Movie Maker 8.1 receives major update with Instagram video upload support

Movie Maker 8.1 for Windows Phone is the ideal app for those who love to use the video recording capabilities of Windows Phone 8.1, specifically with the ability to edit those short films. The app has today been refreshed with a bunch of new features included, including the ability to upload videos to Instagram. Not only has the developer added requested features, but Movie Maker as a whole is becoming more open, collaborating with other platform developers to make the app even better. Let's just say the future looks bright for this app.

Interested in reading about what's new in version Here's the changelog:

  • Instagram Upload (IAP) – the first native Windows Phone 8.1 app to upload videos to Instagram (after Instagraph on WP7/8)
  • YouTube Upload (thanks to the external app "Upload to YouTube", which we just covered)
  • Live Movie Maker for Desktop Final release – one click import and export to and from a pc via W-Fi, auto-pairing on 99% of domestic networks
  • New Zoom + Rotation transition (think "old batman TV series" style)
  • Downloadable background music library
  • Redesigned UI: two-level UI and new tool categories
  • "Unlock code" menu to let users easily enter promotional codes (old codes can be re-used to restore the unlock if necessary – but shouldn't be needed)
  • "Extra content" page to check out all the IAPs purchased and look through all those available

Movie Maker

Also, as lightly touched on in the above changelog, new content will now be offered as in-app purchases with each listing packing a trial period of 24 hours to allow users to test drive functionality. It's a neat update with plenty of work happening behind the scenes to pave way for future updates. We highly recommend this app. What's more, Venetasoft is giving away a limited number of copies for free to Windows Phone Central readers again!

  • Simply download the trial (if you haven't already done so)
  • Fire up the app and tap the menu to bring up extra options
  • Hit "Have a promo code?" and enter "_wpc_code__" (all lower case) into the text box
  • Enjoy

Please note that if you're experiencing issues with the code, we've contacted the developer to see what's up. The free trial is available with some limitations (10 seconds video length, no undo/redo or project management, just to name a few) but we're sure many will part with their cash as it's a superb app.

QR: Movie Maker

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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