Best movies, TV shows, and music to combat quarantine fever

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Surface Laptop on desk (Image credit: Windows Central)

Another week, another seemingly endless quest to find stuff to do — after we finish "working" from home, of course. Thankfully, while it may be tough to find toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and frozen vegetables have, there is no shortage whatsoever of great films, shows, reads, and listens to dig into.

Below you'll find all the movies, TV shows, books, and music the writers and editors of Windows Central are into right now, including a very dark (literally, it's filmed in black and white, mostly at night) movie about insane lighthouse keepers, a TV show about a landmark American war, and some synth tunes that we challenge you not to dance to.

We also have plenty more where those came from, from past weeks. Just hit the link below.

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