Mozilla plans UI improvements, native notifications for Thunderbird in 2019

Firefox may be the biggest project on Mozilla's plate, but Thunderbird, its 14-year-old email client, is set to get some significant attention in 2019. Coming on the heels of Thunderbird 60's release in August and its revamped UI elements, Mozilla is planning more interface and usability improvements this year.

Thunderbird's team is growing this year, Mozilla says, in part to focus on more interface and user experience overhauls throughout 2019. Part of the improved experience planned for this year is better Gmail integration, with support for labels and other Gmail specific features on deck.

Mozilla also plans to focus on native notifications for each operating system. For Windows users, this means Thunderbird will deliver notifications through Windows 10's built-in notification center.

Finally, the settings and encryption interfaces are set to be overhauled, with the goal of making it easier to ensure your emails are encrypted and find specific settings.

There's no word on a specific timeframe for any of the outlined changes, but you can expect these features to ship throughout 2019 if Mozilla sticks to its roadmap.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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