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Every Friday, the writers and editors of Windows Central drop a batch of suggestions of movies, TV, music and books we're into and that we think you'll like too. This week, we have a TV show about a really amusing serial killer, a blues album packed with character, and the book that started the whole Game of Thrones madness.

We think everything on this list is worth a look, but if nothing here grabs you, just hit the link below for a look all our recommendations. There are lots of 'em.

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Pet Sematary (1989)

Recommended by Dan Thorp-Lancaster, news editor

I saw the latest Stephen King movie remake, Pet Sematary, last week, so I figured it'd be a good time to dive back into the 1989 adaptation and compare notes.After the success of the most recent IT adaptation, I went into Pet Sematary (2019) expecting something fantastic. And while the movie wasn't bad, it certainly wasn't the greatest horror flick I've seen either. In short, I felt myself not so much terrified as I was grossed out by the level of gore present throughout the film's runtime.Contrast that with the 1989 adaptation, which I vividly remember being terrifying when I saw it as a kid. I don't know if that same feeling will hold up as an adult (I'm fully expecting some camp), nor do I doubt I'm being influenced by a dose of nostalgia here. Still, I'm planning to give it another watch this weekend and hoping for the best.

Wonders of the Solar System

Recommended by Jez Corden, games editor

If you've found yourself inspired by the recent release of the world's first photograph of a black hole, you're not alone. As such, I've been backtracking through some of my favorite space documentaries of recent times, starting with Wonders of the Solar System by the formidable Brian Cox.Wonders of the Solar System examines the oddities and some of the lesser-known facts about our stellar environment, including volcanoes on distant moons, toxic planets, and the enigma of the Sun itself.

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American Masters: Joseph Pulitzer — Voice of the People

Recommended by Asher Madan, contributing news writer

Joseph Pulitzer arrived in the United States during the Civil War as an immigrant, yet he created two best-selling newspapers and a major fortune. From the start of his career, Pulitzer championed the role of free press in a democracy. American Masters: Joseph Pulitzer — Voice of the People is a documentary that examines the renowned figure's life and controversies.

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Recommended by Al Sacco, managing editor

Though this series is about a violent hitman who will seemingly kill anybody for the right amount of money, it's actually more of a comedy than it is an action or crime show. Barry is a schlubby suburban dude who mostly sticks to himself — but who is also a skilled contract killer. He gets involved with a woman who is part of a local acting troupe, while simultaneously mixing it up with the mob, and hilarity ensues.Bill Hader is quite good in the lead role, and it also features Henry Winkler, the former Fonz. It's dark and humorous, and well worth a watch. It's like Dexter combined with corny sitcom, and somehow it works.


Paradise and Lunch — Ry Cooder

Recommended by Cale Hunt, staff writer

I first heard of American roots-rock musician Ry Cooder many years ago in a Tragically Hip song, but never really gave his music a listen until a few years ago. Paradise and Lunch, released in the early '70s, is so far my favorite album. It's full of bluesy rock with lots of slide guitar, catchy hooks, and superb songwriting. Check out "Medley: Fool for a Cigarette / Feelin' Good" if you want awesome guitar licks, and stick with "Married Man's a Fool" for a great cover of an old song by Blind Willie McTell.

A Star Is Born Soundtrack — Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

Recommended by Al Sacco, managing editor

First things first, I don't get the hype around the film A Star is Born. It was good … but far from great. I found it to be unrealistic and hard to believe at times. That said, I think the soundtrack deserves a lot of attention.I am not really a Lady Gaga fan, though my wife is and I sometimes find myself humming her tunes after listening to them with her. But some of the songs from this movie are really catchy, particularly "Shallow" and "Remember Us This Way." These are literally the first Lady Gaga songs I sought out on my own and listened to without my better half. My advice? If you haven't seen the movie yet, don't. But do check out this soundtrack.


A Song of Ice and Fire

Recommended by Rich Edmonds, staff reviewer

I recently had a conversation with a fan of Game of Thrones since season 8 has just kicked off and it amazed me how they haven't heard of the books the series was based on before the show writers ran out of material. If you haven't read A Song of Ice and Fire, you absolutely must.The books follow the happenings in the fantasy world of Westeros and Essos where politics and everyday life is tainted with blood. What makes the read even more compelling is the subconscious thought of pure evil gathering forces north of a great wall with the aim to head south. Winter is coming.

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