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Mozo Wood Wireless Charging Back Covers up for preorder for Lumia 950 and 950 XL

A few days ago, we got our first look at the wood style wireless charging back covers for the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. Made by Mozo who brought us the various leather covers with metal(ish) sides the wood covers are a continuation of the design they offered for the Lumia 650.

The covers are now available to preorder from and The price for either cover is $48.49 (USD) or £57.99 (UK).

Unfortunately, there is no ETA on when the cover will be out but Mozo did tease the covers recently, suggesting they are nearly ready to ship. It should be noted, however, that Mozo is relatively small, and it is not uncommon for orders to take a month to reach users.

In the past, I have had success with both Mozo and MobileFun and in fact, we have some of their Lumia 650 covers to take a look at this week. Some people, however, have had problems with delayed orders and frustration. Regardless, the consensus is at that these covers do make the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL feel more premium, so we are very excited to get ours in to test out.

Follow the links below to get your preorder in or be notified when available. We'll do more hands-on coverage when we get ours in stock.

MobileFun US

MobileFun UK

Thanks, Christopher, for the tip!

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  • It's not cheap for sure .
  • Just like the phone. OMG, MS, just discount the phone, so more people will buy it. Stop these gimicks.
  • They discounted it by about $550 this week :)
  • Why are they specifically wireless charging cases? The 950 has built in wireless charging.
  • The wireless coils for wireless charging are located in the back plate. It's the only way to get them close enough to the charger to ensure efficient transfer. So every back plate has to have its own coil built in that connects to the phone through contacts.
  • Ohhhhh ok thanks
  • Can't we just remove these coils from the oem covers? I know you gotta be careful and stuff but I think it can be done. I still remember the procedure one person did to get Qi charging to his att Lumia 1520.
  • That's besides the point when a company like Mozo sells covers with them provided. I know there are some third party covers that come with nfc and wireless charging coils, so removing the original ones can be useful then.
  • Come without*
  • Only one color? No thanks I will wait for more colors or go elsewhere.
  • That's exactly my thought too. AT&T L950, it's alright.
  • I would like it 2 or 3 shades darker
  • THey do three shades of timber covers. Light Oak, Zebra Wood and Dark Walnut ( I've jsut got the Zebra wood and it looks and feels great)
  • Elsewhere, as in?
  • also got some cases with three different colored wood finishes (though they are probably not real wood)
  • If you visit their site they have many options black leather/black, black leather/silver, red leather/gold, brown leather/silver, white leather/silver, and now this light wood/black. It isn't just one color.  I bought two of the black leather/silver and they are quite nice. I understand why people complained about the original polycarbonate shells.  The phones should have come with something similar to these - it does make it feel much more "premium" for those that care about it.
  • Order placed. Estimated shipping date may 10th
  • Same here but shipping one day later. can't wait!
  • LMAO,  If you really think your order will ship on May10th then  you obviously never ordered from Mozo before. They are infamous for supply issues. You'll probably get your case in June. 
  • I didn't say it would ship then just sharing the expected ship date for anyone who is curious. Also it's possible that Mozo is more prepared this time around.
  • I hope so. I recently ordered 2 cases for my 950XL from MobileFun and when the package arrived, there was only one in there with a letter saying the other one (red and gold) would ship on the 24th, now when I check on their site it says it's expected to be in stock today.  When I ordered it, it showed as "in stock". I'm sure when I check back tomorrow it'll say "expeted today"... they are so dishonest.  I origionally ordered it when 950XL first came out, but after weeks of delays I cancled my order. 
  • Ouch. I hope it's better this time.
  • I've ordered two Mozo 950 black leather/silver shells from them (weeks apart). I live in Denver, CO. They arrived from France two weeks later. It seems they have ironed out their supply issues or I was just lucky twice. Time flies, its not a big deal.
  • Qi or pma?
  • Mozo cases do both.
  • Out of my five Mozo covers only three say they do PMA. The other two clearly specify Qi only, so based on this I'd say the 950 backs do both, whereas the 950XL backs are Qi only. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Qi
  • Oooooh I like :)
  • My delivery of the leather cover 950Xl arrived as promised had to be patient though? But, love it... Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • No reason to rush into buying this. They already said there would be multiple wood grains to choose from and possibly polycarbonate colors down the line.
  • I'm waiting for the polycarbonate covers myself. AT&T L950, it's alright.
  • Same. Like how they're reporting more on the polycarbonate with it supposedly coming around the release of the wood covers, but a concrete date would be great. My ignorant self would pay a pretty penny for the colors the 550 cases hold with wireless charging, call me a sucker for cyan and green!
  • I don't fancy a concrete date cover. Bit weird.
  • Probably cheaper to chop your own tree and make one Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No, it wouldn't.
  • Let us know how that works out for you.
  • Will wait for the color ones... Aka 850 / 930
  • There's not enough pictures of the darn thing. I have trouble preordering something when I can only see like forty percent of it. Oh and because I don't have a Lumia 950 *sobs* Windows Central for Windows 10-Microsoft Lumia 640
  • Where are non-leather color case options? I don't want leather, I don't want wood. I want color options. Posted with Windows Central for Windows 10
  • I only wish wish wish Microsoft had struck a deal with Mozo letting them emblazon the Windows logo on the back of these, like the standard back.  Lumia 950/XLs are so nondescript in shape that no one can tell what you're holding without the logo.
  • Truly said
  • I'm interested in this but it's unusual enough that I'd really like to see one in the flesh before ordering, which is unlikely to happen here in Australia.  Maybe the Microsoft store in Sydney will have them to show off at some point but, the last time I looked, they didn't even have the leather ones. One thing I will say is that the silver butons look good in contrast with the bleack rim.  What I would really like is a red leather back with a black rim.  I like the red leather but not the gold.
  • Well to be honest we don't stock the standard Mozo cases at the store so I doubt we will stock this one. But that being said, I just ordered one for myself so once it gets to me feel free to come check it out. I am usually upstairs working at the AnswerDesk. Est for shipping date was 11/05 (but that can change pretty quickly)...
  • Thanks Paul. I may just take you up on that. Did you order it direct from Mozo? Have you dealt with them before? I got the black and the brown for my 950 XL from MobileZap, i.e. the Australian face of MobileFun. All their stuff comes from the UK I believe, but I think I got mine before some people got them from Mozo directly.
  • Yeah, I went through MobileZap too. That is also where I got my Red Mozo case from earlier. Shipping last time kept getting pushed back but at that time Red was basically impossible to get anywhere...
  • I wouldn't mind getting a look at the red one in the flesh too. As I said, I like the red leather but I'm not keen on the gold rim, although I'm open to changing my mind if it looks good in person. Do you usually have the red one on you at the moment? If so then I might bother you twice. :-)
  • All good. Yeah, a few of us at the store have the Red Leather on pretty much 24/7. Come on down and if I get a little time I could maybe even show you a cool thing or two with Continuum.
  • Excellent. I'm not sure exactly when but I'll make my way in some time soon. I live in Parramatta and work in St Leonards so I'm not too far away. Are you in on weekends?
  • I'm usually there on Sundays and most weekdays. :)
  • You might see me this Sunday then. Just bought a new car and can hopefully collect it Friday so might do the drive in.
  • I look forward to it. Book an appointment for the AnswerDesk if you can via our store website microsoftstore (Dot) com (forward slash) Sydney ... That way I can make sure I am free around then... ;)
  • Preordered one. Like the black trim, especially around the camera bezel. Have the cognac one now, but it's water damaged from a ski trip. Doesn't look that great anymore. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Are they still using cheap, painted plastic for the sides? I like everything about my black leather Mono cover, except those cheap sides. They get scuffed and scratched way too easily, and the black plastic comes through the silver paint.
  • They said it's a rubberized paint this time, supposed to be more durable and feel nicer. I skipped the first round of covers cause of the silver paint, but this sounded more promising. I also like the black rim a lot more, so I'm giving it a shot.
  • Sounds good, love the idea of a wood cover.  Might have to pick this up myself, if I go back to my L950 as my primary.
  • They never used cheap, painted plastic for the sides. I'm not trying to deny that your phone is showing wear if it's showing wear but the plastic is polycarbonate and the "paint" is actually vaccuum-applied metal, so not cheap or painted.
  • That's great and all, but it acts like cheap plastic, so who cares what it actually is?
  • Only just got a mozo cover so will see how mine wears, guess I can just buy another one if it starts to look shabby.
  • Hasn't happened for me, proving very resilient compared to other offerings; I don't handle it with kitten gloves either, others mileage may vary I guess.
  • Unfortunately even real metal doesn't completely solve the problem. My 830 has the dark anodized metal and it wears through and shows the color underneath. At least with these you can replace them if they wear.
  • Have red and brown leather covers, they make completely diferrent 950. Very satisfied. I guess, wood would be great too. But, what a diferrent phone it makes, replacing black plastic back! Totally premium.
  • Plastic cases when
  • How the heck did they come up with that UK price??!
  • Just ordered one and UK price is £39.99, not cheap but at least more or less in line with US price.
  • I bought the Cognac flipcover (with QI charging) for my 950XL and that is pretty amazing and slick. I had to wait 4 months before it arrived though :-P
  • Are the 650 covers artificial wood where as these ones are real wood?
  • The 650 dark wood cover I have is indeed plastic.
  • Just like the leather cases, it looks beautiful, but just like the leather cases, no Microsoft logo. I know it's a minor detail and I don't mind too much, I kinda wish it was there. Oh well, still looks great ^^
  • I mean...there's one phone people out there obsess over showing off the logo on. Don't want to be like that, right? ;-)
  • £57.99 = $84.55 at todays exchange rate yet again the UK gets ripped off.
  • The 950xl cover shows up as £39.99 and not the 57 as mentioned in the article. ;)
  • I directly pre-ordered it. Those covers look amazing!
  • I wish I could see and feel these covers before I buy them. How much thicker and more bulky/heavy do these covers make your phone? Sent from an alien space ship with a Lumia 950
  • Surprised no one has 3d printed their own.
  • I have a Mozo but do miss some edge protection. Real bumper cases with open back don't seem to be available, too bad.
    Anyone who knows cases that don't obscure the back? I assume some crystal clear transparent cases are the only alternative?
  • From what I've seen, you lose the wireless charging ability with the bumper cases, guessing due to thickness. I'm with you though, elegant looks and security would be the best combination.
  • Found these on Amazon. Looks like it might fit over and let the look come through.
  • Ordered, shipping date 5/11 which means...I'll be on business trip when it arrives. D'oh! 
  • I love the light colored wood.  very awesome and I will be getting this for my xl as soon as it gets here.
  • I've only had my red leather mozo case for a month but I gotta have this.... I want it & I want it right now!
  • I would love to get one of these covers, BUT, I ordered a black flip cover approx. 5 weeks ago now. It had an expected ship date 2 days after I ordered it. 5 emails from Mobilfun later, I have now been informed that the date will now be May 31st. A poster above stated it seems they have taken care of their supply problems. Apparently not. I had to wait forever for the first back cover I ordered. Looks like business as usual for Mozo. They do make a very nice cover....if you can actually get your hands on one... Unfortunately, nobody else makes a decent good looking back cover for these phones, just the standard rubber feeling case that makes the phone huge, or an even larger flip case that makes the phone gigantic.