions of moTweets 2.2 in the Windows Phone Marketplace. The full moTweets 2.2 change log is after the break.

moTweets 2.2 Change Log:

  • Facebook integration (news wall, like, posting ability)
  • Themes (black, white, blue)
  • Twitlonger integration
  • Plixi/TweetPhoto support
  • Font size option (normal, large)
  • More Accurate GPS retrieval
  • Fixed an issue with Twitter Lists
  • Fixed an issue when trying to view protected tweets
  • Fixed an issue with certain RSS feeds not being read correctly
  • Fixed an issue with RT for some cases
  • Post screen now has auto correct for entered words
Tim Ferrill